Boot Camps Start January 11
Can we help you make changes this year?
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Our three week boot camps start January 11th and we want to make sure that you reserve your spot today!

I thought it would be helpful to include some of the words from our past inspirational campers who did more than just show up -- they set goals and worked hard to achieve them (and are still working hard).

What do you want to change this year? I hope it includes one of our boot camps! If you can't wait until January 11 to get moving, check out our upcoming FREE and Advanced Camp schedule.

Happy New You and Year!
Coach Catherine and the Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp Team

What Bay View Campers are Saying...

"Amy is great!!! She seems to know when my motivation is low and gives me the push I need to keep going. NOW I AM ADDICTED!!! almost 50 years old, my eventual goal is to run in a 5K race. My kids think I am crazy but not me! I WILL DO IT!!" ...more

What Elm Grove Campers are Saying...

"Boot Camp has completely transformed my physique, my overall health and fitness, and even the way I eat. Within only three months I went from a couch potato who couldn't jog down the block to running one mile in ten minutes - and loving it!"...more

What Milwaukee Campers are Saying...

"I first just wanted to say that boot camp is seriously the best decision I've made in a really long time! You change it up so much and really do encourage us to be our personal best"...more