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The Management Edge Adds Communication Trainings

and Public Outreach Services


Largo, FL (July 12, 2011) -- The Management EdgeŽ announces a new set of courses and services for its clients in communications, media, public outreach, and community involvement.


Gayle Waldron, President of The Management Edge, said former journalist and seasoned communications expert Mary Schnack will be a valuable addition to The Management Edge's offerings, which also include workplace interactions, team building, conflict resolution, diversity and change management. "Our consultants and trainers are highly skilled professionals at the top of their field and Mary brings valuable insights on communication and public outreach planning and action to our course and service offerings," she said.


Schnack has been in the communications field for 30 years and has done communication trainings worldwide for government organizations, corporations, associations and business owners. Training topics for The Management Edge will include risk and crisis communications, media training, public outreach and community involvement.


Based in Washington DC, Schnack will also provide a strong presence for the Largo, FL based company in the nation's capital. The Management Edge has been doing federal contracting for more than 17 years.


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The Management EdgeŽ is an organization development and training firm specializing in workplace interactions, team building, conflict resolution and change management. It provides services for its corporate and Federal clients throughout the US and Europe. The Management Edge consultants are seasoned, highly skilled, organizational development, management and training professionals at the top of their field.