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Brown Machine Presents
Cost Reducing Strategies for
Thermoformed Packaging Operations

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In May and June we presented the first and second of a series of three e-letters based on Jim Robbins presentation on Cost Reduction Strategies for Thermoformed Packaging Operations at the Form Pack 2010 World Thermoformed Packaging Conference. The first email focused on
Material Characteristics; and the second email explored Conserving Energy, Managing Labor, and Speed. This email will cover the final topics of Machine Size and Quick-Change; two factors that can dramatically impact production efficiencies where recent thermoforming technology innovations have increased production volume and reduced downtime.

Machine Size
With increased demand for several thermoformed products, processors continue to demand larger platform machines to increase production output. Exploring three different output evaluations when increasing the mold area to a 54" x 54" Quad Series application from a 40" x 42" mold area produces significant production results.
  • Polystyrene 16/22oz Cold Drink Lid production is increased by 60%
  • APET Berry Box production is increased by 100%
  • Polypropylene 32oz Cup production is increased by 65%
Quick Change
Advanced quick-change features allow product-to-product changeover in less than two hours! To accomplish successfully, quick-change needs to be addressed in three areas; the thermoformer, the trim press and tooling.
  • Quick-Change technology in the Thermoformer features process recipe storage and recall, virtually tool-less mold changes with quick change cylinders in the platens, and air/water tooling quick disconnects.  Motorized rails provide quick and accurate repositioning for different sheet widths, and the ability to roll the tool in/out of the form station on the rails eliminates additional tool carts.
  • Quick-Change technology in the Trim Press features process recipe storage and recall, side loading of the trim tooling with rollers and lifts eliminating the need to remove either parts tables, automated product handling systems or granulators during tool change. Quick-change cylinders in the moving platen, as well as treadle lift features and quick-change adjustments within the treadle and canopy, provide fast and easy changeover methods.
  • Quick-Change technology in the Tooling features quick-disconnects for air and water connections, tool-less connections to platen, and quick change inserts and plug assists within the mold base and pressure box.
In summary, recent thermoforming technology innovations can reduce costs and increase profitability in thermoformed packaging operations. Through machine design, mold design and process engineering, costs are reduced by optimizing Material distribution and mold layouts, conserving Energy, managing Labor, increasing Speed, larger Machine Sizes, and minimizing Tooling Change-Over time.

We hope this series of e-letters has been beneficial and provided insight on cost reduction strategies. These e-letters as well as other past e-letters are available for future reference at: www.brown-machine.com/thermoforming-email-newsletters.html

If you want to learn more about how Brown Machine can save you money and maximize your thermoformed product efficiency for your specific application, give Jim Robbins a call (989-435-7741) or email him. It's the Brown Advantage.

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