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Brown Machine Presents
Cost Reduction Strategies for
Thermoformed Packaging Operations

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In May we presented the first of a series of three emails based on Jim Robbins presentation on Cost Reduction Strategies for Thermoformed Packaging Operations at the Form Pack 2010 World Thermoformed Packaging Conference. The first email focused on Material Characteristics; in this second email we will explore Conserving Energy, Managing Labor, and Speed. Recent thermoforming technology innovations in these areas are leading to higher production output and reduced costs.

Conserving Energy
  • Servo efficiency for precise matching of motors and drives is accomplished by evaluating the performance and duty cycle requirements of the application through proprietary software. In addition, by achieving the maximum mechanical advantage in design solutions such as in the new Brown Quad Series thermoformers has allowed smaller more efficient motors and drives to be utilized.
  • Proper insulation and draft protection within the oven area not only provides consistent forming characteristics but eliminates drafts and retains heat for energy efficiency.
  • Integrated AB Control technology allows power management through servo excel/decel, auto oven tuning, servo valve and servo water functions. Trending Capabilities monitor key process statistics.
  • Brown B Series Thermoforming Systems incorporate a conditioning roll stack within the thermoformer thus allowing sheet to enter at a higher process temperature than traditional inline systems. These higher core temperatures further allows the use a two-stop oven (rather than a four or five-stop oven) prior to the form station. These machines dramatically reduce energy allowing customers to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Use of Brown's patented external plug assist plate in 3rd motion thermoforming tools reduces air consumption. In one example with 32 oz drink cups, air consumption has been reduced by over 50% in a 24/7 operation providing significant savings.
Managing Labor
  • User-friendly controls require less manpower. Menu based color displays with easy navigation, recipe recall, messaging, diagnostics as well as color coded alarms warnings and information provides efficient operation of the machines. In many cases multiple machines are operated by a single operator.
  • Integration with Brown or third party automated product handling systems allow products to be separated, lip rolled, counted, bagged and/or boxed without human interface. Brown servo trim press technology, for instance, allows you to slow down, long eject, or speed up for integration with third party lid product handling systems.

  • Simply put, faster cycle times result in more product per hour at a lower unit cost. The cooling process of your material should determine the cycle times. The machine or the tooling should not be the limiting factor. At Brown, we base all designs to allow for the fastest cycle times achievable. Certain machine/tool speed applications have allowed increased production of over 33%.
Next month the final e-letter will focus on Machine Size and Quick Tooling Changeover.

If you want to learn more about how Brown Machine can save you money and maximize your thermoformed product efficiency for your specific application, give Jim Robbins a call (989-435-7741) or email. It's the Brown Advantage.

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