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Cost Reducing Strategies for
Thermoformed Packaging Operations

First in a series of three Brown Advantage Newsletters
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In March of this year, Jim Robbins of Brown Machine was asked to speak at the Form-Pack 2010 World Thermoformed Packaging Conference in Chicago, Illinois on Cost Reduction Strategies for Thermoformed Packaging Operations. In case you were not able to attend, we would like to share with you the key points of his presentation.
This is the first in a series of three E-newsletters on how recent thermoforming technology innovations can lead to higher production efficiency with reduced labor through machine design, mold design, and process engineering. The presentation explored several areas where technology can save you money.

The first topic is material, the single largest cost element of a thermoformed product. By evaluating Material Characteristics, Brown Machine has effectively reduced costs by providing optimum material distribution with optimum mold layouts leading to a reduction in product weight and scrap.

Here are some proven winners:

  • Plug-assisting has been utilized in thermoforming for a number of years, but the utilization of plug assisting in non-typical applications or areas has allowed processors to significantly reduce the starting gauge of the material. As an example the use of plug assists in cold drink lids has reduced the starting gauge by up to 20%.

  • Third motion capabilities allow independent timing and speed of the plug motion to precisely control material distribution within the product. This often results in down gauging with products greater than 3" in depth.

  • Coining adds a stamping function in the thermoforming process to insure a precise and consistent material thickness within the coined areas. Brown Machine's new line of Quad Series Thermoformers delivers extreme coining force with virtually zero platen deflection.

  • Optimizing mold layouts within the forming area of the machine can lead to increased production with each mold cycle while reducing the web scrap. In certain examples through tooling design concepts, Brown successfully has increased the cavitation by over 10% leading to a web scrap reduction of over 8%.
Next month we will focus on Conserving Energy, Managing Labor, and Increasing Speed.

If you want to learn more about how Brown Machine can save you money and maximize your thermoformed product efficiency for your specific application, give Jim Robbins a call (989-435-7741) or email him. It's the Brown Advantage.

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