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Plastics News Features Brown's New Quad Series Station in NPE Show Daily

The biggest hit at NPE in thermoforming?  Brown's new Quad Series form station! Demonstrating a holding force of over 250 tons and coining force of up to 150 tons, it drew large crowds of show attendees. Jim Robbins, Vice President of Marketing for Brown said, "We were slammed in the booth everyday. Thermoformers were thoroughly impressed and intrigued by the new Quad Station's unique design, and its ability to produce this level of forming and coining force with virtually zero deflection across the entire platen surface. We demonstrated running a deep draw cycle at 130 tons of coining force with less than .004" overall deflection. Another mode demonstrated had the station cycling at 50 cycles per minute."

Innovation was the name of the game at NPE, and Brown presented a variety of other new products. Along with the new form station, some of the highlights from Brown were an energy-efficient B-Series pellet-to-product continuous thermoforming design, and a totally integrated and optimized Controls System from a single provider that improves compatibility, serviceability, and usability.

Brown also introduced a two new productivity options at NPE. Brown's new Servo Treadle option separates treadle movement into two independent motions with a servo motor, allowing the punch to pilot into the product prior to entering the die and insuring the highest levels of trim concentricity. Trim concentricity tolerances as low as +/-.005" have been achieved utilizing this system. Also introduced was a new Treadle Lift design from Brown that significantly reduces trim tooling changeover time.

Recent innovations in Tooling presented at NPE included a 132 cavity mold base and pressure box. The design of this mold incorporates optimal amounts of vacuum, air pressure and water cooling to insure every product formed within the mold is consistent. The trim press tooling is a progressive trim application- which means the press is pre-punching four rows, and perimeter trimming four rows, all at the same time. In other words, 8 rows of precise trimming are happening during every trim cycle at over 90 cycles per minute. Added to this is the ability to produce multiple sizes of lids simultaneously within each formed shot, quick change features, and plug assists.
EPCO, one of the largest remanufacturers of plastic injection, blow molding and die cast machinery, is now fully integrated within Brown Machine and was featured in the Brown booth. The move to Beaverton has allowed EPCO to capitalize on Brown's 172,000 square foot manufacturing facility, which includes large machine assembly bays, an extensive machine shop and state-of-the-art spare parts manufacturing cell. 

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Plastics News photo by Joe Wilssens
Jim Robbins, Vice President of Marketing demonstrates the company's Quad Series thermoformer and coining machine at NPE2009. The Quad features a large closing and holding force.

The new Integrated Controls System from Brown

npe b-series
Brown's B-Series Pellet-to-Product Thermoformer
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