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Attention Brown Thermoforming Customers:
Advanced Oven Control Systems Are Available As Upgrades to Replace Solid-State Relay and Earlier ACE/Fycon HOM's

In 1993 Brown engineered, developed and introduced the thermoforming industry to an advanced level of computerized heater output modules (ACE/Fycon HOM's). These systems replaced solid-state relay systems, and provided a space saving solution, sophisticated heater and zone diagnostics, and high-level energy management for reduced electrical consumption.  

In 2004 Brown began incorporating commercially-available Siemens and Multiba heater control modules (HCM's) that continue to provide the same advanced diagnostic features while maintaining optimum energy management.

Oven control systems with these HCM's also allow for expanded power capabilities.

Increase the performance of your oven controls, diagnostics and energy management today. Update your existing Solid State Relay or ACE/Fycon HOM's with an oven control system incorporating Siemens or Multiba HCM's.

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