Features Included:

  • Up to 5' x 8' Mold Size
  • Extruded Aluminum or Pin Bar Clamp Frames
  • Multiple Zone Ceramic Ovens
  • Electric Platens @ 8" per second each
  • Electric Rotate @ 4-5 seconds
  • PLC Control with Touch Screen
  • Oven Sheet Sag Eye

Available Options:
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Temperature Control Unit
  • Infra-Red Pyrometer Oven Eye
  • Adjustable Quick Change Clamp Frames
Ships in 8-9 Weeks!

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The ThermoInformer is brought to you by Brown Machine, engineering and building a complete line of continuous & cut-sheet thermoforming equipment as well as related tooling & peripheral equipment.

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R-223E-58 Cut Sheet
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