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2009 Newsletter
December 3, 2009 - Vol 4, Issue 7


Hi Folks,
This is the seventh newsletter of the year.
Today we have a little X-Charge Credit Card Processing Software video, report from the ARVC trade show and upgrade information.

Please email me if you have any questions.Thanks again for your trust and your business and Merry Christmas!
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Free Cedit Card Swipe
As you may or may not know we have a deal with X-Charge credit card processing. Chuck Drake has contacted me from X-Charge wanted me to pass along the following information and offer.

People ask how does Xcharge work with Campground Manager?

Click here to see a short screencast movie on how it works.

There is a lot of talk these days about PCI Compliance. Without getting into the logistics of it, it is all about making cc transactions safer and cutting down on the amount of fraud. To that extent there are a myriad of rules around becoming PCI Complaint. One of them involves the Pin Pad used on the Veriphone stand along machines. Seems some of the older machine are no longer compliant.
For a list of these older machines please click here. If you have one of these machines then you must swap them out by January 1, 2010 in some cases.

If that is the case now is the perfect chance to take a look at the X-Charge Credit Card Processing Software system.
all you need to get going is a

  • cc swiper (which they are giving away for a limited time)
  • the X-Charge Credit Card Processing Software which is free
  • the interface to Campground Manager SoftwareŽ which is free
  • a receipt printer (if you do not already have one). Please click here to see the costs of a receipt printer.
X-Charge is fully PCI compliant. So if you can make their rates work for you it is a value driven deal. You will get the free swiper and if you need to buy a receipt printer in most cases they are much cheaper than having to lease or buy a new Veriphone credit card terminal.

Be interested to know your thoughts, please feel free to email  myself or Chuck Drake from X-Charge.
If you prefer to call, my number is 800-547-9147.
You can reach Chuck at (800) 637-8268 ext.108.

Online Screencasts

Online Training Videos
As we discussed last month we are trying to capitalize on video/Internet technology more and more. We have
4 webinars listed on the front page of our website. We also have over 15 movies in the esupport section of our website.

We are now going to produce some screencasts to demonstrate new features when we release them.

We currently have 4 screencasts available.
1. The new IN/Out feature.
Click here to start the screencast.
2. The new bulk email departure letter for a 3rd party to send out.
Click here to start the screencast.
3. The new email departure letters sent direct from Campground Manager SoftwareŽ.
Click here to start the screencast.
4. A new promotional screencast demonstrating our Campground Manager SoftwareŽ Central Reporting Module.
Click here to start the screencast.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to
email me or give me a call.
Hope you like them!

ARVC Insites Report
We have a couple of events coming up I would like to share with you.ARVC  logo

Insites 2009. We attended our 14th straight ARVC convention and i just thought I would share my thoughts with you. We found the attendance was somewhat lagging compared to other years in Orlando but that was made up by the enthusiasm of the people attending. We have a large customer base including the Jellystone Parks and the majority of those parks were there. So it was good to see them.Thor Industries was there with a beautiful airsrtream trailer that was very cool. The facility was good and so was the hotel. It was good to see everyone at the show. If you did not attend ARVC Insites make plans today for next year in Vegas!
arvc booth pictureARVC show
Scott's Tech tip - Links in Departure Letter.
In the previous section we have a link to the departure email letter screencast. You can now put a link on the departure letter to your home page or even better your reservation page on .

Within your Departure Email Letter, you can embed a hyper link that the recipient can click on and be directed to a website. Below is an example of a departure letter.

Dear Valued Customer

Thank you for staying with us. We hope you enjoyed your stay. Please check our website for future specials.

Come again soon!

The Manager

<a href=''>Jellystone Niagara</a>

To make the link work, you need to add a prefix and a suffix to the URL.
<a href=''>Jellystone Niagara</a>
To customize this link to suit your own needs, change to one of your sites. This would be useful in order to redirect a customer to a survey site.

Any questions please call or Email myself.

That is about it for this month. Please feel free to send us your comments or post your thoughts in our user forum, on our blog, or our social networking site.

This month's quote:

We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 - 1882)

Peter Kearns
Campground Manager SoftwareŽ
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