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September 2008 Newsletter
September 2008 - Vol 3, Issue 9


Hi Folks,
Fall has crept up on us and after summer felt like two minutes long! We are heavy into it here at Mission. Lots of things happening so let's get right to it...
In This Issue
BYS relaunch
Upcoming Trade Shows
Helpdesk success
X-Charge PCI Compliance
Latest Upgrades
New Phone System
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Quick Links  Relaunch
We have undertaken a complete redesign and relaunch of  which we are very excited about here at Mission. in it's current form has been around for over 4 years. We will process almost $4 million through the system this year.
We are excited about the redesign and we think you will be to. Included in the redesign will be landing pages for every park on the system, interactive park calendars, space to upload pictures and of course the reservation process which will be streamlined. We are looking at a launch date of early December. logoIncluded in this process is a complete audit of the current systems and customer websites.
Cassie Randall in our office is taking on this project and you will probably be hearing from her if you have not already.
She will be looking at your website and making sure a "book now" button appears on every page in your web site. After all why do you have a website? To provide information? No! It is to sell product! Just like any other business!
So if you are not and/or using something else that it is not vertically integrated with Campground Manager SoftwareŽ please give us a go.
For a complete recorded webinar of how the system works please click here.
 We hear all the time from different campground owners, I don't want to take reservations over the Internet. I never did before and I don't need to now. I tell them, "What you want has nothing to do with it. It is what the public wants. And they want Internet booking."
I have used this one before but it is so true (taken from one of my kid's Winnie the Pooh books):

"here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump, on the
back of his head, behind Christoper Robin. It is, as far as he knows,
the only way of coming downstairs, but sometimes he feels that there
really is another way, if only he could stop bumping for a moment and
think of it...."
Upcoming Trade Shows

We have the upcoming tradeshows on our calendar and we invite you to darken our doorstep at any one of these shows.

LSI Symposium- November 4-7th/2008 Embassy Suites in Covington Kentucky. Great show, great people please contact John Ellison if you have any questions. We are in booth #4.

ARVC logoARVC Insites- November 11-14th/2008 Nashville Tennessee. The biggest show of the year. Please go to for more info. We are in booth #704.

More shows to follow. Hope to see you there!
Scott's Help Desk Success Story!
esupport logoI thought I would cover something that some would rate as novice information, but since I still
get so many calls from people about this issue I thought I would put it in writing within the
news letter. It happens when you purchase a new printer and it works fine after installing it in
Windows, but not Campground Manager. You have to select the newly installed printer within
the software. Follow the steps below:
1) From the main screen in Campground Manager, click on the  Campground Manager top
pull-down menu and select Maintenance>Workstations.
There you should see two buttons near the bottom left side called "Receipt Printer" and
"Report Printer" (see below).
screen shot jpg
2) Click on the "Report Printer" Button
3) Make sure that the "Printer" button is selected and then click "Ok"
You should now see your newly installed printer in the list.
4) Double-click on your new printer within the list.
It should now be displayed in the "Report Printer" field.
If you have a receipt printer as well, follow the same steps after clicking on the "Receipt
Printer" button.
Hope that helps!


PCI Complance with X-Charge
  xcharge logoWe have been recommending and using X-Charge Credit Card Processing Software for about 3 years now. It has been a very good relationship as they seem to be extremely service oriented much the same as ourselves. The software has been bullet proof. Recently there has been a lot of chatter about how parks must become PCI Compliant. I wrote a blog a while back on this subject. To access it click here. At any rate X-Charge has become PCI Compliant as it relates to third party software also. The software is only a small part of the PCI compliance puzzle however it is still a piece of the puzzle and a big piece. This will help all our customers who use X-Charge Credit Card Processing Software  to become closer to the PCI Compliance standard.
Please contact us or see their website for more informtaion.
Latest Update info
  cmx logoThe following is the latest upgrade information on Campground Manager SoftwareŽ.The the link to download it for our customers remains the same. You will have to enter your access code and password. Hope you enjoy it!

Version 7.40.2 released on August 21, 2008

ˇ    Added a sort level to the unoccupied site report to group sites on the report by Map, Site Type and Site Number.
ˇ    Added User Level Delete Permission to the Customer Info Screen. Authorized Settings Can Be Made In The Function Access Screen By Setting The Level On Item 2 Delete Mailing List Record.
ˇ    Added A Utility That Checks For Blank Rate Classes On Camping Charges. The Process Will Look Up The Appropriate Class And Assign It To The Empty Field. The Procedure is found under the Update Menu "Test for blank Rate Classes". Software Code Has Been Changed to eliminate the occurrence of Empty Rate Classes for Camping Items.
ˇ    Added The Rate Code Description To The Detailed Invoice And Statement. The Additional Detail Is Displayed On The Report Beside The Rate Type Description And The Transaction Date.
ˇ    Expanded CM to allow up to 20 maps per park.
ˇ    Campground Manager GL Transfer function now includes formatting for MAS90 accounting software.
ˇ    Building a Grid by Site Type now excludes inactive rate codes from the list of options.
ˇ    Purchase orders that have been fully received, cancelled or have a combination of these two item statuses will now automatically show a status of "Closed" on the Purchase Order Transaction screen
ˇ    Credit card processing can be split between two merchant numbers. 1 merchant number for keyed (manual) input and 1 merchant number for swiped input. This feature is supported for both PC Charge and XCharge merchant accounts.
ˇ    If multiple merchant numbers are used (swiped and keyed), the Credit Card Batch Report separates, sorts and subtotals transactions for each merchant account.
ˇ    Added Clerk Initials and method of input (Keyed vs. Swiped card input) to the Credit Card Batch List and report.
ˇ    Added a "Print Selected" Button to print, subtotal and total only the records selected in the list.
ˇ    Credit Card Batch Report was changed to Landscape for better readability.
ˇ    Citrix, Terminal Server and ASP users will now be able to specify their credit card Merchant numbers and Request path locations uniquely for each user. This information is now stored in the workstation
ˇ    Preferences file and can be set differently for each workstation. Prior to this update, wide area networks could only specify one common option for all workstations. Multiple merchant numbers as described above is also available under this networking method.

ˇ    Adjusted marketing opt-in toggle switch to move between Unknown, Opt-in and Opt-out
ˇ    Stopped users from adding a scheduled charge before first entering a Campsite charge. Only exception is an Open Account Status.
ˇ    Added a check on the Accrual Posting Process to make sure that two users are not trying to post at the same time.
ˇ    Allow the user to specify the name and location of the customer detail export file in the Customer Info Screen.
ˇ    Fixed various POS reports from overwriting the Inventory Description into other adjacent fields to improve readability.
ˇ    Email Confirmations from the CM menu can now display additional items billed as well as extension lines in the confirmation email body.

New Phone System!
  We've enhanced our phone system and upon calling, customers will initially hear a voice system that allows the option of pressing 1 for Technical Support, 2 for Sales and 0 for General Inquiries.  If all our technical support lines are in use a second message will ask the customer to leave a detailed message or if the call is coming in between 5-7pm EST you'll be automatically routed to our after hours support. Thanks in advance for your anticipated support.

That is about it for this month. Please feel free to send us your comments or post your thoughts in our user forum or on our blog.
Please remember,

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

Until next month hope the outdoor hospitality business treats you well.

Peter Kearns
Campground Manager SoftwareŽ
Direct 403-278-3279