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January 2008 Newsletter
January 2008 - Vol 3, Issue 1


Happy new year pictureHappy New Year and here's hoping you had a happy holiday season. Hope the start to your year has been fantastic and prosperous. Lots of interesting stuff today and some housekeeping. So let's get started...
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Latest Campground Manager SoftwareŽ Upgrades Changes
Canadian Tax Change
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New Newsletter Archive! logoWe have had a few requests the past year to make available the past newsletters. We use Constant Contact email service to send out our newsletter. We have placed all our past newsletters on the Internet for you to review.
Lots of old tips, training thoughts, partner links and past business that still apply today. So check it out! Click here.
Upcoming Webinar and Free Training Session!
Campground Manager SoftwareŽ/  We recently conducted our second live online webinar. It was designed for people who use the system but mostly for those people new to the system. Chris Rhodes and myself demonstrated various aspects of the software including a live demo.
We shared our ideas concerning Search Engine Optimization and how it could work for you.  We had 31 people attend.
So if you are interested in attending the next one it is March 6th at 1 PM EST. The price is free! You must pre-register for the webinar as we have to make sure we have capacity to handle all the people. To pre-register click here.
We have also recorded the past Webinars and posted them on our site. To view the latest webinar click here.
Hope you enjoy them!
Scott's Tech Tip- New Email Feature
tech tip
This month's tip pertains to the latest version of Campground Manager SoftwareŽ in which emailing confirmations have been expanded. You can now send the customers email confirmation directly from the "print report to' window (this is the last window in the confirmation process). For a complete review of the process,
read on...
Till next month, thanks for your time and trust.

Scott Taylor
Our new online classified website is up and running. Check out . We are currently working on a sister site to this one. As we are the software vendor of choice for LSI and their brand Jellystone Parks (plus we own one) we are putting up the new site "". This is an online classified advertising website mush the same as . In fact the content in some cases will be shared. So if you are a Jellystone park looking to advertise for help check it out and place and ad! It will appear on both sites (when Jellysonejobs is up and running) for the price of one. If you would like to place an ad on click here.
Thanks in advance:)
Campground Manager SoftwareŽ Updates
Campground Manager SoftwareŽ logoupgrade logoThe following is the latest upgrade information on Campground Manager SoftwareŽ.The the link to download it for our customers remains the same. You will have to enter your access code and password. Hope you enjoy it!

  Version 7.30.03 released on Nov 22, 2007

  •  add an automated method of changing customer source entries on the transaction screen.  This feature assists the user in rooting out undesired or outdated marketing sources and replacing them with alternate source descriptions.  It is handy when trying to consolidate sources or when phasing our old sources.
  • Add an import feature to the meter reading list.  The method allows a text file to be read into the meter list that matches readings with the appropriate site. .The file can be extracted from a Dolphin Hand Held meter reading device and synchronizes with CM to import readings.  Other devices may be used if the import file can be customized to match CM requirements.
Bug fixes:
  • Maintenance (internal)
BOOKYOURSITE.COM Fee Changes As we have been advising people since last May of 2007, our fees are going to $5 per transaction effective May 1/2008. This applies to all the people who have signed the license agreement. Anyone who has not signed and submitted the agreement the fees are increasing to $5 effective January 1/2008. Again  we began advising our customer base of this change over 6 months ago so hopefully no one has been caught off guard. The reasons for this are varied the least of which our competitors are charging double and sometimes triple what we collect. In order to stay current and drive business to the site we need to make this change. About 65% of our customers are passing along this fee to their camping customers so you might want to consider that option. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or drop me a line.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated support hope we can earn your trust and your business.
Canadian Customers Only-  GST reduction
Canadian flagAs some of Canadian Clients know the Federal Government of Canada has reduced the federal Goods and Services Tax to 5% effective January 1/2008. Just want to remind all our Canadian accounts to put that into effect in the system.
In order to change the tax rate in the system the following procedure should be used.

Tax Codes
Campground Manager Staff setup your initial "Tax Codes".  
The first field on the "Tax Codes" screen is the "Tax Code", a one-letter code to describe the type of tax.  
The "Description" allows you to edit this in order to get a full understanding of the type of tax listed.  The "Rate
%" is the rate at which tax is calculated.  
The "Is Tax Included in Price" can be used if your rates and prices include this tax.  Taxes will be calculated in
the purchase, but the total price will not change from the purchase price.
If you need to update your "Tax Codes" to reflect changes in the amount of tax to be calculated, click the [Find]
button to locate the "Tax Code", press [Edit] and [Tab] through the screen until you get to the rate and type
the new value.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call the office.
New Extended Support Hours! (This a repeat from last month but it is that important)
shaking handsAt Campground Manager SoftwareŽ/  our core culture as always been about service. Both quality and quantity. In order to further enhance the customer service experience, a couple of years ago we started using Webex to connect to our customers to help with any on-site issues.
Today we are announcing new extended help desk support hours.
Starting Jan.3/2008 our help desk hours will be 9 am to 7 PM EST. We will still have after hours emergency support however our phone lines will be staffed during the new hours to help our customer base.
So please mark that on your calendars and keep your staff informed. Let us know your feedback on this. Hope you like it!
Campground Manager SoftwareŽ / Coupon!
Save $300 We have a special offer for those people who receive our newsletter. Order Campground Manager SoftwareŽ and sign up for our service and receive a $300 rebate upon activation.
Offer Expires: Feb. 28,2008.
Last but not least we have a free offer! Should you sign up for before March 30/2008 we will send you a free Campground Manager SoftwareŽ/  golf shirt. Women's are lime green and men's are navy blue. They are the new popular wicking "no-sweat" style. So if you are not on currently please call us for a free demo!Campground Manager SoftwareŽ/  shirt
Peter Kearns
Campground Manager SoftwareŽ
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