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November 2007 Newsletter
November 2007 - Vol 2, Issue 6

 Greetings! We have just returned from two solid weeks on the road. We attended the LSI symposium in Cincinnati and the ARVC show in Phoenix. We also just finished attending the PCOA show in Reading PA. All three shows gave us a chance to get out and see our customer base and support the industry at the same time. We have lots of information to share with you. Lots of exciting happenings at Campground Manager SoftwareŽ/  . So please read on...
In This Issue
Outlook Interface
Scott's Tech Tip
Upcoming Campground Manager SoftwareŽ Events
Latest Campground Manager SoftwareŽ Upgrades
New User Forum Room
Support Auto Invoice
Extended Support Hours
Peachtree Accounting Offer
Free Golf Shirt!
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Quick Links
New Email Procedure linked to Microsoft Outlook
print screenHere at MMIS we are excited about the recent programming additions to Campground Manager SoftwareŽ. In an effort to make the system more web-enabled we have written a link to Microsoft Outlook.
Now when the print screen appears there is a button labeled "email". Once you click on that button as long as there is an email address attached to that customer, the appropriate document you have chosen is then transferred to Microsoft Outlook. It is transferred over to Outlook in the html format to make it easy to  send out to the customer in question. For example, say you are taking a phone reservation at the front counter or in your reservationist area. You make the reservation and Campground Manager SoftwareŽ then automatically defaults to the print screen for a confirmation letter. Instead of printing the letter you can now click on "email" and the system will fire up Outlook and create the confirmation letter in an email already pre-addressed for the customer. Click send and it goes out immediately to the customer. Saving time and money and paper and postage and most of all it makes you look like a professional in the consumer's eyes as he gets an email reply immediately. Works with everything you normally print including statements,invoices and the aforementioned confirmation letters.
So make sure you are on the latest version of Campground Manager SoftwareŽ/  and give it a try. I think you will like it. Let us know your thoughts!

Scott's Tech Tip- Cash Drawer Variance
Campground Manager will now track your clerk's float as well as increases and decreases to the till during a shift. Any change in a clerk's float balance must be entered into the "Till Fund Transfer Screen". This screen is located under the Campground Manager top pull-down menu then "Cash Update", "Accounting" then "Till Increase / (Decrease)". If new funds are added or cleared from the till, an entry is made to reflect the amount and type of funds added or removed. These entries must be validated by both the Clerk and the Supervisor. At the end of the shift the "Till Increases/Decreases" Report will be printed with the update reports. All transfers will be flagged during the update process.
For the complete process click here.
Till next month, thanks for your time and trust.

Scott Taylor

Upcoming Trade Shows
Campground Manager SoftwareŽ logoWe have no travel planned until the tradeshow season gets underway in the spring. So here's hoping everyone has a good holiday season.

Our new online classified website is up and running. Check out . We are trying to put together our customer base with those people wanting to work in the outdoor hospitality business. So if you are looking for staff for your next season check it out.
We are going to launching an online Pay-per-click advertising campaign (paid by us) to support this site in the near future. So check it out!
Campground Manager SoftwareŽ Updates
Campground Manager SoftwareŽ logoupgrade logoThe following is the latest upgrade information on Campground Manager SoftwareŽ.The the link to download it for our customers remains the same. You will have to enter your access code and password. Hope you enjoy it!

Version 7.30.02 released on Oct 19, 2007
ˇ    add option to reset phone meters to match information from the last phone charge - for CASH Call Accounting users
ˇ    add the ability to download general ledger journal entries from CM to Peachtree accounting system
ˇ    add an additional summary report for all Occupancy Sales Report options.  The report is a bit more concise and can be used with the Central Reporting Module

Bug Fixes
1)    style no and description are overlapping on inventory on hand and order report by supplier
2)    style no and description are overlapping on inventory on hand and order report by category
3)    style number and description are overlapping on inventory list report by category
4)    style number and description are overlapping on inventory list report by supplier on Reports Screen Print Customer Statements - fixed the  '*ALL Option' which was not working properly
5)    when using the meter reading list certain sites were showing unoccupied even when it was occupied
6)    changed dropdown list box on occupancy percentage report screen to accommodate Vista users

Campground Manager SoftwareŽ/  User Forum New Room!
As many of you already know and use we have an online Campground Manager SoftwareŽ/  User forum. Scott has started a new discussion room. It is one of the three rooms at the top.

CGM User Discussion
Talk amongst yourselves. Campground Manager Users talking with each other about the business, the software, the industry.

We have over 700 accounts. This can be an online forum to discuss anything relating to the industry. Such as rec programs, marketing initiatives and software uses. Pretty well anything can be discussed within the bounds of common sense and decency. Got a problem or question? Go on there and post it. Maybe one of your fellow owners has the answer. There is no charge as long as you are on support and have a valid user id and password. Let Scott know your feedback by clicking here.
New Auto- Invoicing Option - Support $5 discount!
In an effort to become more efficient and environmentally friendly Christina has come up with a new auto invoicing method.
Lots of people call and say they want to sign up again for support (which is great and we thank you) however they then say please send us an invoice. So we mail them an invoice and they mail us a check.
We will still send out the notices in advance of when your support payment is due by email. You now have the option of getting an automatic invoice in time for your anniversary date by email.
 We will give you a $5 discount to reflect on the savings we can gain. That way we all win but most of all the environment.
You can also pay by PayPal.
So the process goes like this in order to qualify for the discount:
  1. We send you an e-notice in advance of your anniversary date
  2. We send you an invoice for your support payment automatically by email in time for your anniversary date.
  3. You go here to our pay pal screen to pay your support taking advantage of our $5 discount (bottom right of the screen).
Hope that works for our customers and we thank you to allow us to become more efficient and lessen the impact on the environment. Please contact Christina should you wish to take advantage of this saving. She will acitivate the auto-invocie for your account. Thank you in advance for your anticipated support.

New Extended Support Hours!
shaking handsAt Campground Manager SoftwareŽ/  our core culture as always been about service. Both quality and quantity. In order to further enhance the customer service experience, a couple of years ago we started using Webex to connect to our customers to help with any on-site issues.
Today we are announcing new extended help desk support hours.
Starting Jan.3/2008 our help desk hours will be 9 am to 7 PM EST. We will still have after hours emergency support however our phone lines will be staffed during the new hours to help our customer base.
So please mark that on your calendars and keep your staff informed. Let us know your feedback on this. Hope you like it!
Peachtree Accounting Interface
peachtree logoWe recently have added another accounting package to the list of general ledgers we interface with. We are happy to announce that we have added Peachtree to the list of packages we work with.
That brings the list of GL's to 6 packages.
Included in that list are:
  1. Quickbooks Pro
  2. Peachtree
  3. Yardi
  4. MRI
  5. Timberland
  6. Businessworks
So if you are not using our accounting interface which is included in every copy of Campground Manager SoftwareŽ/  then please give it some thought. It can really improve your productivity and efficiency, not too mention lower your accounting fees. Call us if you need help with that.

BOOKYOURSITE.COM Look and Feel Offer logoWe recently completed some custom work on for a few accounts and have decided to offer it out to all our accounts. We can match the look and feel of your website to your page on our secure server. In other words once the public clicks on the reservation tab on your website and is directed to your page on the look and feel will be the same. The intent is to have the camping consumer think they are still on your own website. Some say it adds a degree of professionality to your website. The only difference will be it will say "powered by ". We recently did it for all the Jellystone parks on our system. Check it out here.
There is a one time fee of $375.(US or Canadian). So drop us a line or give us a call.
Last but not least we have a free offer! Should you sign up for before March 30/2008 we will send you a free Campground Manager SoftwareŽ/  golf shirt. Women's are lime green and men's are navy blue. They are the new popular wicking "no-sweat" style. So if you are not on currently please call us for a free demo!Campground Manager SoftwareŽ/  shirt
Peter Kearns
Campground Manager SoftwareŽ
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