Campground Manager Support
September 10, 2007

Campground Manager User,

Due to a network infrastructure upgrade at Campground Manager and BookYourSite.com, you must update your software configuration.

Important IP Address Update For Campground Manager And BookYourSite.com
Step 1: Park manager will need to be in the higher password level in Campground Manager.

Step 2: Go under Campground Manager menu to - Camp Setup - Parameters II

Step 3: Click Edit and change the MMIS FTP IP Address to then click OKAY.

Step 4: Park Manager go under BYS menu to - Book Your Site - Setup

Step 5: Change TCP/IP address to then click SAVE

Both changes only need to be done on 1 computer.

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Thank you for your continued support.


Campground Manager Support Team
Mission Management

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