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February 2007 Newsletter
February, 2007 - Vol 2, Issue 2


Lots of things going on on this stormy winter day. We have a discount offer for you for adding our link to your website. We have an new email support question area. We are coming into trade show season which we will detail. So thanks for your interest and read on!
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Add A Link Discount
Foundpages Web Design
Scott's Tech Tip
New Esupport Forms
Leadership Tips
Upcoming Trade Show
Latest Campground Manager SoftwareŽ Upgrades
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Get $25 off your support program!
  bookyoursite logoWe have launched a major initiative to increase our web traffic on Included in that is a promotion to get more of our customer base to link their websites to us. We are offering a $25 discount off your support plan if you link back to us. The technical details can be found here.
We have hired FoundPages to apply their Search Engine Optimization skills to get us on the first page of Google. The message is clear. The more people who visit the site, the more reservations for you and the more reservations fees for us. The goal is to get on the front page of the major search engines. The thought process goes something like this; the consumer enters in "Florida RV park" into the Google search engine. The link appears on the first page. The consumer clicks on it and it takes them to the Florida page within . This page contains a list of all our Florida parks and the consumer is free to make a reservation at any park uses (Signified by the "Book Now" button). So if you are considering getting on the program now is the time to do it. Call us, we can help drive business to your park and save $25.
Foundpage SEO and Website Design
Foundpages logo Over the years we have been asked many times by our customer base to point them in the direction of a good website designer. As you may know I have been a big proponent lately of getting your website search engine optimized. In other word you can have the greatest website in the world but if you are buried on page 8 of Google it is not going to matter. At Campground Manager SoftwareŽ we have used Foundpages to SEO our website. It has proven very beneficial for us.
Recently Foundpages has branched out into the web design business.
So if you are thinking of redoing your web presence they are a good source for help. They will design a website for you and also make sure that it is search engine optimized for high rankings on the various search engines.
This is what they did for one of our customers. This is the new website put together by Fred and his crew at Foundpages. As stated their website design process includes in this page the ingredients that will get you much higher rankings on Google and Yahoo.
We encourage you give Fred Yee a call at
Attn: Fred Yee
Suite 119 1144 29 Ave.NE
Calgary, AB T2E 7P1
Wk: (403) 508-9889
Fx: (403) 210-0533
Thanks and let us know if we can help.
Scott's Tech Tip
tech tip We recently have produced and released a new instructional online how to video. The video can be found in our video archive withn our esupport page. You will need to log in with user access and password. You can also download it to take a look at it here.
This is part of our ongoing service to provide value for your support program and keep the training up to date. Your comments are welcome.
New ESupport Question Form and Extended Support Hours
esupport logoWe recently added a new form to the Esupport area of our website. It is for use outside of regular support hours. For example let's say you have a non-emergency type question that you want to get answered and don't want to forget. Go to the E-Support Page. You will see a form on the upper right side of the page. Just fill it in and submit it! One of our techs will get to the problem during the next business day and provide a solution. Just more of the value we are trying to provide for those people on the support program.
Also,we are trying to gather information prior to expanding the hours of our support program.
If you have time please visit our User Forum. After you sign in, please add your thoughts to the Support Issues category.
We are trying to come up with various scenarios to expand our support hours in an economically feasible manner. The options are many however we want to get your thoughts on the need of such a service.
For instance we are looking at;
- charging by the incident for after hours or weekend support. That way the park manager/owner can decide if the problem is pressing enough to call in and spend the money
- increasing the annual support fee and extend the support hours to cover a weekend help desk
- introducing another level of support package to include weekend business hours
These are just a few of the options available and we would appreciate your thoughts.

Leadership: Try JFDI Management
I picked up these leadership tips in Monday January 22nd Edition of the Globe and Mail Newspaper.
Really liked them so I thought I would pass them along.
Hope they work for you:)

Leadership: Try JFDI Management

Peter Dielissen became frustrated when he moved into government after years at General Foods and developed some rules for his staff that can work in both the private and public sector. It's called JFDI, for Just Do It (the F is an expletive to stress urgency), and includes:

  • Don't hold long meetings. Hold five-minute "action" sessions.
  • Do not hold a $1,000 meeting to solve a $100 problem.
  • Pick up the ball if somebody drops it.
  • Respond quickly to e-mails and voice mails, even if only to acknowledge receipt.
  • Change your voice mail daily, so it refers to your situation today.
  • Do not micro-manage -- let people do their job.
  • Find a mentor to teach you skills you don't have.
  • Do not do everything at once; set priorities.
  • Allow a daily uninterrupted 30 minutes for planning, reading and creative thinking.
  • Do a five-minute cleanup every day before you go home.

Try these. They work!

Upcoming Trade shows
We will be attending two upcoming trade shows;

Ohio Campground Owners Association Expo

March 9,10/2007 at the Columbus Airport Marriott hotel. To attend the trade show please contact Kristy M. Smith Executive Director Ohio Campground Owners Association 33 North Third Street, Suite 320 Columbus, Ohio 43215 (614) 221-7748 (Phone) (877) 787-7748 (Toll Free) email:

Northeast Campground Association Expo  March 15-17/2007. Springfield Mass.

Come and get a hands on demonstration of our Campground Manager SoftwareŽ and products. Help us support your associations by attending the show. That way we all win. If you would like to set up an appointment at the show please contact Chris Rhodes at 800-547-9147. Hope we can earn your trust and your business.

Campground Manager SoftwareŽ Updates
upgrade logoThis is a new feature of our monthly newsletter. We will have the latest  Campground Manager SoftwareŽ version upgrades, the changes made in this upgrade and the link to download it for our customers. You will have to enter your access code and password. Hope you enjoy it!

Version 7.20.7 released on January 22, 2007

Features and Enhancements
1)    added ability to have custom option to print maps
2)    added user access function to control deleting comments
3)    added option to roll forward all other non-pos open account transactions when archiving data files
4)    added site unit length column to availability grid
5)    added site unit length to site map change list opened through the grid
6)    added user access function to control rate override pencil tool
7)    added link to online forum on about screen

Bug Fixes
ˇ    updated fax number label on the customer info screen to indicate email addresses
ˇ    use archive date for profile name and archived data file name instead of current date

Some housecleaning from last month's newsletter. Craig Dieckman of The Dieckman Group contacted me and provided me with an updated email address;
I apologize for sending out his old one last month. 
Hope we can earn your trust and your business.
Peter Kearns
Campground Manager SoftwareŽ
Direct 403-278-3279