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September 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 7
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Hi Folks, As we head into the fall season the southern parks are gearing up and the northern parks are catching their breath. Good time to look at fresh initiatives and decide how to improve efficiencies and business for the next seaon. Hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Here at Campground Manager SoftwareŽ we are working on an alliance with Road Connect. They are the wireless people who are getting into the Application Services Program business. They are going to offer a whole suite of software applications to your park and included in that will be Campground Manager SoftwareŽ. You would pay a monthly fee to use these product instead of the classic software license purchase model.

The difference being their system will be housed on a secure data center server in Chicago and Scottsdale. Your system will be running on a state of the art secure environment. The system will meet the highest standards of payment card security. In other words you can be sure that you are in compliance with all the Visa/MC/amex processing security standards.

We are in the early stages of this discussion however if you have any more interest and/or need more information then feel free to contact myself or Jonathan Miller at RoadConnect. jmiller@roadconnect.net

At Mission Mgt. we have made many changes and alliances to the way in which we operate over the last 8 months or so. Sometimes I think than we have launched so many initiatives that we have not done a good job promoting some of them. One of then is the online user forum we put in place for our customer base.

Online user forums are a common vehicle on the Internet used to better serve your customer base. Not only that we would like to develop an online community of our park owners/ operators. You can discuss any topic you like in the forum as long as it is professional and falls within the posted guidelines. Best part is, it is free!

Topics like new recreation ideas, Internet web page ideas and or course discuss recommended changes you would like to see in Campground Manager SoftwareŽ. We feel we have the biggest and best parks in North America using our system. Makes sense that the best ideas should come from this group. So jump in! Don't be shy. You will need your esupport log in numbers but just call us and we will get them for you.

This month's tech tip is a pretty simple one. How to search for a camper by last name. If you do not have his phone number or site number or registration number number this is the way to quickly search for a registered camper.

We will be attending the following trade shows during the upcoming few months heading into Christmas.

PCOA(Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association)- November 9-11th ?Scott Taylor. We will be hosting a user group meeting at this trade show.

CTPA show- Reno NV. October 3 and 4th- Peter Kearns and Chris Rhodes

CONY show- November 3-4th- Scott Taylor

Colorado Seminar and show- October 18-19th ? Chris Rhodes. We will be speaking at this show about upcoming things in the business and at Campground Manager SoftwareŽ .

ARVC Insites Orlando Fla - November 29- December 2- Booth number 510. We are a major sponsor of the show and will have a full complement of people.

Jellystone LSI symposium- Cincinnati OH. November 9-11 ?We are sponsoring the YAC meeting and as we are Jellystone owners will have 4 or 6 people attending. Hope we cross paths at some point during this trade show season. Please drop by our booth and say hi and see what is new. ARVC's website has all the shows listed.
Mountain Lakes Resort is a long time customer located in the San Gabriel mountains near Lytle Creek California. Very large membership park with many park amenities and programs. I have been to this park and it is beautiful. It is managed by Ms. Crystal Young. We wrote many things into Campground Manager SoftwareŽ to satisfy therr operational needs over the years. Items such as the "Violation" feature and some of the User Detail screen fields were written for this park.

Mountain Lakes Resort Campground has full hook-ups, two fishing lakes, three swimming pools, clubhouse, teen center, store, restaurant, playground, paddle boats, cabins, park models, activities, and more. So don't be shy about connecting with Crystal or this park as they participate in ARVC and give back to the industry.
We had this tech tip a while back but I think it requires repeating. We have a built in system to email out confirmation letters to your campers. All you need is to collect their email address and then run this procedure at the end of the day. Best of all , it is free! (included with any support program) Already built into the latest version of Campground Manager SoftwareŽ .

As Greg Pasternak points out. "August 2006 -Total parks participating: 39 Total emails processed: 6609 Total files processed: 932 This makes 169 emails per park per month which represents saving on postage costs (at 50 cents per confirmation letter) of $84.50 Cad per park. Assuming same rate of generating confirmation emails park could theoretically save per year: 12 x $84.50 = $ 1,014.00 Cad. I understand that this is pretty close to what park pays for gold annual support package."

So give it a try! It is free! Think of the postage savings as well as the labor savings. Call us if you have any questions. Did I mention it is free? (included with any support program)

I have posted a topic in the discussion forum. Do you think we should change the Bookyoursite.com model to charging the consumer $3 or stick to charging the park owner the $3 transaction fee. As we head into the alliance with Reserve America their model is to charge the consumer. What do you think? I would be interested in your thoughts.

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Peter Kearns
Mission Management

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