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June 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 6
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At this time of year we find our customer base of two minds. Our northern and seaboard customers are gearing up for the two months of the year that they make the majority of their money. Our Southern customers are working on their parks to gear up for the arrival of the snowbirds come the fall. This newsletter hopefully helps both sets with some helpful hints and possible upgrades to their software system. Please read on...

We have an advertising opportunity for any park looking to increase their awareness or drive some business to their park. This advertising spot resides on our Bookyoursite.com portal. Once you go to www.bookyoursite.com you will see a box under the heading "Featured Campground". Our own park has been in there since we started this portal.

We are now in a position to sell this space for any park that is in our customer base. The rate is $250 per month.(payable by CC only). The site boasts the following web traffic; 37,000 visitors per month(unique IP address) and 150,000 page visitors per month. These are targeted consumers who are looking to buy a campsite or book a vacation. Please make sure you are a Bookyoursite.com or at the very least a Campground Manager Software customer.

So please contact Cal Goodman or myself if you have any interest in advertising in this area.

I don't know about you but we were quite confused about what the best route to go for our campers for the Wifi Internet hook ups at Jellystone Niagara. In the end we decided to put in our own hardware and routers. We used Jim Ganley and his system.

Basically the system works like this. We provide DSL highspeed Internet to the front door of our park. This Internet router is plugged into the master wireless router. (that we purchased from Ganley). We have over 200 sites (20 acres) so we had to add 8 other wireless repeaters around the park to make sure we had coverage for all our sites.

The camper then connects to the network though a browser window. A Jellystone Niagara page appears and asks for a ticket number. The camper then has to go to the front office. There our staff accesses a master administration page and requests a system generated ticket number for the length of time the camper has requested. We then issue and print off the ticket for the customer and put up a scheduled charge in Campground Manager Software. Very simple, very clean and works great.

There is a plethora of systems out there and many different revenue configurations however this is the route we went. It was actually a suggestion from one of customers Mr. Scott Crompton of Jellystone New York who suggested this system. It works great. The only fly in the ointment is that we are under pressure from the consumer to offer Internet for free. That is a business decision and has nothing to do with this set up.

Hope that helps people in decision making. Not saying this is the only way to go but it worked out best for us at our park.

Member Description There is a field on the transaction screen located above the "Lic. Plate" field that can be customized by you. You can determine the description of this field in order to gather specific information that better suites your needs. Common examples are Group Name, Cell Phone, Mailbox # and so on. To customize this field follow the directions listed below. Log into Campground Manager with a master or manager level password Click on the Campground Manager top pull-down menu and select "Setup" and then "Camp Setup" Click on the "Parameters" (not the Parameters II button) Click the "Edit" button The second field from the bottom is called "Member Description". Whatever you type within this field will now show up on the Transaction screen. This field can also be searched on when using the "Find" button on the Transaction screen.

Scott Taylor Sys Admin / Technical Support Mission Management 800-547-9147

Very soon as part of your support package you will have access to a new Campground Manager Software User forum. What is it? We believe our customer base own and operate the best campgrounds and RV parks in North America. This user forum will be a vehicle to connect these owners and employees.

The Campground Manager Software user forum is a discussion area inside our Esupport section on the website. We have topics posted there for which you the customer can share your opinions or thoughts. We also plan to use it as our main vehicle to post suggested changes or upgrades to the software and allow you the user to comment on these.

The user forum will be moderated by Scott Taylor. So all comments and suggestions will go through him. If you have an area of discussion you would like to start we would be glad to consider it. We ask for professionalism and proper decorum in all communications. You must be on the support program to participate. Hopefully we can create a community of customers that can share ideas and processes not just limited to Campground Manager Software. For example when we get it up and running why not have a Recreation Activities discussion area. People can share ideas and both profit.

So give it a try. We look forward to your response!
As some of you may or may not know, Campground Manager Software has a built in accounting module. The system creates the journal entries in the background as you go about your daily business.

At the end of your financial period you summarize the journal entries. This creates an export file with the date in the file name. Then you open up Quickbooks and do a simple export. That is it. This can be done on an accrual or cash basis. We have also arranged for a discount with Intuit on the Quickbooks product. So if you have not thought about using Quickbooks Pro and are still using an accountant, cut your costs by doing it yourself.
About 10 years ago we established a relationship with the Leisure Systems Group. They are the license holder for the Yogi's Jellystone Park franchise for North America. This relationship has grown to where we have approximately 39 of their 70 parks on our system. We (primarily my partner Jim Amadio and his brother Dave) were so impressed by the people and their business acumen that we bought the Niagara Falls Jellystone franchise when it came on the market.

The one thing that separates out the Yogi franchises are the ability to sell ancillary products. We noticed the amount of ancillary revenue from our yogi is much more than our old park Niagara Glenview. That list includes T-shirts, hats, pens, towels and literally anything else can be imprinted with a yogi symbol.

So if you have any interest in becoming a yogi franchise we highly recommend it. Please contact Rob or one of his staff. Attn: Rob Schutter Leisure Systems Inc. 50 West TechneCenter Drive Suite G Milford, OH 45150-9798 Wk: (513) 831-2100 ext.10 Fx: (513) 576-8670 e1: rschutter@leisure-systems.com

That is it for this month. We have our POS module on sale for $795 unitl the end of July 2006. So think about upgrading your store and treating it like another profit center. The three pieces of hardware you need to make it work are a card swiper, cash drawer and a bar code scanner. These items can be found at www.posworld.com. Hope we can earn your trust and your business.


Peter Kearns
Mission Management

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