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Campground Manager SoftwareŽ /Bookyoursite.com Announces a Strategic Alliance with Reserve America
May 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 4
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Today we are announcing the biggest alliance in our history. We feel this deal could benefit our Campground/RV park owners for many years into the future. We are announcing a strategic alliance with Reserve America. Please read on.

We are pleased to announce a Marketing Alliance with Reserve America. Before I give you the background on the reasons we initiated this deal let me give you a quick recap what Reserve America is. Their parent company is a publicly traded subsidiary of USA Networks. Among their myriad of holdings are Ticketmaster, Expedia, Lending Tree.com, USA Networks, Match.com, AskJeeves.com(Ask.com) and the list goes on. Check out http://www.reserveamerica.com/jsp/ homepage.jsp?goto=/home/history.html

Reserve America themselves get 8 million visitors to their website annually, do over 3 million reservations per year for state campgrounds, have 2.2 million registered users of their website and have 1.5 million people registered for their e- newsletter. In other words they are huge. What they do every day is sell reservations for the 28 state park systems they have as contractual clients. They live and breathe ecommerce. We decided early on that it is very expensive and time consuming to try and establish a brand on the Internet. It is very tough to build traffic to the kind of numbers that RA brings to the table. They were looking for a way to break into the private campground market (after a failed attempt a few years ago) and we were looking for a way to gain traction on the Internet. We were also looking for was a way to plug our customer's excess inventory into their network.

We are currently working on the technological interface between ReserveAmerica, BookYourSite.com and Campground Manager SoftwareŽ. We plan to allow ReserveAmerica to access your site inventory stored on BookYourSite.com. Through this exchange of information ReserveAmerica will be able to book and pass reservations to you through our current BookYourSite interface. Your park manager will not see any difference in the way they upload and retrieve reservation information. Everything will flow through our current portal on BookYourSite.com. ReserveAmerica plans on charging the consumer a fee for reservations originating from their site. This is the model that has been used successfully by them and at Ticketmaster for years. So reservations generated through their service will be free to the park operator. There will not be an additional fee charge through BookYourSite for reservations originating from ReserveAmerica. Once you are signed up for BookYourSite.com you will have the option to extend your reservation opportunities with ReserveAmerica.

Not only that, each campground will have a dedicated 'Campground Details' webpage promoting your park complete with maps, description and photos. That way they can make sure you get some traffic. So now we can offer you the whole package; direct download into Campground Manager SoftwareŽ , direct upload of inventory and we can drive business to your park. All for free! So please get signed up for Bookyoursite.com and once the RA link is done you will automatically be included in their program. Call Chris Rhodes or myself if you have any questions or concerns. So now we can offer you the whole package; direct download into Campground Manager SoftwareŽ , direct upload of inventory and we can drive business to your park. All for free! So please get signed up for Bookyoursite.com and once the RA link is done you will automatically be included in their program. Call Chris Rhodes or myself if you have any questions or concerns.

No too often a program comes along in our industry that can really make a difference to the bottom line. This S'more Store program is one of them. This is a program started by Reserve America to be a wholesaler of main line national brand products to the smaller campground stores. S?more Store gives park stores the BESTpricing, FREE direct delivery, FREE merchandising displays from major brands and great marketing exposure.

Now you have access to marketing programs just like the big retail stores. No more running down to Sam's club or Costco when you run out of Marshmallows! In the very near future we will have built into our POS package the automatic order form for you to order from Smore Store. All upc codes and item numbers will be already pre installed in the Campground Manager SoftwareŽ POS module.

So once you become part of the Bookyoursite.com /Reserve America alliance you will have access to this program. Click here to join the program today and get your free order book for summer 2006. Visit www.SmoreStore.com

As we move along in this dynamic Internet world it is becoming increasingly obvious that the thrust of any park?s marketing campaign has to be web oriented. For example at our park Niagara Jellystone we did 62 reservations over the Internet using Bookyoursite.com in the summer of 2004. After that we decided to make Internet marketing a priority. With the help of FoundPages we started a search engine management campaign. The results were impressive. Before our changes we were on the 3rd page of Google when the camping public searched for a Niagara Falls campground. We told Foundpages we have to be on the first page. In short, they made that happen. We did 461 reservations the summer of 2005 using Bookyoursite.com . You can have the nicest website in the world but if you are not on the first page of Google your business will not be impacted. Foundpages is a Search Engine Management Company(SEM). We recommend them highly as a business partner.

FoundPages is an online marketing firm, specializing in search engine and email marketing that maximizes your return on investment for your website. We drive targeted web site traffic to your web pages, and increase conversion of those visitors into revenue and sales leads. We work with you to understand your goals, and implement a professional online marketing solution developed around your company's specific needs.

So visit our site and fill in the contact form and let Foundpages help you capitalize on your web traffic. Our Contact is; Attn: Fred Yee Foundpages Wk: (403) 508-9889 Fx: (403) 210-0533 e1: fyee@foundpages.com

Morgan Management, LLC has strong real estate principals and extensive experience in the ownership and management of high quality residential communities. Robert C. Morgan & Companies has owned and operated a residential real estate portfolio in the greater Rochester area since 1979. They currently use Campground Manager SoftwareŽ in their entire RV park portfolio.

They are constantly on the lookout for new properties to acquire and/or manage.
Campground Manager has a built in Event Tracking and Notification system. This feature defines events that are happening in the park. By linking them to specific rates and event date ranges, the user will be notified when processing a transaction during a matching date range for a given rate.

For example if you wish to give all tent customers a coupon for a bundle of firewood during the Memorial Day weekend, we can set up an event called ?Memorial Day wood offer?. We would link this offer to the rate scheme that covers people tenting over Memorial Day. We would also define the event to be valid from May 28th -30th (Memorial Weekend). If any customer registered during this period on a tent site, the clerk would see a message reminding them of the free offer and to give the customer the wood coupon. This can be set up for any rate charge type and for any time period. As the transaction is being processed, the reminder message appears.

To gain a better understanding, let?s walk through the process of setting up an event. 1) Click on the ?Campground Manager? pull-down menu at the top of the screen 2) Select ?Setup? then ?Events?

This will display the ?Event Definition Screen?. If you are setting this up for the first time, the window will appear blank.

Campground Manager SoftwareŽ Point of Sale is on sale! In light of our new alliance with S'more Store We are extending a $200 discount until the June 30/06. One time fee of $795 US. If you have ever thought about tightening up your store operation and keeping track of your physical inventory this is the system for you. Automatically uploads your store results and journal entries with all your Campground Manager SoftwareŽ journal entries to Quick Books Pro. Call Chris or myself for an online Webex demo!


Peter Kearns
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