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April 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 4
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Here is your copy of the Campground Manager Newsletter - April 2006 edition. Our goal is to keep our customer base up-to-date on new developments with our products and the RV industry. If you know someone that would like to be be added to the email list for future editions, forward this email to them and have them click the Sign-Up button! Please enjoy and as always I welcome your feedback.

We have entered into an agreement with Evault to offer at a special introductory rate, an online backup service to all our customers that would like the peace of mind that their data is backed up and secure off site on a daily basis. Evault is one of the largest backup and recovery companies in North America, providing their services to 7000 small and mid sized businesses.

By using your internet connection Evault is able to access and backup your data daily, in a safe and secure way. You may be currently using a zip drive, CD or tape to backup you system. Data stored in this way can be easily destroyed by fire, floods, theft or misplacement. Evault can now address this concern through their automated online service.

We have tested this service and found it easy to use. Best of all, Evault is a major player in the backup and recovery business, which means they will be around long term to support your data backup needs.

Two years ago(summer of 2004) at our park (Jellystone Niagara) we did approximately 72 reservations over the Internet using Bookyoursite.com. Last year we did 461 using the same service.

How did we increase our business that much? We turned to Internet Marketing. Our old website was built all in Flash and was nowhere to be found at Google and the other big search engines. We created a clean, professional website that was friendly to the search engines. We also spent some marketing dollars bringing in visitors from those search engines -- this is known as Pay Per Click (PPC). In time, our website traffic grew and still continues to grow.

The other very important thing we did was make reserving a campsite at our park online easy. Click "Reservations" at our campground's website and you're automatically taken to BookYourSite.com into the first step of a reservation process. That's a call to action, and it converts very well. Some of our BookYourSite.com customers do huge numbers of online reservations, some do very few. What differentiates them is how their websites draw traffic to themselves, and push their website visitors to "act".

Here is our beginners guide to Internet Marketing to bring visitors to your website.

Here is our guide to linking to BookYourSite.com to turn those visitors into customers. Cal Goodman (cal@bookyoursite.com) Campground Manager SoftwareŽ

We have recently added the ability to pay for your annual support plan online. Through the Paypal payment service you can make payments with your credit card anytime day or night.

On the right hand side of the esupport page on the Campground Manager website, you will see "Support Renewal" (If you click "Read on" in this section it will take you directly to the website page). Go down until you see the PC Charge question. Answer the question yes or no. Click on the support program you wish to sign up for and the follow the instructions on the screen. Fill in your credit card information. Please note your esupport account will not be updated until the next business day. Hopefully this makes it more convenient for you to renew your support with us!

This is our fourth month into our partnership with X-Charge. I have to say it could not have gone any better. The software is rock solid but more than that the support has been great. Quick support responses, easy set-up and friendly support personnel have made this company a joy to work with. The best part about it is they have a vested interested in making sure your system is up and processing payments. If your system is down, they don't make any money! Their rates are very competitive, in fact, they have saved some of our customers a significant amount of money. In addition the software is free as is the interface to Campground Manager SoftwareŽ .

If you would like to find out more about X-Charge please call us or speak directly to our X-Charge representative, Chuck Drake (Charles.Drake@camnv.com). I'm sure he would be glad to prepare a proposal for you without obligation. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Jim Amadio- President Mission Management Systems (jja@vaxxine.com)
I thought I would share with everyone a little background information about one of our largest Campgound Manager Customers. I think you may find their story interesting and it reflects a significant trend in the RV industry... Enjoy!

Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. owns or has an interest in 284 quality communities in 28 states and British Columbia consisting of over 100,000 sites. These resort communities are situated in many of the country's most desirable locations including Florida, Arizona, Coastal North Carolina, California, Oregon, and The Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

Equity Lifestyle's expanding presence in the RV resort industry signifies their awareness of the importance of the ever-growing RV market. Many of the basic philosophies used to operate our RV resorts are based on the experience of Equity Lifestyle's 30 year history in the industry. Their goal is to create value for guests by providing consistently high levels of services, activities, and amenities in clean and attractive surroundings.

Campground Manager SoftwareŽ Point of Sale is on sale! We are offering a $200 discount until the May 30/06. One time fee of $795 US. If you have ever thought about tightening up your store operation and keeping track of your physical inventory this is the system for you. Automatically uploads your store results and journal entries with all your Campground Manager SoftwareŽ journal entries to Quick Books Pro. Call Chris or myself for an online Webex demo!


Peter Kearns
Mission Management

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