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March 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 3
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Greeting Folks, Thanks for reading the latest newsletter for Campground Manager Software® and Bookyoursite.com®. We have started new feature this month highlighting a current customer. We intend to bring you the details of a customer in the hope that you might find something in common and some mutual benefit. We will continue with our tech tips and general hopefully useful information. Hope you like it and would enjoy your feed back. Thanks again for your interest and if we have not already, hope we can earn your trust and your business.

As some of you may or may not know we have launched ASP service. ASP stand for Application Service Provider. In other words you out source your IT system to us. All you need to have to make it work is a computer with a browser. High speed Internet at your park is also needed. Here are a few of the advantages.

There is nothing to install, no hardware to configure, and certainly no application to develop and test. With the Campground Manager Software® ASP, there?s no more waiting around for software patches or critical upgrades. there?s no need to find the time to install them, since all upgrades are performed instantly and seamlessly by Campground Manager Software® and who better to handle those critical?or just incredibly useful?upgrades than the people who developed the application in the first place?

The best part is now all your data is stored off site. Our servers are housed in a data disaster recovery center. You data will be safe. If your computer is stolen or your hard drive goes down or your building burns down, no problem. We will have you up and running in a minimal amount of time. So give it some thought and contact with Chris Rhodes or myself.

We are searching for a group of customers to become beta testers for our latest releases. What it involves is downloading the latest version of Campground Manager Software® when we send you an email. Loading it with your data and running it as a pre- release of our latest upgrade.

You might be asking what's in it for me? We are willing to give out our US zip Code module(value of $150) to the first 5 people who sign up to be our beta testers. Please send an email to beta@campgroundmanager.com if you are interested. Greg Pasternak is initiating this program and running it so let us know.

This is the first month of our customer highlight section. every month we will display one of our customers in the hope that the collective customer base benefits.

NRC is run by Mr. David Napp, Ms. Colleen Edwards and Mr. Charles Ellis. This is the same group that started and operated the Encore park system in the past. Since divesting themselves of that group of parks the company has re- invented itself and gone on the acquisition trail. To date they have 19 parks and are continuing to grow. The difference this time in order to keep their operation and head office staff small they outsourced all their IT operation to us.

We are currently running all the NRVC parks software out of a secure data center in Ontario. Using the Citrix software package we have configured the system so that all their users can have access to all their parks through our servers. In other words if a guest comes to one of their parks and it is full, the reservation clerk at that park can locate and book a site at another NRVC park while the guest is waiting. This is just one of the many advantages for a multi park set up. In addition to that they keep their costs low as NRVC does not have the added expense of buying, maintaining and hosting a head office central server system. So it works out for everyone. They do what they do best; acquire, configure and operate parks. We do what we do best; configure, run and maintain software systems to run their parks.

By the way if you have any interest in selling your park may I suggest you contact them. Their contact info is: Attn: Charles Ellis National RV Communities 6991 East Camelback Road, Suite B-360 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Wk: (480) 423-3853 Ext. 113 Fx: (480) 423-5777 e1: cellis@nhcmgt.com So that is it for now. Next Month?s Customer Highlight; ELS Properties If you would like to be part of this feature let me know and we can chat!

There is a new feature that prohibits the use of the "Other Charges" field within the Camping screen. When this feature is turned on, and you are signed in with clerk level access, the "Other Charges" magnify glass button will be grayed out. To turn this feature on (you must be logged in with the master or manager level passwords), go to the top pull-down menu and select Campground Manager>Setup>Camp Setup. Then click on the button called "Parameters". Within this window in the top right portion of options, you will see an option called "Disallow clerks to use other charges". By clicking on the "Edit" button and turning this feature on, only the master, manager or assistant password levels can use the "Other Charges" field.

Hope this tip works for you. We are always open to suggestions so if there is something you would like me to discuss in this space next month please let me know. Email be at scott@bookyoursite.com. Thanks!
Chris Rhodes and myself will be attending the NCA show in Springfield Mass. March 15-17/06. In addition we will be holding a Campground Manager Software® / Bookyoursite.com® user group meeting at Thursday March 16 @2 pm on the second floor of the convention center. Please bring your system with you on a lap top if possible. Barring that bring your questions concerns and suggestions and we will do our best to answer them.

Please register for the meeting as space is somewhat limited by sending Chris Rhodes an email at dustyrdz@gmail.com. Chris will also be attending the Michigan Arvc Trade show March 22-23/2006. Please feel free to drop by the booth.

Please remember, everyone is welcome but this get together is more geared toward those experienced Campground Manager Software® users who have specific questions. Not geared towards those people who just want a demo. Please come to our booth for that.

Please remember 2 things; 1. The US zip Code module is still on sale until the end of March for $99 Saves keystrokes and eliminates spelling mistakes on city names so your direct mail campaigns get to where they are supposed to. 2.Bookyoursite.com numbers are through the roof. If you want to have your park up and running before May I suggest you sign up now. Please give us a call. Stay tuned for a big announcement.


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