December 2010

Education is important to us.  If you are experiencing a problem with your basement, we want you to understand what is causing that problem and why we are recommending the repairs we are.  "Keep Your Basement Dry" provides excellent information on some basic do-it-yourself tips for preventative maintenance on your basement, as well as some great general information. 
Keep Your Basement Dry 

Simple, routine maintenance can keep your basement dry and prevent damage that requires costly repairs.  Since most basement damage occurs slowly, over many years, you may not notice a problem until there is a water leak or a major crack.  Let's walk through the systems protecting your basement to see how they work and how to maintain them. 

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Keep Your Basement Dry
Fogged Up?
Fogged Up? Clearing the Air About Window Condensation 

Each fall when we turn on our home heating systems, many of us experience condensation on windows: "steam" on the indside, or in extreme cases, water running down the glass.  This condition may be only a temporary annoyance, but it could also signal serious moisture and window problems. 

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