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November 2011


We are excited to introduce you to a new and exciting feature of Accurate Basement Repair - monthly newsletters!  We will be offering educational information, tips, tricks and more!  We at Accurate hope you have as much fun reading and learning from this newsletter as we had putting it together for you.  See you next month!

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Top 10 Problem Areas

There are 10 ways water typically can enter a home:
  1. Over the footing
  2. Under the footing
  3. Through floor cracks
  4. Windows and window wells
  5. Pipe penetrations
  6. Over the sill plate

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About Accurate Basement Repair

We offer a comprehensive, cost-effective repair for your foundation restoration and waterproofing needs:
  • Interior drain tile
  • Steel brace wall reinforcements
  • Full excavation
  • Exterior drain tile
  • Crawl space repair
  • Wall rebuilds
  • Underpinning/piering
  • Egress windows
  • Garage foundation repair
  • Drain tile testing

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Top 10 Problem Areas
The Ice Dam Cometh!
The Ice Dam Cometh!

Remember those snowy winters?  Beautiful snow and ice made for great winter fun.  But then, as the weather warmed a little, that beauty became an ugly, damaging, watery mess inside some homes.  In many cases, ice dams were the culprit.  Let's talk about winter ice damming and how to prevent problems.

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