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2011 December Edition

Volume 1

Issue 6   

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Xcel Regionals/USA Gymnastics Open Championships
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2012 Competition Tour

January Meets  

FB Logo Blues and BBQ
  River City Gymnastics
  Memphis, TN
January 7-8   

FB Logo Southern Classic Lanier's Gymnastics
Biloxi, MS
January 6-8  

FB Logo  Ozone Invitational
Premier Athletics
Knoxville, TN
January 13-16  

FB Logo Battle Of Champions

Halker's Gold
Ottawa, Ohio

January 13-15

FB LogoFB Logo   USA Invitational

Masters School of Gymnastics

Gallatin, TN

January 28-29  

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Upcoming Featured Meets

Classic Rock Invitational
February 17-19, 2012

Excalibur Cup
February 17-19, 2012

Charleston Cup
February 24-26, 2012

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We hope everyone had a very blessed Holiday and was able to find some time off to enjoy family and friends! We thank you for allowing Meet Control to be part of your gymnastics events. We wish everyone a very safe and Happy New Year!!  

We had another busy December, traveling to Starkville, MS; Hot Springs, AR; Clarksville, TN  and New Orleans, LA.

To view all the results from our December meets log on to our website: 

To view our calendar to see where we will be going and to get information about our upcoming meets, please click below:

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 Feature Of The Month:

Meet Controls Printing Services-If it can be printed, we can do it!

We print everything from gymnast's certificates to banners, coaches/gymnast's ID badges, scorebooks/scoresheets and large signs.

Luggage Tags
PVC Cards: Are Great For Meet Advertisement and Gifts For Your Gymnasts.  Make Sure Every Gym Bag Leaves With One Attached!


All of our printing service information can be found on our website:

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  More Features:

Xcel Regionals 

Meet Control is proud to announce that we will be hosting Xcel Regionals (formally known as Region 8 Prep Optional Regionals), April 27-29, 2012, in Jackson Mississippi. This event will be held at the Jackson Convention Center.    


Location:  Jackson, MS Convention Center 

105 E. Pascagoula Street  Jackson, MS 39201 

Accommodations: TBD


Organization: Meet Control 

Format: Capital Cup 

Equipment: AAI by Wynn-Wynn

Levels: Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum 

Meet Director: TG Hawkins 

Scoring and Sound: Powered by Meet Control  

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2012 USA Gymnastics Open Championships

USA Gymnastics is hosting the 2nd annual nationwide invitational for Women's Levels 4-8 and Xcel (Prep-Op). This competition will feature both individual and club team champions for Xcel and Levels 4-7, a Level 8 Regional Team competition and will crown an overall club team champion.  


Location:  ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex-Jostens Center


Equipment: AAI

Levels: 4-8 and Xcel  

Scoring and Sound:  Powered by Meet Control

Entry Fees: $75/gymnast; $15/club team per level 

General Information: Entry deadline is March 1, 2012. Late fee is $25 per gymnast. Refunds will be granted minus a $25 administrative fee per athlete. No refunds after May 1, 2012. The final schedule will be available, April 2012. Registration will be available on the USA Gymnastics website. 

Tentative Schedule:  May 31-Xcel; June 1-Level 4; June 2-Level 5; June 3-Levels 6-7 & Level 8 Regional Team.  

 Notes From Deb...

Happy New Year  


Take a moment and think of all the things you have accomplished this year! Really, right now list ten important things you had on your gym to do list that you accomplished and spend a moment congratulating yourself. We all need to do that before we delve into what comes next-another to do list for 2012.

Some of the items on your list might (and probably should) include the following:

  1. Check your organization plan to order and make sure it meets the needs of your business plan and follows the professional standards and guidelines of USA Gymnastics.
  2. Review your staff's job descriptions and make sure someone's includes supervising the scheduling of classes, team practices and meets.
  3. Make sure you review your written policies for employees and participants concerning the operation of the program.
  4. Review your procedure of reporting any accident or injury to students or employees or visitors.
  5. Check your equipment evaluation records to make sure maintenance records include any new equipment you may have purchased during the past year, and identify any building maintenance problems.
  6. Evaluate your procedures for approving work schedules, sick and vacation leave and assigning employees to work overtime as required.
  7. Evaluate the training needs of your employees and identify appropriate training conferences or workshops they will need to attend.
  8. Review your policy how to properly supervise anyone inside your facility and how to make sure your facility is not overcrowded.
  9. Review your knowledge of local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations pertaining to employment including procedures for reporting a work-related injury or illness, rules for overtime, compensatory time, sick and annual leave, disciplinary procedures, laws pertaining to discrimination and harassment, and the American with Disabilities Act as needed to supervise subordinates.
  10. Review your procedures for budgeting and techniques to include projecting and tracking expenditures and revenues as needed to prepare, administer, and monitor the operation budget.
  11. Review the physical hazards and safety precautions of recreational and competitive gymnastics as needed to help prevent accidents and serious injuries.
  12. Review/Revise your personal management practices such as documentation of performance and performance problems, conflict resolution, counseling techniques, and positive discipline as needed to manage and supervise employees and ensure their productivity.

Before you know it, you will be filling out entries to state meets, regional and hopefully national meets. Now is the time, the best time to review/revise what may help keep you successful and worry free.

Take the time and start 2012 off with peace of mind. What better gift can you give yourself and those who depend on you!


It's not too late to join our 2011-2012 tour! Please feel free to contact us for more information.




Thomas Hawkins and John Williams

Meet Control

2012 Xcel Regionals