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2011 November Edition

Volume 1

Issue 5  

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Xcel Regionals
Notes From Deb
2011-2012 Competition Tour

December Meets  

FB Logo Tis The Split Season
Starkville, MS
December 2-3  

FB LogoTN State Championships
Clarksville, TN
December 10-11  

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Arkansas Pepsi Challenge
Hot Springs Gymnastics
Hot Springs, AR
  December 9-11 

FB Logo Judges Holiday Classic
New Orleans, LA
December 9-11 


Upcoming Featured Meets

Blues And BBQ
January 6-8, 2012

Ozone Invitational (FlipFest)
January 14-16, 2012

Classic Rock Invitational
February 17-19, 2012

Excalibur Cup
February 17-19, 2012

Charleston Cup
February 24-26, 2012

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TIGAR Snow Cat
February 25, 2012

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We hope everyone had a very blessed Thanksgiving! We thank you for allowing Meet Control to be part of your gymnastics events.  

We had a very busy November, traveling to Vidalia, GA; Chattanooga, TN; Nashville, TN (twice) and Purvis, MS.

To view all the results from our November meets log on to our website: 

To view our calendar to see where we will be going and to get information about our upcoming meets, please click below:

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 Feature Of The Month:

Xcel Regionals 

Meet Control is proud to announce that we will be hosting Xcel Regionals (formally known as Region 8 Prep Optional Regionals), April 27-29, 2012, in Jackson Mississippi. This event will be held at the Jackson Convention Center.    


Location:  Jackson, MS Convention Center 

105 E. Pascagoula Street  Jackson, MS 39201 

Accommodations: TBD


Organization: Meet Control 

Format: Capital Cup 

Equipment: AAI by Wynn-Wynn

Levels: Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum 

Meet Director: TG Hawkins 

Scoring and Sound: Powered by Meet Control  

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 Notes From Deb...

None of Us Are Indispensable  


I just finished reviewing an article my sister wrote for her industry to give her my "seal of approval". She doesn't need that seal, but I am the big sister and she feels obligated-has to do with that second child syndrome thing. Now, with her permission, and because it applies to each one of us (whether we own, manage or work for someone else), I will share parts of that article with you.


If you were hired by someone, you can be fired by someone. This is the brutal truth in today's economy. Someone else can do your job.


Protect yourself and your job with some or all of the following suggestions:


Polish your skills. USAG offers many continuing education courses at congresses or workshops. KNOW the rules if you are a coach or teacher. Those rules are constantly updated and clarified. These clarifications and rule changes can also be found online. Look for them.


Go the extra mile to make your boss and your facility look GOOD.


Wear what you are supposed to wear to work, and look good in it. Your staff shirt may be cool, but nothing is cool when it is wrinkled or unclean.


Be known for something, the go to person. Become the person people go to when they need something fixed or improved.


Surround yourself with people who can mentor you. Run with the best, and become the best.

Show up early for work, never be late for a meeting, and do NOT miss a deadline.


Smile! Even when you don't feel like it, smile.


Beware of your body language. Shaking your finger at an athlete could be interpreted as severe complaining when in fact you may be saying that is the best I've seen you do that skill!


Make sure you are highly prized in your company, a kind of bullet proofing. Your boss should think losing you would be detrimental to the success of their business.


See something dirty or out of place? Clean it and put it up. You may not have caused the problem but you can fix it.


A business owner constantly looks for the value of people and things. Defining yourself with the above could do a lot in determining just how valuable you are.


It's not too late to join our 2011-2012 tour! Please feel free to contact us for more information.




Thomas Hawkins and John Williams

Meet Control

2012 Xcel Regionals