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Meet Control would like to thank you for allowing us to fulfill all of your scoring, sound, awards and event needs during the 2010-2011 gymnastics season. We are very thankful that you chose Meet Control to be a part of your event and we hope that we did offer "All Around Gold Medal Service".


We are currently preparing our 2011-2012 Event Calendar and would like to remind you of our services and the new services we provide.  To make it less stressful for you, Meet Control is able to fulfill your entire event needs. 


Meet Control Services


Scoring is the most IMPORTANT part of your event!  Having the right person sitting behind the computer is absolutely critical to your competiton!  You need someone that knows more than the operation of a computer. You need someone that knows the rules of competition, how rotations work, and the most important aspect, knows what to do if there is a problem, how to handle the problem and correct it without affecting the event.  Meet Control delivers all this and a whole lot more. We start with the best scoring software and make it better. We can run customized reports just for your event, print labels or awards in whatever order makes your event run smooth and it all happens in just moments of receiving the last score.  This SAVES your event precious time and money! 

Sound is one of the most important and overlooked part of a meet.  The quickest way for a meet to get behind is problems with music. Meet Control takes care of this worry. We understand how the competition runs so there is no worry as to which gymnasts are up next. We also take the "boring" out of the competition. Between every routine and every session, our extensive music library is playing background music of current hits or themed to your event. To make sure your meet is of the highest caliber, we have chosen professional march in music, (or can play your choice if there is a theme), custom rotation chimes and end of event fanfares.  Our versatility allows us to customize your meet at prices far less than convention center charges.  With state of the art sound equipment, no venue is too large or too small for Meet Control.


LiveScore is an exclusive service offered only by Meet Control and has become a staple at many events.  Don't let yours go without it! We stream live scores with standings as the action takes place on large flat screen TV's for the audience, stream to monitors for your coaches, and to the internet for anyone to view (internet connections must be available). This allows the audience, coaches, and people at home to watch the standings of the entire session as they come in "Live".  For the upcoming season we have some exciting new features we are adding to our acclaimed "LiveScore", don't miss out!


Besides scoring and sound, the next most important part of a competition is the awards.  Meet Control has done it again by taking this worry away!  We have partnered with Hasty Awards and can order all your medals, plaques, trophies and banners for your event. Because of our volume, we can do this below retail prices.  Tell us what you want and give us the opportunity to save you money with outstanding customized or stock awards!


USA Gymnastics has updated their database for verifying athletes and coaches.  This change allows USAG to easily check your competition for any discrepancies.  With the increase in sanction violations over the past few years, making sure every "t" is crossed and every "i" is dotted is critical. Meet Control knows the rules and knows the importance of these rules being followed for the safety of the athletes and your club. We highly recommend applying this service to your competition.  Adding this service insures athlete verification, coach verification, and takes the pressure off you by making sure those critical and costly mistakes do not occur Please note:  If Meet Control is not the Meet Director, it will be up to the host club's Meet Director to conduct all verification procedures.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on our services. Please feel free to email or call us with any questions at 662-461-MEET (6338) or


As the 2011-2012 season is right around the corner, we would like to make sure that we have your meet secured on our calendar.

Please email us back the following information:


1.       Name of Meet

2.       Date(s) of Meet

3.       Club Name

4.       Location of Meet

Thomas Hawkins  John Williams

Thomas Hawkins and John Williams

Meet Control

4 Different Packages*

for you to choose from based on your meet needs: 


*Choosing a package can save you up to 30%.

Email us for details and pricing

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Platinum Package

Scoring / Sound

2-Device LiveScore + web


Awards Sound



Gold Package

Scoring / Sound

1-Device LiveScore + web




Silver Package

Scoring / Sound

LiveScore (web)



Bronze Package

Scoring / Sound

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Awards Sound/Equipment

We can set up a professional announcers podium with a microphone and speakers, and we can also provide your victory stand.


Gymnast Certificates 

Custom designed certificates are that extra special feature that sets your meet apart from other invitationals.  These certificates feature your meet logo and list the gymnast's four event scores, all around score, and their placement.  This gives a scrapbook memory for each and every gymnast and gives you a great advertisement for your next competition.  Remember every gymnast takes one home!!


Line-up Cards

We will customize the gymnasts' cards so the clubs can line up their athletes in the order chosen for each event. Each card has custom artwork on one side as well as the gymnast information on the other.



We offer team award banners, promotional banners and custom large signs for you event (i.e. directional signs, large rotation sheets or schedules). We can fulfill all your custom or standard large format printing needs.



Custom made lanyards that can be used as athlete, coaching and staff verification.


Email Promotions

Let us send out emails to our extensive club database promoting your event (standard package includes 3 separate emails per meet).



Have questions? Please email us for a pricing guide and any other information you may need!


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Thank you for choosing Meet Control