July 2012 
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UFMPUrban Forestry Management Plan - Public Comment Opens This Week
Trees provide important environmental, economic, and social benefits such as stormwater retention, pollution reduction, climate change mitigation, and positive impacts on public health. Seattle residents are well-known for being passionate tree advocates. The Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) was created in 2007 to identify goals and strategies that will help Seattle maintain, preserve, restore, and enhance its urban forest. The UFMP is currently undergoing its first five-year update and the draft is available for public comment from July 12 through September 30, 2012. The UFMP update draft will be posted here on July 12.  

You can submit your comments by sending an email to
Sandra Pinto de Bader or by mail to: 
Sandra Pinto de Bader
Urban Forest Management Plan update

Office of Sustainability and Environment

PO Box 94729
Seattle, WA 98124-4729

CFPOSE Supporting Community-Initiated Climate Projects

The Office of Sustainability & Environment (OSE) has awarded seven contracts to groups in different communities throughout Seattle to execute projects that benefit the climate and residents. Projects will address climate impacts from transportation, energy, waste, or food choices. The co-benefits of climate action, including healthier residents, financial rewards and deeper connections among neighbors are all evident in these projects. 


Proposals from community groups throughout Seattle were submitted as part of a Call for Climate Projects that OSE announced in March. The initiative is a new effort from OSE - seeking to identify and support innovative climate action engagement efforts that are lead by the community. OSE's role is to provide technical support and seed funding. More details on the specific projects can be found here.  

SCLWhat do YOU think about renewable energy? 
Seattle City Light wants to know what you think about renewable, clean sources of energy, using energy wisely, and what we can do together to support it in our community. Join the Community Energy Forum today!
As a member of the Community Energy Forum, you will:
  • Share your opinions with us on clean energy topics.
  • Help influence voluntary clean energy programs offered by Seattle     City Light.
  • Be rewarded! Everyone who participates will be entered into a monthly drawing for prizes.  
  • Need more information? Visit the program Frequently Asked Questions here or call an Energy Advisor at 206-684-3800. 
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