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PrimalBlueprint"Primal Blueprint"


by Mark Sisson  

Book - Primal BlueprintAre you ready to get Primal?! Check out "The Ten Primal Blueprint Laws" and eat and live like your ancestors did 10,000 years ago - and feel really good doing it!


Mark Sisson has simply put in written form the advice he has given to his clients for about the last 20 years - because it worked for him!


The authors' background is his experience as a competitive athlete, rather than a doctor or nutritionist. He does, however, do  a lot of research in his book to substantiate his ideas.


In his experience of eliminating grains, most sugars and a lot of carbohydrates, his health problems disappeared!  Most likely, he had a problem with gluten and other foods, (corn and dairy are common allergens, too), so that his health improved greatly by eliminating ALL grains - even rice.


Some people can actually feel good while still eating grains, including wheat (gluten), so those individuals may not notice a big change. His ideas of keeping starches and sugars to a minimum are sensible for ANY kind of eating plan.


IF your muscles still hurt all the time (soreness, inflamation), if you have sore throats, colds, respriatory issues, low energy, headaches - you definitely want to change over to eating this way and see if you notice a difference.


There is a lot of humor in his writing, and he understands the reality of actually doing everything he recommends in a busy, fast lifestyle that many of us have.  He does emphasize the 80% - 20% rule (do what you need to do 80% of the time and don't stress over the 20%.) Dr. Specht believes the ratio is better at 99%-1%.  And, if that 1% is a Diet Coke, then that small percentage can have a very negative impact on your health.

Mark Sisson does cover exercise very well (see the Ten Primal Laws). Basically, "Move Frequently at a Slow Pace", "Lift Heavy Things" and "Sprint Once in a While". Very simple and effective!

On the subject of drinking water - he is totally off! AND, he doesn't seem to know about the benefits of sea salt. He also talks about fasting, taking protein powder, and some other nutritional subjects that are not coming from a doctors' viewpoint.  Please check with Dr. Specht or your own health care practitioner before you decide to fast or do anything drastic!

Primal Blueprint - Book


StopYourPainNow"Stop Your Pain Now!"


by Dr. Walter Schmitt 

Shoulder pain pictureThis is a little 48 page book that Dr. Schmitt wrote to help his family, his patients and his friends. It is designed for you to be able to read a part of it quickly and apply the protocol immediately.

Dr. Schmitt lectures and teaches all over the world, and when he is home, he treats patients in North Carolina. Dr. Specht has been attending his seminars for over 18 years.

Bio of Dr. Walter Schmitt

"These simple methods really work, regardless of how long ago your injury occurred, regardless if your pain is a result of an injury that happened five seconds ago or as long as ten, fifteen or twenty years ago and you still have pain.  You can use these methods with remarkable results."

Personal Testimonial From Dr. Andrew Specht:

"One time while at the beach, I stepped on a sticker that really hurt a lot. I tapped the appropriate points on my face (as instructed in the book) and my foot stopped hurting.

 On the SAME day, I went on the roller coaster at Mission Beach and felt sick to my stomach after the first ride.  Since I had bought a wristband (for unlimited rides), my plan was to ride many more times! I tapped the points on my face for the stomach meridian a bunch of times (100-200) and that relieved the nausea. I was able to ride the roller coaster about 20 more times - including after a beer and (an organic beef) burger!"

This little book is really a "no-brainer" if you take a pro-active stance towards your own health. Many of Dr. Specht's patients have it and USE it. The little booklet fits in purse, a briefcase - we always take it with us on trips in case we need the information. Brenda Specht keeps it close by in case Dr. Specht is nowhere to be found! (He has the information down pat!)

These books are only available through our office, or an office of a Kinesiologist who stocks them. Call our office - we can ship! (760-632-0098).

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This information is of the opinion of Dr. Andrew Specht and Brenda Specht only. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please inquire at your next appointment with Dr. Specht, or with your own health care provider.



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Dr. Specht  

Fix This"?


Dr. Specht

Patients bring Dr. Specht some very interesting health challenges!  

Skin rashes, issues
with digestion and 
elimination, food allergies, headaches, shoulder injuries (rotator cuff, "frozen shoulder"), knee and ankle problems, pre-surgery, post-surgery related issues, stress problems, asthma,
allergies, and of course muscles and bones!

If you have something you're unsure of, please ASK and.....take a look at the Testimonials off
our website.

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TestimonialOfTheMonth"Testimonial Of The Month"

Sprint 8's and N.E. T.


So, I am one of "those people" who had started and stopped many exercise programs.  Since having two children, exercise (other than chasing them around) was something that I put on the back burner... after all, I was at least as busy as everyone else, how could I find the time or the motivation?  


On a few occasions, I even had N.E.T. about exercise(See an explanation of N.E.T.)  


A few months ago, it finally clicked.  I was turning 40.  In my 30's I had worked hard to get my diet on track and had seen the awesome results in energy and overall health.  


One more N.E.T. session, specifically about running... and I was off and running!  


The Sprint 8's recommended on the Mercola website (Information on the "Sprint 8's") are so so much fun... even on days when I have to make myself go.  They are also FAST!  20 minutes and I'm done... with a nice little walk to the beach and back... I like to do the sprints on the beach with bare feet, and even though I used to have problems with my knees, they have not bothered me at all (I use the famous "Stick" before & after).(See information on The Stick)  


I've even lost weight and wear skinny jeans again - like I used to in high school in the 80's.  Thank you Dr. Specht for not letting me off the hook about my exercise!








Laser and Massage By Alex

Blanchard, H.H.P.  



With being a Holistic Health Practitioner, Alex practices many varied techniques. She recently became certified in ART.  


Active Release Technique 


As a bonus, Alex uses


Earthing  Technology     


during the massage and laser sessions which balances the nervous system!  


The hours for Alex are:


M-W:    9 am -1 pm  

T-Th:    9 am -3 pm  

F:       12 pm -6 pm



HealthTipsHealth Tips

On Eating!



If it rots, it is probably good for you


If it comes from a plant - eat it


If it is made in a plant - stay away


Lean and Green


Eat real food (that you can recognize!)


Avoid "sugar free'', 'fat free", "sugar substitute"


Avoid sodas -  



Stay away from foods with ingredients you cannot pronounce!