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Mold Warriors

by Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D.

"Mold Warriors" - The Book

Do you have a constant cough, frequent headaches, low energy, "brain fog", muscle fatigue or any of the above symtoms on a regular basis? If so, you - (or someone you know) - could be one of the 25% of the population that has a genetically predisposition of being highly affected by the biotoxins found in indoor molds.

Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, an M.D. in Potomac, Maryland has been  discovering and treating people that have the genetic predisposition to be affected by certain molds for many years. He has also been educating the world about the biotoxins present in the indoor molds through his books, lectures and presentations to world organizations.

This book was written in 2005, so now there is more information about this subject. In fact, Dr. Shoemaker has a brand new book called "Surviving Mold" that Dr. Specht has recently read. Some of what Dr. Shoemaker covers in the newer book is the different types of molds ("old molds" that have been naturally existing for hundreds of years or "new molds" developed by toxins in the environment.)

Book-Surviving Mold
Bottom line is, Dr. Shoemaker has found in over 20 years of treating "biotoxin toxicity" that about 25% of the population is susceptible to this and the rest of the population will not be noticeably affected by being exposed to mold.
Some common symptoms are:
Brain Fog
Persistent cough
Muscle fatigue
Skin rashes
Low energy
Sinus infections
Sore throat
Joint stiffness
Chapter 4 is called "The Biotoxin Pathway" and is definitely worth reading more than once.
After a person who is affected understands what is going on, they can eliminate the biotoxins that are causing the symptoms listed above. This is done by taking a natural supplement - not a prescription drug - which allows the biotoxins to bind with, and be eliminated from the body. The next step is to remove oneself from the environment that has the toxic mold.

For some people, it has involved moving or remodeling. If you are one of the 25% of the people affected by mold, you will be motivated to do what it takes to feel good!

The good news, for those affected, is that this can be treated holistically. If you suspect that you, or someone you know may have this genetic disposition, please ask at Dr. Specht's office, or at your own holistic chiropractor's office.

Testimonial from a patient (From June 20, 2009)
The book "Mold Warriors" includes all of the information above, but spends many chapters on stories about how peoples' lives have been affected by mold, and how it has not always been recognized and understood by the general public, insurance companies and even friends and families of the person affected.

A large part of this book covers how difficult it is for the genetically disposed individual to cope in an environment that may not bother the other people living or working in the exact environment.

Now, mold issues are more readily recognized than they were when this book was written, however, this book still gives a lot of excellent information.

The G Free Diet - Book

The G Free Diet (A Gluten Free Survival Guide)


by Elizabeth Hasselbeck  


OK, here we are at Gluten Free again!  For those that have problems with gluten, it can be a big challenge!  This book is simple, easy to read and understand, and moves quickly. The word "diet" of the title would be more appropriately described as "lifestyle".

 I do like how the author addresses the needs of children that need to be gluten free. I feel that she could have emphasized how some ingredients - (such as high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils) - a person just wants to AVOID at all costs, whether or not you need to be gluten free.

She writes about how you can eat G-free bread, crackers, candies, etc. but in reality, these products are generally very
high on the Glycemic Index because they are made with ingredients such as white rice flour and potato starch. (If you want to eat cookies or baked goods, coconut flour is good to use, or simply grinding brown rice flour - (add a binding agent such as sorghum flour) - works and is better for you than processed, white rice flour.)

There ARE G-free products available at the large health food stores (Whole Foods, Jimbos, Henry's, Boneys) that are made with better ingredients. Costco, and even the large chain food stores carry G-free, but for EVERYTHING - get used to reading the label!!! (Ms. Hasseelbeck does stress how you need to read labels.)

A reason to read the book is that she has done a lot of work on investigating ingredients on many products, even supplements and cosmestics, which saves you some legwork!

OH - she does add a lot of humor and gives some great "strategies" on eating at parties or friends' houses and still staying safe from gluten.

The G-Free Diet Book


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This information is of the opinion of Dr. Andrew Specht and Brenda Specht only. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please inquire at your next appointment with Dr. Specht, or with your own health care provider.



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Dr. Specht's Chocolate Ginger Tea Recipe

The Secret Is Out!


Last  month,  we mentioned  the value  of using  a  Vitamix Machine,  which is what Dr. Specht uses to make his Chocolate Ginger Tea. 


The taste of this amazing drink is similar to a spicy hot chocolate, but without the dairy!


The recipe is:

  • 6 cups of boiling water (48 ounces) 
  • 4 ounces of ginger root (washed, but it's unnecessary to peel it)

Place in the Vitamix - (CAREFULLY securing the lid) - and mix at the highest level until foam is frothing from the top (usually 3-5 minutes).


When this mixture is complete, use a small stainless steel strainer and strain into a glass measuring cup or glass container. (Stay away from plastic when working with boiling liquids!) 


This is the base for the tea. (This amount will make about 7 cups, maybe more if you need to dilute it due to the spice level.) The base can stay in the refrigerator for up  

to 3-4 days.


To complete the "chocolate part":


Pour the base back into the Vitamix (or heat before pouring if you have the base from a previous day) and for each 8 ounce cup add: 

  • 1- 1.5  squares of 72% dark chocolate *
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of raw, unfiltered, honey

Mix on high for about 1 minute or less. 


Note: The level of spice will depend on the type of ginger used. Hawaiian

grown ginger  is much spicier than mainland U.S. grown ginger.


* If you use chocolate less than 72%, cut back on the honey! (We use the 72% Belgium Dark Chocolate from Trader Joes.)




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