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February 2011


The subject this month is on SUGAR - something that is a large part of the "American Diet". There are many, many books on the subject and we have covered only two in this issue. The intent is that this information can be helpful for you.

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"Suicide by Sugar"
"Sweet Deception"
Healthy Coconut Macaroons
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"Suicide by Sugar"

by Nancy Appleton, Ph.D

Suicide by Sugar - book
"Suicide by Sugar"

Whoa!!! What a strong title for a book!  Before you stop reading because you really like the taste of sugar, the author DOES point out that most peoples' bodies can handle 2-3 teaspoons of sugar one-three times a day. OK then, how much sugar do you actually consume? That is something only you can answer, and remember to account fo all the hidden sugars in your food!


Nancy Appleton teaches the reader about the processed sugars, natural sugars, hidden sugars and sugars disguised with unusual labels and names (with the idea that the food manufacturer is happy to deceive us!)


On page 10, she titles "Sugar by any other name is just as troublesome." She lists 31 different types of sugar including substances such as barley malt, maltose, galactose, molasses and rice syrup.  A big controversy right now is agave syrup or nectar.  That substance is marketed - sold to you, the consumer - as being "natural" and "healthy". 


This article is not about agave nectar (she discusses it on page 36), so I won't go into the reasons it is not good for the body.  But, I will give you some links from Dr. Joseph Mercola's web site (where they spend the time and money on excellent research) and you can get an idea for yourself. 


Agave Syrup Information , More Information on Agave .


On page 22, the author describes "homeostasis" meaning, when the body is in balance. (This term was described orginally by  Walter B. Cannon, Ph.D, MD in his book "Wisdom of the Body", 1932.) Book-"Wisdom of The Body" . The author does point out that "balance does not mean a candy bar in each hand"! (Her book does have some humor to it, given that sugar is a touchy subject for some!) Bottom line is - sugar unbalances the body! For some, this is no surprise!


This book is easy to read and she gives a lot of excellent information on how sugar affects our health for the short and long term, and, how the imbalances of too much sugar can result in very serious health issues. She explains that sugar can be addictive, and she gives very simple food plans to follow to assist in eliminating some or all of your sugar intake.  She also advocates eating whole, natural foods that are unprocessed and real!  Taking little steps in the area of "eating less sugar" is definitely going to improve your health!


Nancy Appleton, Ph.D 


"Sweet Deception" 

by Dr. Joseph Mercola and
Dr. Kendra Deagan Pearsall

Book-"Sweet Deception"
"Sweet Deception"

Drs. Mercola and Pearsall (and their Research Team) have written an excellent book on all the sugars and sugar substitutes that are available to us.   


They do a lot of research about how the Food and Drug Association (FDA) does many, many studies that are supported and funded by the very companies that manufacture these sugar substitutes! They have researched how the FDA really operates and how that affects us.


Some of the information in this book is the same or similar to Nancy Appletons' book, but these doctors get more detailed about the marketing aspect behind sugar and sugar substitutes and our own FDA. They also go into detail about the manufactured types of sugars that the consumer is lead to believe are good for you. 


Some helpful information to remember that "created sweetners" are just plain bad for you! Just like "hydrgenated oils", they are not recognized by the body. 


Some of the main ones are: aspartame, neotame and don't forget one of giant food companies' favorites - high fructose corn syrup. (This product is made by genetically altering the basic chemical makeup of corn syrup.)


Brand names of these artificial sweetners are: Equal, Sweet'N Low, NutraSweet, Splenda and Crystal Light powdered drink to name only some of them.


I have provided just a few links on these products. Also, if you do your own research, there is much more information on all of these substances - but remember, to look at the source, and if it is a "study" you are reading, be sure to know HOW the study was funded, and by what company (or companies). These manufactured substances are all about money.


Aspartame (Dr. Mercola) 

Splenda (Dr. Mercola) 

Aspartame (Dr. Weil) 

High Fructose Corn Syrup (Mayo Clinic) 

High Fructose Corn Syrup (Dr. Mercola) 


Bottom line: many sources agree that if you are going to have sugar, just have honey, or cane sugar - something that existed over 100 years ago - (a good "Rule of Thumb" for ALL foods). 

Current Seminars for Dr. Specht

Dr. Specht has been studying the information taught by Dr. Datis Kjarrazian:


  - "Breaking The Complex Web of Leaky Gut"


  - "Neurotransmitters of The Brain"


He also attented a nutrition seminar by Dr. Jeffery Bland this month. Dr. Jeffery Bland 


In addition, a  book that Dr. Specht is currently reading is titled "Surviving Mold" by Ritchie Shoemaker, MD. (This is a sequel to the book titled "Mold Warriors" by the same author.)
The link for both books is:   Surviving Mold .  Look for the information in an upcoming newsletter!  




This information is of the opinion of Dr. Andrew Specht and Brenda Specht only. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please call or inquire at your next appointment with Dr. Specht, or with your own Health Care Provider.



Andrew Specht & Brenda Flowers-Specht
Andrew Specht Chiropractic

Tips on How To Stay Well Balanced

Healthy Balance

At the very first sign of any type of imbalance of your body - (sore throat, slight cough, headache, muscle or joint aches) - the best thing to do is to avoid all sugars!

This will allow your own immune system to be able to do it's job!


(If you have persistent symptoms, see Dr. Specht or your own personal Health Care Professional. Many times ongoing issues are due to what you're eating, drinking or exposed to in the environment.)




Recipe of the Month


Coconut Macaroons - the Healthy Way!




Coconut Macaroons
Coconut Macaroons

This is a favorite recipe that I have used for years - it has very little sweetener and is an excellent after meal treat or snack.

These cookies allow you to have sugar in a very moderate way!



Coconut Macaroons  


- 4 egg whites


- 1/2 cup pure maple syrup

- 1/2 tsp. pure almond extract


- 3 cups unsweetened coconut shreds (found in natural food stores OR sometimes in our office!)

- 1/4 cup flour*

- 1/4 tsp. salt


- 1 cup blanched slivered almonds, toasted (To toast nuts: Heat in a dry frying pan on "medium-high"  heat, stirring until lightly browned.)


Beat the egg whites on "medium" and then on "high" until stiff peaks form.  Add the next two ingredients and continue beating on "low" until blended.


Combine the coconut shreds, flour and salt and then fold into the egg mixture.  Stir in the toasted almonds.


Using a spring-release ice cream scoop, drop tablespoon-sized mounds on a cookie sheet lightly coated with coconut oil or butter.


 Bake at 325 degrees for 15-30 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.


Makes  2 1/2 dozen cookies. 



 *For  years, I have been grinding wheat berries to grind my own flour.  ALSO, for a gluten-free variety, use coconut flour (found in natural food stores or on-line).   Gluten-free or not, the coconut flour adds an extra coco-nutty taste!  


The book "Nourishing Traditions" also has an excellent low-sugar Coconut Macaroon recipe.


"Nourishing Traditions"  



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