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Sprint 8 Workout
A Functional Thyroid?
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 "Sprint 8" - The 20 minute Workout!

Ready, Set, Go Fitness BookDr. Specht has a new book in the office that he recommends.  The title is "Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness For Time - Crunched Adults" by Phil Campbell. The book features the "Sprint 8 Program" - Chapter 8, of course!

The Sprint 8 Program focuses on anaerobic exercise - exercising in short, timed intervals while resting in timed intervals.  It is a 20 minute work-out that is very effective to supplement with your aerobic exercise.  Note: this is to do at your own pace and only  if you are able to exercise in this manner.  Do not overdo it, and it is very important to follow the instructions in the book.  Page 158 is very important to follow - plus - drink water throughout and stay away from sugars for at least 2 hours after this workout.  This includes "workout drinks" that have any type of sweeteners in them.

The results of doing this type of a workout is that it burns body fat and tones muscles.  However, the ADDITIONAL benefit of this anaerobic workout is that it provides an exercise-induced release of human growth hormone.  Doing this keeps you young!  OK - now do we have motivation?!

These books are available at the office.

A Functional Thyroid?

Thyroid Book
Another book Dr. Specht has   read lately is called "Why Do I STILL Have Thyroid Symptoms? (When My Lab Tests Are Normal) by Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS.

This book IS written for a general audience, such as yourself.  It discusses the underlying issues with thyroid malfunctioning - primarily the different interpretation of lab tests by a western medical doctor and an alternative doctor or health practitioner.

An alternative doctor would take into account diet, stress levels, lifestyle and many other factors, as well as realize that lab tests can be deceiving.  The bottom line is, if a person still has symptoms that can be attributed to a low thyroid, the lab tests aren't really helping.....  This book does explain 22 underlying reasons why a person could have thyroid issues.  Dr. Specht has been working with these underlying reasons, using Clinical Kinesiology and many other techniques, for over 23 years.  If you have any personal concerns, please ask at your next appointment.

These books are available at the office.


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Next Issue: Earthing
We have a new book in the office simply titled "Earthing", written by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra M.D. and Martin Zucker
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