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October 2011
Recipe: 'Twas a Dark & Stormy Night
It's time to cuddle up next to a roaring fire and tell scary stories in the dark! This caffeinated sugar bomb is sure to amplify already jittery nerves, but you really need to go hard or go home in these types of situations, don't you?

  1. Combine the sauce and syrup together, mix well.  
  2. Add the espresso and incorporate, then top with steamed milk.  
  3. Wrap your jittery fingers around the steaming mug and ignore the thunder, lightening and phantasms at the door.  

SCG Holiday Hours

We can't believe that the whirlwind daze of the holidays are upon us! We've sent notices to all of our family and friends not to expect us until January and we're hunkering down to help you help those you love make better cups of coffee at home!

Beginning Sunday, October 16th, we'll be available during the following extended hours through the holiday season:

Retail Store: Open every day, 10AM - 6PM PST
Phone Service/Sales: Monday - Friday, 7AM - 6PM PST; Saturday & Sunday, 9AM - 6PM PST

As always, we look forward to working with you!
Ask the Experts
Q. I'm the life of the party, so I want to make sure that I can whip up espresso drinks for my pals in a timely manner. How long will it take me to make 4 lattes on one of your espresso machines?

A. We get versions of this question all the time, albeit rarely does someone admit that they're the life of the party (although we assume that anyone concerned about this is, right?). How long it takes you to whip up 4 drinks for your party guests depends on the type of machine you have (single boiler, heat exchange, superautomatic, etc.), its size and what kind of drinks you're making.

Clearly, steaming can take a lot of time on a smaller machine, but if you're offering macchiato-only service, you'll be able to froth enough milk in one go for all four of your primarily-espresso drinks. However, a full-on latte will take a bit more time.

We asked Jess to make 4 lattes on 5 different machines to determine how long it takes to do so. Check out her results here!
Seattle Coffee Gear TV
We admit that we went a little crazy with the Crew Reviews this month, but can you blame us? So many awesome new gadgets to play with! We also squeezed in a couple of testing videos and made up some recipes -- you know, just to balance things out.
Featured Products
Walkure Karlsbad
Walkure Karlsbad
$80 - $120 
We dig this high quality porcelain coffee maker because of its classic lines and unique approach to slow coffee brewing. Much like a pour over, this lovely piece produces an incredibly smooth cup of coffee using an internal porcelain filter screen. Plus, it goes from prep tool to beautiful serving pot without additional dishes to clean! 
When we call this 'the hottest auto milk frother on the market', we're not being glib! This actually does produce the hottest milk of any standalone frother that we've tested. But it's variable temp settings will let you control the final results and it also offers the largest possible volume of any other frother. 
If you like your robots to be both highly functional and gorgeous, the J9 will definitely fit the bill. Jura's standard one-touch functionality is complemented by the sleek casing of the J-series and a beautiful high color interactive display, making it hard not to show off this espresso machine's form and function. 
The Grind Special
As autumn arrives and the season chills out, it's easy to forget that the cool temperatures can dehydrate us just as much as the hot ones can! Since we care about you deeply, we want to make sure your skin stays elastic, your hair stays glossy and you're not so darn cranky all the time! To support your high level of hydration, we're offering 50% off all Bobble products -- all colors, sizes & extra filters! To redeem, enter the coupon code BOBBLICIOUS during checkout.
Offer applies to purchases made between 10/06/2011 and 10/31/2011 and valid only while supplies last. Not valid with any other coupons or discounts. Must be applied at time of order and cannot be redeemed retroactively. Free shipping in the continental US on orders of $49 or more, otherwise shipping fees apply.