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August 2011
Recipe: Iced Fruity Pebbles Latte
You remember that sweet, pink milk left over in your cereal bowl after you finished those delectable sugary bits, don't you? If not, this sugar-free latte will jog your memory.

  1. Combine syrups and espresso together, pour over ice
  2. Fill with milk, stir & enjoy  

SCG Goes Pro!

We have had several ranges of commercial equipment available for awhile now, but this year we have decided to step up our game in this regard. Many of you have contacted us about setting up your first coffee-related business and since we love both start-ups and helping folks learn how to make great coffee, we decided to take our skills and practical focus and apply them to the commercial market.

We recently added the full suite of La Marzocco machines to our line up and are in the process of adding Nuova Simonelli, both of which complement the Rancilio machines we've had available for some time. These three brands offer very different features and benefits, so we believe that there is a model amongst them that will fit the needs of almost any burgeoning coffee joint.

If you have been thinking about starting your own cafe, adding coffee as a complementary service to an existing business or you know someone who is, please contact us! We are confident we can help as you consider the type of business you envision and assist you with finding the right gear that will meet your goals and budget.


Ask the Experts
Q. I know pressurized portafilters are easy to use, but do I need to do anything special to get a good shot?

A. The primary benefit of a pressurized portafilter or filter basket is that it's not going to be super picky about either the freshness of  your coffee or the grind. But, you're still making coffee, so keeping a few general rules of thumb in mind will help you make a great shot.

The pressurization will prohibit you from being able to dial in your shot based on the timing, so  you're going to rely more on taste to determine the right grind, tamp or coffee bean that will achieve the results you're looking for. Sour notes are indicative of too coarse a grind, low temperature and/or stale coffee. Bitter notes are often present with too fine a grind, too high temperature or too firm a tamp. Many pressurized systems don't need a tamp at all, so start by tweaking the grind one way or the other without tamping. When you've achieved something close to the flavor you're looking for, you may test out a light tamp to see how that changes the flavor.

You can get more tips from this video with Gail.
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Featured Products
Cups, Cups, Cups
Cups, Cups, Cups!
$9.99 - $19.95  
It's time to retire that chipped mug you picked up at the Grand Canyon in 1993. Upgrade to a sassy Fisticup, a 13 oz Cafe au Lait, a simple & classy 8 oz Coupe or one of the three traditional styles from the Coffee House Collection.  
Concept-Art Accessories
Concept-Art Accessories
$4.95 - $118.99  
Your tools of the trade can be beautiful and functional. This suite of accessories includes shot glasses, cleaning brushes, tamping stands & mats, knock boxes and several styles of tampers, including a calibrated model you can set to your preferred pressure.
La Marzocco
La Marzocco
$6,500 - $23,400  
With a rich and well-regarded history in cafes around the world, these commercial-grade machines range in function. From the simple & classic Linea to the fancy pressure profiling of the Strada, you're sure to find a model that meet's your cafe's needs.  
The Grind Special
We hope you're enjoying summer with heady abandon! But don't forget to keep your coffee gear fully stocked. Pick up more beans, cleaning supplies or a new gadget and get $10 off orders of $100 or more! To redeem, enter the coupon code SUNNY10 during checkout.

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