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July 2011
Recipe: Star Spangled Spritzer
It doesn't have to be a national holiday to enjoy this lovely cooler -- in fact, we're pretty sure we're going to be drinking this all summer long.

  1. Fill a 16 oz glass with ice
  2. Combine syrups and pour over ice
  3. Fill with sparkling water, stir to fully incorporate  

SCG's New Website

We (finally!) launched our updated website design in June! Our goal with the redesign was to improve navigation and ease of use, plus take a fresh look at the aesthetic design.

Some functional additions to the site include drop down menus, improved search, Quick View capabilities and automatically annotated 'New' products. We're in the process of adding filtering functionality, as well, which we hope will help you narrow down products and more easily find what you're looking for. We also have some tweaks and changes in process to improve navigation further and provide more information on manufacturers.

Our next step in improving our back office operations is a complete revamp of our resources website,, and incorporating it into the website. We'll be reorganizing information, provide dynamic product compare functionality and further expand upon our already robust repository of information.

All the changes we've been making to our systems are with the sole purpose of serving you better -- providing multiple avenues to access information, learn about products, find tips on using the equipment you already own and increasing our crew's ability to effectively support you. We hope that, when you visit the site, you'll find new and interesting ways to learn about coffee and have fun with it!

Thanks again for supporting us so that we are able to do the work we love: Helping folks make a better cup of coffee at home.
Ask the Experts
Q. I've had my machine for awhile and suddenly I'm not able to get a steady extraction. Is something wrong with my pump or my portafilter?

A. Pumps don't generally degrade, they'll just stop working completely. Before assuming technical failure, you might want to try these steps to determine what could be causing the decrease in function:

1. With the machine up to temperature and without the portafilter in place, run water through the brew head. Are you able to see a steady stream? If not, remove the brew screen, soak it in Cafiza over night and then try again. If you're still having issues, you may have to get a tech involved and have your machine assessed for repair.

2. If the stream is coming out fine without the portafilter in place, engage it and then try again. If water ceases to come out or is coming out only in droplets, soak your filter baskets in Cafiza overnight, rinse and then check for any remaining clogs. Try again and if you're still seeing issues, it could be a problem with the portafilter (specifically if you're using a pressurized model).

3. If both of the previous steps resulted in a steady stream, now add coffee into the mix. If at this point you're experiencing a slow extraction, then your grind is too fine and/or your tamp is too firm. Try changing these elements until you get a steady extraction.
Seattle Coffee Gear TV
After helping us with several testing, experimenting and review videos, Gail took a little time off this month, so we had to turn to our compatriots to pick up the slack!
Featured Products
Does boiling water require an advanced degree? We'll let you ponder that pressing question as we program this super sophisticated water kettle from Capresso. Featuring several temperature options, a rapid boil setting to dissipate chlorine and the choice of several holding temps, this Pro definitely has a PhD in H20 (sorry). 
Known simply as 'Zoji' to its friends, this popular electric water boiler and dispenser is a great choice for bringing up your water to temp and holding it there for a variety of coffee preps -- press pot, pour over, Aeropress and more. Use it for tea, adding water for Americanos or, the most popular use, making ramen! 
Krups Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines
Krups Gear
$179 - $299  
We recently tested several coffee makers and espresso machines from Krups and have added two to the line-up: The KM7000-Pro Grinder-Brewer coffee maker and the XP5280-Precise Tamp espresso machine. We dug their features, functionality and performance and think they're great budget-conscious options. 
The Grind Special
Cool down with some smooth, cold coffee. One of our favorite cold brew methods is the Sowden Soft Brew, which can be used for coffee, tea, hot or cold brews. It's unique microfilter also enables you to use less coffee overall because you can use finer grinds, resulting in more available surface area and a richer brew without breaking the bank. Pick up one of these versatile brewers today and take 10% off! Simply enter coupon code COOLITNOW11 during checkout.
Offer applies to purchases made between 07/07/2011 and 07/31/2011 and valid only while supplies last. Not valid with any other coupons or discounts. Must be applied at time of order and cannot be redeemed retroactively. Free shipping in the continental US on orders of $49 or more, otherwise shipping fees apply.