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March 2011
Recipe: A Hint of Spring Latte
Gail is ready for spring so she asked us to whip something up that would make us all feel like warmer weather was just a little closer on the horizon.

  1. Mix sauce, syrup & espresso together.
  2. Top with steamed milk.   

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We have been hanging out on this popular networking site for quite awhile and our fan base -- many of you included -- has been steadily growing.

Right now we often post links to our blog articles or other things we run across, as well as answer questions for folks researching machines or looking for tips on using their equipment.

It's a great place for you to share your own pictures, videos, recipes, tips and tricks with a larger community of coffee lovers -- so if you're all alone in your java adoration, this is a great place to connect to others in a fun, casual and non-judgmental way.

We'll also be expanding this to include regular contests, so if you are a Facebook user and you're not already one of our fans, join us to receive updates regarding the bi-weekly contests we'll be holding.

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Ask the Experts
Q. Does clumping affect espresso extraction?

A. For a long time, we figured that it all kind of worked out in the wash -- did clumps matter if you were leveling them down under tamp pressure? So we decided to perform a test to see if de-clumping grounds prior to tamping resulted in a practically noticeable flavor difference.

First, Gail pulled a shot without de-clumping so that we had a baseline to compare. Then, she ground up coffee into a cup, stirred it around and then poured it into the portafilter before tamping it down.

What we noticed right off the bat was that the stirred up coffee tamped lower, with the same volume of grounds used before. Second, the texture of the grounds was different to the touch. Finally, the shot extracted too quickly so we had to dial down our grind a bit and make it a little finer.

After doing so, we found that there was a tasty benefit to de-clumping prior to extraction, so if you've got a grinder that produces small chunks during grind, you might want to test this out yourself and see if you notice a difference.
Seattle Coffee Gear TV
February was chock full of crew reviews, comparative coffee cuppings, a little bit o' testing and even a tour of our refurbishing facility.
Featured Products
The newest selection in our Velton's roast-to-order Single Origin coffees is this citrusy-sweet bean from Peru which also features buttery and tropical undertones. Yummy! This replaces the Ethiopia Sidamo Moredocofe. 
Frieling Coffee Press
Frieling Press
$49.95 - $79.95  
We love these stylish and elegant, insulated all stainless steel presses by Frieling, which range in size from 1-2 cups to 6-7 cups. You can also pick up a little timer, too, to assist with your precision, baby.  
It might be a little big to feature in your home kitchen, but this lower end commercial-class machine is an excellent choice for smaller cafes or businesses looking to complement their primary service with a little java.  
The Grind Special
We won't go into why we are obsessed with cleanliness (thanks, Mom), but we do believe that keeping your coffee gear clean is an essential element of making excellent java. If you agree, check out the 1, 2, Brew Kit for drip coffee makers, which features the cleaning supplies recommended for drip brewers, plus a bag of Velton's Coffee of your choice and a scoop/clip. You can pick up a kit for 10% off during March, so there's no excuse for not keeping that Technivorm up to snuff! To redeem, enter the code CLEANME during checkout.
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