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January 2011
Recipe: Sweet-Hot Tea
Baby it's cold outside! Warm up with a piping hot mug of sweet black tea.

  1. Brew tea to your taste/strength preferences.
  2. Combine syrups in mug and top with hot tea.
  3. Stir well and enjoy.

Happy New Year!

We hope you rang in 2011 with joyous celebration and tons of fun. In about a month, the Chinese Year of the Rabbit kicks in and we all know what rabbits represent: Luck, of course!

But it wasn't luck that helped us grow so phenomenally over the past year -- it was a lot of hard work from our crew and your choice to do business with us as a result. We have some big plans for new services, gear and resources in 2011 and we're very excited to have the opportunity to share them with you.

We really appreciate your business and wish you the best of bunny-infused luck in 2011.

Ask the Experts
Q. My superauto is just steaming my milk with no foam or froth. How can I fix this?

A. If your machine has a panarello sleeve on the wand, there could be one of two issues that cause this.

First, check that the tiny air intake hole on the sleeve is not clogged; this is the most common cause of steam-only wands. Clean it out and you should be good to go.

Second, check that the plastic insert in the sleeve is protruding about 3mm from the bottom of the sleeve; if not, use a pen to push it down and lock it into place. You'll sometimes hear a click when it engages, but if your machine is well-loved, it may not make that sound any longer.

If either of these fixes don't resolve the problem, you may need to give us a call and get the machine in for repair.
Seattle Coffee Gear TV
We were so busy playing Santa this December, we only had time for one video -- but it was a very important one: The store tour!

Featured Products
La Cafetiere
La Cafetiere
$7.99 - $49.99
We just expanded our coffee press pot options to include these classic versions by La Cafetiere, available in either traditional glass with a stainless steel frame or insulated thermal carafes. Also check out their tea swizzle for those not into java!
Klean Kanteen
Klean Kanteen
$18.20 - $23.55
This time of year it's important to keep your hot goods hot! Check out the insulated version for coffee or other warm food transport (chili on the slopes, anyone?) or move away from plastics for your daily water intake with the metal water bottle.
Triple the frothing fun! Nespresso's new versions of their stand alone milk steamer and frother, the Aeroccino, now come in an upgraded (we think) design. Function is the same, it just looks a little prettier on your counter top, that's all.
The Grind Special
The ideal mineral balance for excellent java is 150ppm, but most people aren't as concerned about their water as they are about beans, roast, grind, tamp and temperature. See how much of a difference it can make in the flavor of your coffee by trying Cirqua's AB Formula -- and we'll take 25% off packs of 5! To redeem, just enter CIRQUA25 during checkout.
Offer applies to purchases made between 01/06/2011 and 01/31/2011. Not valid with any other coupons or discounts. Must be applied at time of order and cannot be redeemed retroactively. Free shipping in the continental US on orders of $49 or more, otherwise shipping fees apply.