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August 2010
Recipe: LemonPomStraw
There's a reason that Hades used the pomegranate to lure Persephone into staying in his underworld lair: It's irresistible! And all irresistible things should be paired with other, equally irresistible things -- namely, lemons and strawberries.

  1. Fill serving glass with ice.
  2. Pour syrups over ice and then fill with lemonade.
  3. Serve with spoon/straw to mix together.

SCG Repairs DeLonghi & Solis Machines

Our repair center has expanded once again, and we can now take on DeLonghi and Solis machines!

DeLonghis are totally new to us and we're really excited that we can now work on them for you. We do warranty work on superautomatic models (just contact DeLonghi and they'll send you to us if we're the closest repair center), but if you have a semi-automatic or superautomatic you'd like repaired outside of warranty, we'd be happy to take a look.

Solis is just a good friend coming home; we weren't able to get parts for quite awhile, but the manufacturer has improved supply and we can again fix these machines. If you have a semi-automatic or superautomatic that requires repair, give us a call!
Ask the Experts
Q. Why can't I use pre-ground coffee in my Rancilio Silvia?

A. While we're regularly, suspiciously questioned about the need for a grinder, we swear this isn't just an upsell opportunity! If you have a machine that does not have a pressurized portafilter or filter basket, your ability to get good, consistent shots from your machine using pre-ground coffee is limited. As the coffee ages, it dries out and the shots don't pull as richly as they did when the coffee was first ground.

The Rancilio Silvia gets the rap of being 'temperamental', but we often find that folks who feel this way are trying to pull consistent shots using pre-ground coffee. When it doesn't work out, they blame the equipment, not the coffee, when it's really the other way around.

To demonstrate once and for all the adverse impact aging pre-ground coffee has on shot quality, we ground some up and then tested it out over a week -- filming along the way, of course! Watch Gail tasting shots to judge quality.
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The Grind Special
Your favorite coffee is 98% water, but that's one ingredient in great java that is often overlooked. Once we tried out Cirqua's AB Formula, we were hooked! The taste difference was noticeably distinct -- and for the better. We're so sure you'll dig it, too, that we're offering a free sample during the month of August! Purchase a single dose of the AB Formula between 8/5/10 and 8/31/10 and it's on us. To redeem, add a single dose to your cart and enter the code AB0810 during checkout.
Offer applies to purchases made between 08/05/2010 and 08/31/2010. Not valid with any other coupons or discounts.
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