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Lifeworks - Employee Benefits with no direct cost to Employer!

Lifeworks is a voluntary, supplemental life insurance program that employers make available to their employees.  Lifeworks is designed to enhance an employer's benefit package without incurring additional direct cost. It is not designed to replace any benefits you already provide. Instead, it gives your employees the opportunity to purchase valuable life insurance protection for themselves and their family members. Plus they conveniently pay the premium through payroll deduction.
Employer Benefits to Sponsoring Lifeworks
ˇ Enhances employee benefit package without additional direct cost to the business.
ˇ Demonstrates your concern for the financial welfare of the employees.
ˇ Helps attract and retain quality employees through added benefits.
ˇ Reduces the pressure you may feel to provide additional employer-paid benefits.
Simple Enrollment
ˇ No minimum participation requirement.
ˇ Employees working 25 hours or more per week are eligible.
ˇ Program is completely voluntary.
ˇ Individual meetings usually last about 10 minutes.

Convenient Payroll Deduction and Administration
ˇ Payroll deducts the appropriate premium from each participant's paycheck.

Affordable Premiums
ˇ Employees can choose from a range of premium amounts to fit their budget.
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This brochure is not an insurance policy. It is only intended to provide a general description of Erie Family Life's LifeworksSM insurance products. The policies contain specific details concerning coverages, conditions and other provisions. Your ERIE Agent can offer professional advice and answer any questions you have before you buy. In addition, you may cancel your policy for any reason within 20 days after you first receive it and obtain a full refund of premium paid. Erie Family Life Agents may not be qualified to give legal or tax advice.  It is recommended that individuals consult a qualified advisor regarding such matters. 
For all your insurance needs
Your ERIE Agent offers a full line of life insurance products for your personal and business needs, including universal life, whole life, level term, annuities, qualified retirement plans, group life and worksite marketing plans. In addition, your ERIE Agent can provide you with superior protection for your auto, home, business and boat. For more information, ask your ERIE Agent.
Equal professional service
ERIE embraces the principle of "equal professional service," which means that every applicant, Policyholder and claimant receives the high caliber service that is our hallmark. ERIE does not tolerate unlawful discrimination, and we expect our Agents to adhere strictly to that nondiscriminatory philosophy. ERIEŽ assesses each risk on its own merits and relies on objective underwriting criteria designed to evaluate the nature and extent of each risk.

**Life Insurance not available in New York State