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Think it's a word? According to the Urban Dictionary, "impactful" is a "...non-existent

word coined by corporate advertising, marketing, and business drones to make their work sound far more useful, exciting, and beneficial to humanity than it really is."



"Impactful" is not a real word.  


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                                        September 2011

Facebook's Dirty Little Secret


You have a Facebook fan page with a couple hundred "fans," but how can you jack up that number?  Here's the secret: you must buy Facebook ads.


Mark Zuckerberg had it figured out from the get-go.  He doesn't want your fan page to succeed -- unless you buy Facebook ads.

Photo: Librarianlyss

Listen, it's not a bad thing.  Facebook ads let you target your customer demographic and craft your message. You choose pay-per-click or number of impressions, and you can start and stop on a dime.
The ads are inexpensive, and from everything I hear, quite effective in increasing the number of "likes." Whether that transfers into customers is up to you.


The Facebook help page provides clear direction, but you still need to identify your target markets, write copy, and assess the results via Facebook Insights. Still need help? Contact us.
Win $25,000 Plus 15 Minutes of Fame with Your Autobiography

Photo: afled + Tobias

Whoever thought that a 150-word autobiography could net you $25,000 plus exposure in a magazine that reaches 17 million?
That's the deal being offered by
Reader's Digest as a way to build fans on their Facebook page!  In 150 words or less, write about a life lesson.  It can be funny or serious. You can submit photos and video. And, once you post your entry, you can encourage your Facebook "friends" to vote for it. Cool, huh?


If you read my lead article, you know this flies directly in the face of that hypothesis. Not ALL organizations need to purchase Facebook ads to build their fan base, but how many of us can afford a five-figure prize to do so?  Ads are the next best thing. Do you agree or do you have other ideas?  Let us know.
Marketing (and other) Lessons Learned from Jean Nidetsch


Over the years, I've gained and lost at least 100 pounds, in 10-pound increments. Weight Watchers was my first diet of choice; it was also my first PR account. 


Photo: Alex Kafer


While I never met founder Jean Nidetsch, she seemed larger than life in all her thinness. I was blown away by her entrepreneurial success.


Find out how the same marketing and PR principles that helped make Weight Watchers a household name can work for you.  I wrote about it on my Today's Chicago Woman blog.

Favorite Apps of Small Businesses


Crain's Chicago Business recently asked some high-profile business owners which smartphone/iPad apps they prefer.  In no particular order, they are:


Square, UberSocial, Skype, GoogDocs, Sketchbook Pro, Simplenote, Evernote, Toodledo, TripCubby, Analytics, Google Earth.


What did the high-profilers miss? What's your favorite work-related app and why?  Email me and I'll share your favorites in the next issue.

Think twice before hitting the "send" button


It's not a pleasant thought but a single, insensitive post on a social media channel could be your downfall.  



Fashion designer Kenneth Cole had to apologize for sending an insensitive tweet about the Egyptian revolution that killed hundreds of people. GoDaddy's CEO Bob Parsons took incredible heat after he uploaded a video on YouTube of himself leaning against an elephant he had just killed while on a safari. Comedian Gilbert Gottfried got canned as the voice of Aflac when he made a joke about Japanese tsunami victims.


An insensitive tweet or post can have serious consequences, so think twice when composing text.  Consider running posts by a colleague or virtual assistant.


The fact is that a post is permanent. If it's out in cyberspace, it's out there forever.

Quote du jour


"Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people KNOW you're doing the right thing."

 -John Rockefeller