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LinkedIn 15 Minutes a Day?


Of course you're on LinkedIn, but are you using it consistently and in a way that enhances your networking efforts?


During Wayne Breitbarth's "Power Formula for LinkedIn Success" last week, he offered six tips to get the most out of LinkedIn. To read them, click here.



 E-mails May Require a Translator

In the age of the Internet, it is so easy to misinterpret e-mail messages. Often written in haste, they can blur the sender's intent, leaving the recipient scratching his/her head.


So, take e-mails with a grain of salt. Ask a business associate for a second opinion. If the situation warrants it, pick up the phone to clarify the message. Or, with a nod to one of my favorite mantras, sometimes it's best to do nothing at all.


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March 2011

Welcome to the premiere issue of PR NOW. Our aim is to help you run your enterprise more successfully by providing marketing and PR tips, tactics and strategies. We hope you find this information useful.  
Don't Over-strategize at Expense of Tactics 


Are you over-strategizing at the expense of implementation? It can be your downfall.


Just ask Axl Rose. The Guns N' Roses front man worked for 15 years to produce the band's sixth album. It did just ok financially, but was all that strategizing worth it?


Today, tactics are the new strategy argues John Gerzema writing for INC. magazine. The recession, he says, forced many businesses to ditch the old rule of "strategy first" and head right to a tactical execution.


One success story is the auto maker Hyundai. For years, it struggled to compete in the U.S.  When it launched its buyers reassurance program, promising you could return your car if you lost your job, sales soared. Its U.S. market share increased to 4.3 percent in ten months. While the industry suffered a 22 percent sales drop during the same time frame, Hyundai grew by 27 percent and was named by Ad Age as "Marketer of the Year."


Want to know more? Click here for the full article.

Writing for Huff Post May Help Your Biz

Sive portrait

Rebecca Sive

If you're an above-average writer and thinker, and an expert in your field, consider authoring articles for the Huffington Post, the uber-successful, online newspaper with a huge following.
Since it was launched, Chicago consultant Rebecca Sive has been a regular contributor, with essays on a topic she's passionate about: women's equality and women's rights.
Not all of her clients and prospects read the Huff Post, so Rebecca takes her best articles and e-mails them, inexpensively via Constant Contact, to her 1,200-person mailing list. It has helped her get tons of national exposure and ultimately win new business. It's a great marketing model.
If YOU are an expert and want to write for the Huff Post, we can help with content and navigating the Huff Post publication process. Contact Chris at or call (312) 337-7746.
A Lesson in Crisis Management 


What if you hosted a webinar and too many people came?


That happened recently to two sharp social media guys in Ohio who sell a series of video training modules to help business owners master social media marketing.


Using the multi-thousand-member Social Media LinkedIn group, they sent out an e-vite to their webinar titled "Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies." Some 5,000 people signed up. Problem was that the webinar platform they use only allows for 1,000 attendees.


People who signed up, and couldn't access the webinar, were furious. They voiced their displeasure publicly on LinkedIn, leaving the presenters to do their mea culpas.


To their credit, the duo rushed to offer two additional webinars on the same topic at different times. They apologized profusely and tried to make amends. They encouraged Twitter users to follow all the positive comments they received (at, follow #smli).


Was this enough? If you were in their shoes, what would you do to regain your reputation?  Send your comments to, and we'll publish your suggestions in the April issue.

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