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Summer 2012 
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LaunchPort for iPad2!
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Career Opportunities
Safety Staff Spotlight
AV Staff Spotlight
Security & Life-Safety Update
Technology at Home
Emerging Trends
Commercial Corner
Project Spotlight - Audiophile Euphoria!
iPad alert! 
LaunchPort is a revolutionary new way to mount and charge your iPad, virtually anywhere!  The world's first inductive charging and mounting system for iPad2. 



LaunchPort Commercial
LaunchPort Commercial
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Kaleidescape Scene Surfing

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Career Opportunities
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Staff Spotlight
Safety Technologies 


Allan Hoffman
Allan Hoffman


Our newest team member, Allan brings 24 years of security installation and service experience to Safety Technologies.  He is an expert in home intrusion, life-safety and monitoring systems and looks forward to acquiring skills within the AV realm.  Allan has proven himself a team player and valuable addition to our staff...and he CLAIMS to be a good cook!

Staff Spotlight
Audio Video Interiors 


Jeremy Farris
Jeremy Farris
Jeremy is approching his 5th year on our staff.  He is a CEDIA certified Installation Technician and has been named Technician of the Month 9 times and Technician of the Year twice!  Jeremy is extremely dedicated and hard working, always eager to learn the latest technologies and apply his skills.


New to our Product Lineup


Pioneer Elite

Elite LCD

Lutron Cellular Shades

Welcome Summer! 


Whether you're enjoying a "staycation" or planning to travel, we wish you a safe and happy season.  If you have any safety needs or entertainment "wants" in or around your home, let us know if we can help.  Now is a great time to add a sensor on the pool, update your door locks or enhance your monitoring features to keep an eye on your home while you're away.  If you're staying home, maybe it's time for some outdoor speakers or lighting control?  As always, give us a call to schedule a free consultation to discuss your ideas. 


In this edition we address: Are you caring for an elderly parent?  Learn about Life Beacon and enjoy knowing that your loved one is safe without tethering them to a home phone line.


We're looking forward to the Summer Olympics and celebrating by hosting Demo Days, a series of events sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association.   Watch your inbox for your invitation for this July 20th & 21st event.  From there...we're gettin' ready for some football!


We hope you enjoy this month's edition.  Let us know  what you'd like to see featured - we want to be YOUR Technology Advisor.  And remember, we love social media, but keep your travel plans to yourself (that goes for your teenagers too!)  Stay safe!

Security & Life-Safety UpdateA New Chapter in Life
by Michael Pope, President
 Life Beacon Senior


 LifeBeacon1Recently, I had to deal with the loss of my stepmother. More importantly, my father had to deal with the loss of his mate of 26 years. At 79, my father is slipping both mentally and physically and now requires my help in his day-to-day affairs. When my stepmother was alive, even though she was legally blind and had severe diabetes-related illnesses, the two of them managed to take care of themselves. I also had comfort in knowing that if something happened, one of them would be in a position to call for help. To make matters worse, my father lives in Dayton, Ohio, four hours away. I had some decisions to contemplate:

  • Should I consider Assisted Living as a solution?
  • Should I move my father closer to me?
  • Should I look at PERS Units (Personal Emergency Response)?


Technology at Home - Savant: APPLE  of your eye....or your home?Savant on iphone and ipad by Michael Pope
At Audio Video Interiors, we have learned that being on the "leading edge" is much different than being on the "bleeding edge" when it comes to technology. In our 22 years, we have experienced many product lines that have come and gone. We have seen many manufacturers who have used their dealers and consumers as their test bench while ironing out the bugs in their product lines. The advantage to winning more than thirty national awards is that every major manufacturer wants you to sell their product line. The disadvantage to winning more than thirty national awards is that every major manufacturer wants you to sell their products! So when Savant came knocking at our door, we were cautious. Audio Video Interiors, long recognized for their home control systems, already represents the largest product lines in the industry. Why bring on another? What makes Savant different or better?
Remote Control with Savant


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MountsEmerging Trends - Digital Signage in HealthcareSolutions
adapted from an article by Will Townsend
"8 Ways Digital Signage Improves Healthcare"
Hospitals can be intimidating. Here's how digital signage can eliminate this stress for patients and guests.
Digital Signage in Healthcare
1 - Wayfinding applications
2 - Dynamically delivered content in check-in areas
3 - Patient treatment status notification
4 - Relevant personalized entertainment in patient rooms
5 - Care coordination and scheduling
6 - Improved collaboration, workflow communication
7 - Automated patient check-in
8 - Promotion & updated menus that increase productivity
Call today to learn more about the many applications of digital signage and how it could benefit you, your business and your patients or clients.
Commercial Corner -  Children's Hospital Project receives A/V Award
CI Solutions AwardOur work on the Expressive Arts Therapy Center at Akron Children's Hospital was recognized at InfoComm, held this year in Las Vegas, by EH Publishing with a CI Solutions Award.  The Commercial Integrators awards recognized problem-solving installations and this worthy project did just that for critically ill patients.  Learn more about this project and the work of this amazing group at Akron Children's.
ProjectSpotlightShowroom Spotlight - "Listen and You'll See"
2-Channel Room
2-Channel Audiophile Demo Room

 "Listen and You'll See" boasts Bowers & Wilkins of their Diamond Series Loudspeakers.  Powered by a Classe Delta Series Stereo Preamp/Processor and Amplifier, our 2-Channel room with its custom acoustics, provides an unparelled listening experience. 

LifeBeacon Life Beacon (continued) 

The Assisted Living option has to be the last resort for me; only contemplated when my fear for his safety is greater than his right to live in his home for as long as he can. This was the first promise I made to him!

Moving my father closer to me would certainly make my life easier while looking after his affairs but at the expense of moving him out of his home of 26 years and away from his friends and neighbors. This seemed like too much to ask.

I am in the Security and Electronics Industry, so naturally the Personal Emergency System seemed appealing to me. First, let me explain how most of these systems operate. A traditional Personal Emergency system works very similar to a garage door. A wireless transmitter sends a signal up to 100 feet received at a main receiver unit, typically located in the bedroom, and relays an alarm signal using the phone line to a central monitoring facility. The central monitoring facility dispatches the emergency responders and notifies the client's family. Some units have a voice speaker/microphone that allows the dispatcher to speak to the client if they are in the same room as the receiver unit. The problems with these units, especially the ones seen on TV are:

  • Phone lines are going away in favor of Cellular and VoIP/broadband based services.
  • People are not limited to 100 feet from their bedrooms. The units may not work while they are in back yard or shoveling snow in the drive way.
  • With the exception of the bedroom, not being able to speak to the central monitoring facility can lead to accidental false alarms dispatching emergency medical personnel.

My problem was solved when I recently got the opportunity to field test some new technology for a product called Life Beacon. Life Beacon is like the traditional Personal Emergency systems seen on TV except for three important differences:

  • The Life Beacon uses Cellular service and does not require a phone line. This also means that when the responders call they are talking directly to the Life Beacon transmitter (pendant or wrist watch) and communication is not restricted to just the bedroom. Additionally, they can conference the client's family in on the phone call!
  • The unit has built-in GPS tracking so it even works out doors...or at the grocery store. The unit even lets you know when your loved one leaves the immediate vicinity of their home. You can go on line and locate your wandering parent at their last known GPS location any time you want.
  • The Life Beacon sends text messages and/or emails to loved ones on any alert condition you set up in the software.

I am happy to announce that this unit is working great for my father and we are releasing the service for our valued clients. New features coming include medicine tracking and reminders to help insure medications are taken correctly.

The best news is the price... $199.00 deposit and $49.99/month! ($150.00 refund when unit is returned in good working order) For details contact us at 877-292-6774 or download the Life Beacon Flyer

Please follow our blog: Your Technology Advisor  Have an experience with us you'd like to share?  Please send us your comments or write a review at yp.cpm.  Audio Video Interiors on YP or Safety Technologies on YP.


Audio Video Interiors & Safety Technologies

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