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 March 2011
In This Issue
B&W Zeppelin goes Wireless
Crestron Certified
Roland Mixing Console
MAX 3D Glasses
Career Opportunities
Safety Staff Spotlight
AV Staff Spotlight
Lutron Special Offer
Mounting Solutions
Central Vacs
Impact on Acoustics
Fire & Security Update
Project Spotlight - US!
iLover alert! 
The B&W Zeppelin Goes Wireless
Bowers & Wilkins
The Zeppelin has a track record of being a hi-performance iPod speaker system, but its recent uprades will give you even more reason to love it.  In addition to creating even deeper, richer sounds, the Zeppelin now offers Wireless Apple AirPlay connectivity to iPhones, iPods and iPads!  And at the same price of $599.
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Attending BOMA's "The Every Building Show"? Look for Chris & Paul at the Safety Technology booth to learn about the latest in Honeywell Fire & Video.
Looking Ahead
Check in with our facebook page to learn the outcome of the CEA Mark of Excellence Awards and the Electronic House Home of the Year Awards.  We're finalists in 7 categories!

Watch for us on the cover of Home Theater Magazine in June!
Crestron DMC-D Certifications earned by 3 of our staff
Michael Pope, Gary Matthews and Jason Spence received DMC-D (Digital Media Certification - Designer) certification from Crestron Electronics on Digital Media, Crestron's complete, integrated solution that manages, controls and distributes all analog and uncompressed HD digital content over twisted pair or fiber. 


ProSound Product Feature

Roland M300
Roland M-300 Live Mixing Console

 This 32-Channel Compact Live Digital Mixing Console is perfect for Boardrooms, Schools and smalller Churches.  Got ProSound questions?  Contact Gary!


Product Spotlight 
Monster Vision MAX 3D Glasses

Monster Vision MAX 3D Glasses

Need extra glasses for your 3D LCD?  Check out these active shutter glasses by Monster!  They use their own RF signal transmitter and can be worn over your prescription eyewear.  Buy as a kit with the transmitter, or individually.

download the Press Release.


Career Opportunities
We have positions available in sales and installations!  Pleack check our websites for a list of current openings.
Security/Fire/Life-Safety Sales/Installations
Staff Spotlight
Safety Technologies 
Dan Sexton
Dan Sexton, Vice President, Operations

Dan joined the company in 1999 and has been instrumental in developing the company into what it is today.  He oversees the Installation and Customer Service Departments and manages our projects with the Ohio State Adult Correctional Facilities.


Staff Spotlight
Audio Video Interiors 

Gary Matthews
Gary Matthews, CTS Director, Business Development, Commercial Systems

An industry veteran with more than 30 years experience in Commercial AV, ProSound and IT, Gary is a Certified Technology Specialist through InfoComm International.  He is also certified on Polycom and Crestron Digital Media.  Gary specializes in Video Conferencing, Digital Signage and A/V solutions for Houses of Worship.


Executive Relocations
Executive Relocation

Relocating to the Greater Cleveland or NE Ohio area?

Audio Video Interiors and Safety Technologies can evaluate your new home's exisiting wiring or retrofit for your relocated system.  We'll install your equipment, update your programming and have you up and running for a smooth transition.  We can also assist with your Security/CCTV and Fire/CO2/Burglar Alarm Monitoring as well.  Call us today regarding Executive Relocation Assistance.


ProSound Geeks & Commercial Clients:

Check out our  PRO AV Manufacturer's Catalog & Sign-up to receive Industry News and New Product Announcements!

Welcome Spring!

Did you get to the Great Big Home & Garden Show?  Did you wander through the gardens, wishing for warmer weather?  We're almost there!  Have you thought about hosting some get-togethers on your patio?  It's a perfect time to add some outdoor speakers, Lighting, and maybe even an LCD or Projection System.  If you saw the winning garden at the show, then you experienced "The Matrix" and its incredible glass rear-projection screen.  To help you get your project started, take advantage of our show special, a Lutron Maestro Wireless Package, valued at over $100, just for holding an appointment - held over for our facebook fans.  Also, check out this month's feature article on Mounting Solutions that includes weatherproof designs!


We hope you enjoy this month's edition.  As always - let us know what you'd like to see featured - we want to be YOUR Technology Advisor.


 Great Big Home & Garden Show Special Held over!

The Matrix takes the Blue Ribbon and we're celebrating by offering Green!

"The Matrix" First Place Garden at the IX Center
"The Matrix" Garden features a Glass Projection Screen

Landscape Design Associates has done it again!  For the second consecutive year, their amazing landscape display has earned the coveted Blue Ribbon...and, once again, we are proud to be a part of the design!  Last year's Margaritaville display showcased our waterproof LCD behind a waterfall.  How do you top that?  By being transported into "The Matrix".  This visually stunning garden was a re-creation of the film's famous vortex, utilizing Stewart StarGlas, a rear-projection glass screen, to immerse guests in this fantasy world of green binary number patterns.  An NEC Projector projected the stunning imagery while Sonance Mariner Speakers provided rich sound throughout the patio display.  Imagine this screen installed at your patio bar!  Learn what we could design for you - indoors or out, while taking advantage of this special promotion, valued at over $100!  Give us a call (440-886-6666) to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.  We can discuss how to make your home more energy efficient, more comfortable, more entertaining & more safe. Just for holding the appointment, you'll receive a Lutron Wireless Maestro Package.

Your Lutron Package includes a Pico Remote with Visor Clip, a Maestro RF Switch and RF Dimmer, allowing you to light a path to your front door from the safety of your car or light your backyard with the convenient remote.  See coupon below for more details and visit our website to watch a short video of this amazing garden.

MountsDisplay Mounting Solutions
Solutions is the key word!  There are literally hundreds of mounts available now to install flatscreens and projectors.  They can pop up from the foot of your bed or from a sleek custom credenza, they can fold down out of a ceiling or extend down from a sciccor-lift, they can pull away from a wall and swivel to accommodate your perfect viewing angle...the possibilites are endless.  The first step in selecting the perfect mounting location and unit is to determine room functionality.

How will the room be used? What are the lighting conditions?Where

Chief WallMount

will the viewers be seated and what are the viewing angles?  Are there multiple viewing locations?  Once these are determined, we can guide you on proper screen size, placement and, ultimately, choices in mounting solutions.


Next, structure is considered.  Large flatscreens are heavy, and that weight is multiplied expotentially when it is installed onto a swing arm and pulled a foot away from the wall.  Not only does the wall require added support, but this is also the time to consider relocating your power outlet and video cabling for proper wire management.  Not only can wires be hidden, but displays can be hidden as well.  Flatscreens can be disguised by adding decorative picture frames or cleverly concealed behind a scrolling work of art.  They can be installed on motorized lifts that work from virtually any conceivable angle or lighted from behind for a "floating" effect. 


Here's a sampling of mounting options available:

  • fixed, tilting, swivel or full swing
  • in-wall or flush
  • truss or pole
  • cart, stand or pedestal
  • automated lift, drop, slide, fold-out
  • ceiling tile scissor lifts
  • weatherproof mounts 
  • wall track systems or video matrix walls
  • accessories - power & wire management

Let's discuss YOUR project!  Call us at 440-886-6666

Note to our AIA and ASID Partners:  We can provide CAD Drawings of various mounts and work with your clients to determine the best possible solution for their application.

Technology at Home - Central Vac for a healthier, quieter, environment 

Dust is a big deal. The EPA Science Advisory Board says indoor air pollutants rank among the top five public health risks. Both the EPA and the National Lung Association consider a central vacuum system, such as AirVac, a good way to reduce allergy-causing agents. And, with the unit located outside of the main living or work environment, there is no disruptive noise.


Why would you invest in a central vac?

  • Longer Lasting Carpet
  • Added value
  • Convenient
  • Efficient
  • Health

Central vacuums are also are great investment for your business. Learn more by visiting our website.

Commercial Corner - The Impact on Acoustics

 In considering an audio system, be it an audio conferencing system in a training room or a sound system in an auditorium, the overall performance of those systems are greatly impacted by the acoustical characteristics within the room. Live or reverberant acoustics in a room can make your audio (phone) conference system sound like you are talking in the bottom of an empty pool, or your expensive speaker system playback unclear and "muddy". Low frequency audio (such as from sub-woofers) can be non-existent in one area and over powering in another, all due to the shape and acoustical characteristics of the room. A proper system design must include acoustical considerations, or the design is not complete and the overall system performance will be compromised!

 In a world of "all things digital", (continued below)

Fire & Security Update - Cut the Cord & get a free remote!
Stay Connected to your Business with Total Connect
Stay Connected to your Business with Total Connect

We've touted all the reasons why you should use Total Connect to monitor your home.  But, wouldn't it be great if you could "look in" on your business as well?  With Total Connect by Honeywell, you can.  Upgrade your monitoring to Total Connect now and receive a free Keyfob-arming Remote, a value of $98.50*.  This offer is also extended to new clients.
With Total Connect you can:
  • Receive e-mail alerts of activity in and around specific areas of your business.
  • Remotely arm or disarm your security system.
  • Be notified of employees arrivals and departures.
  • Store up to 100MB of video clips.
  • Connect Remotely with secure communications firewall friendly video streaming.
  • And much, much more.

*Offer is valid through 4.15.11 and requires a minimum 2-year Total Connect Monitoring Agreement. 

Builder's Corner -TechHome Rating System
TechHome rating simplifies Home Technology for builders while benefitting the Home Buyer
As a Builder, have your homes stand out. The TechHome Rating System (THRS) is a powerful new nationally-recognized build-to specification developed by CEA's TechHome Division that helps you more easily design, build and market tech-ready homes by providing nationwide guidelines for residential technology infrastructure. A TechHome Rating will help you further enhance the value of the home you offer to consumers, while removing the complexity, difficulties and frustrations builders have experienced in the past when adding home technology to their offerings.
The TechHome Rating System defines the level and capabilities of the structured wiring installed in a given home. The right structured wiring infrastructure carries telephony, data, audio, video and more throughout a house. Depending on the amount and the nature of the structured wiring installed, a home can achieve one of three levels: Bronze, Gold & Platinum

What's the value for the Home Buyer?  Be assured that the home is ready for you.  A wide variety of electronics products and services can use a TechHome infrastructure and structured wiring system to provide exciting digital lifestyle benefits to the homebuyer.  Bronze, Gold and Platinum levels address various features addressing:
  • Home theater Room/Media Rooms
  • Multi-Room Audio & Video
  • Networking and Communications
  • Complete Home Control
  • Lighting and Shade Control
  • Safety and Security

Ask your builder about a TechHome rating! 

ProjectSpotlightProject Spotlight

Watch for a copy of our next Press Release! We'll highlight our CEA Mark of Excellence and Electronic House Home of the Year Entry Projects.  For this month's project's another sneek peak at our new showroom.  Watch for your invitation to our Grand Opening later this Spring!


Wine Cellar 3.15.11
Future Wine Cellar

 Imagine a curved staircase, elegantly etched glass wall and an iron entry gate of entwined grapevines set against stone pillars...and that's just at the entry.  Environments by Design is a new concept in design, allowing our guests to experience lifestyle-enhancing technologies within a real-life home environment.  Your project can't wait for the opening?  Call us to schedule a consultation and let us introduce you to our hand-picked group of talented design professionals and product partners.

digitalmedia 3 Certified on Digital Media by Crestron

Michael Pope, Gary Matthews and Jason Spence received DMC-D (Digital Media Certification - Designer) certification from Crestron Electronics on Digital Media, Crestron's complete, integrated solution that manages, controls and distributes all analog and uncompressed HD digital content over twisted pair or fiber. Crestron DigitalMedia is the only solution for the digital age, distributing all analog and uncompressed HD digital signals, and managing embedded data such as HDCP, EDID and CEC.


The digital age has arrived. Analog television is off the air; practically every device that plugs into a display has an HDMI port; the latest MacBooks only provide DisplayPort outputs; laptops now include built-in Blu-ray players; and the latest video conferencing systems feature HDMI/DVI outputs exclusively. The products you're using now won't work for much longer. Crestron DigitalMedia™ (DM) is the only solution that answers the challenges of tomorrow - today.  Audio Video Interiors is staying ahead of the curve to ensure that you and your business transition into this digital world seamlessly.


Pope, Matthews and Spence all achieved the Designer designation, joining Joe Calderaro, Project Engineer, who had received the certification in 2010.  Also on staff is Ronnie Giron, Project Engineer, who has earned the DMC-E (Expert)designation, qualifying Audio Video Interiors to bid on projects designed using the HD-DTDS (HD Digital Transport and Distribution System) specification, a comprehensive roadmap that clearly defines the critical aspects of system design and installation that must be followed to assure reliable system performance. Contact Gary or Joe to see if DM is a viable solution for your project.
AcousticsImpact on Acoustics (continued) -  

hardware manufacturers will stress that they have the tools that allow your system to adjust to, and compensate for, imperfections caused by room acoustics, so that a bad acoustical situation can be tolerable (or workable).  The reality is, however, that they are altering the sound to get there, and it will never make up for a poor acoustical environment. In short, it helps, but it does not fix the problem!

The rule is, in any audio system design, room acoustics must be part of the consideration. In some instances, the budget or the need for "form over function" prevails, and there may not be an opportunity for acoustical treatment.  But,  if there is, then this must be part of the overall design. If, due to limitations imposed by the architecture, the Customer, or budget, acoustical treatment is not an option, then both the system designer and the Customer must understand that there will be a negative impact on the overall performance of the system. The system designer can employ the systems that compensate for room anomalies to help combat negative acoustical impacts on the audio, but both  must understand that these tools are not going to cure all that is wrong!

The good news is that designing an acoustically proper room does not have to be expensive or ugly. There are many types of treatments that can be employed that can add very positively to the room visually, while making the room more pleasing to the ear.  Panels can have designs, pictures, messages, or be color coordinated to blend into the overall room's architectural design. Treatments can be "devices", other than panels, that are hidden within the room such as bass traps or diffusers. The overall shape of the room can greatly impact the overall acoustical performance as well! Additionally, treatment does not have to be, or even need to be, expensive. In many cases, treatment can be a simple solution within the room that removes most of the anomalies that will impact negatively on the system and allow you to achieve much greater performance from your system. Proper acoustical treatment can also be less expensive than the additional cost of the hardware that compensates for poor acoustics!

Bottom line, the room has everything to do with the success of the system and must be a consideration with any System Design...

Gary Matthews, CTS

Please follow our blog: Your Technology Advisor  Have an experience with us you'd like to share?  Please send us your comments or write a review at yp.cpm.  Audio Video Interiors on YP or Safety Technologies on YP.


Audio Video Interiors & Safety Technologies


Never enter a dark home again! As a thank-you for joining us

RadioRA by Lutron
Wireless Remote - RadioRA by Lutron

on facebook and holding an appointment, you will recieve a Lutron Maestro Wireless Package, valued at over $100. 

From the safety of your car, illuminate a path to your front door and turn on your entry light via a PICO remote on your car's visor.  


Your Lutron Package includes a Pico Remote with Visor Clip, a Maestro RF Switch and RF Dimmer (offered in a gloss finish, your choice of color).  Additional dimmers and/or switches could be added to the remote's control capabilities, if desired. 

Learn about the energy savings capabilites of Lutron's full line of dimmers that can save you up to $50 per year per unit, while enhancing your home's beauty and safety.  Lighting Control is the perfect compliment to your home's new Landscaping and, by incorporating programmed timing features, adds a layer of security to your home.


Please mention this offer when scheduling your appointment.  Installation is not included and may require an electrician.

 Limited time offer - Call now 440-886-6666