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The last few weeks have been very busy for healthcare providers.

In case you missed them, we thought some of our recent posts might be important to you.

If you use a Non Physician Provider in your office or hospital to service more patients, be sure to read "Incident To and Shared/Split Services - Effectively Billing for Non Physician Providers."

Financial Planner extraordinaire, Charles Auerbach's excellent recap of the ACA's financial impact show just how taxing the new law will be on your wallet.

We also have reexamined time-based billing in "Billing for the Inquisitive Patient."  There is a way to capture dollars for that patient that has a hundred questions!

Are all the new payment options as confusing to you as they were to us?  Visit our blog post on the AMA's resources to understand payment options.  Are these just the same old ideas repackaged?

Finally, see what CMS proposes for 2013. There's some good news here such as paying providers to coordinate care for a patient as he transitions from a hospital or nursing facility to home; and more increases for primary care docs.  (Sorry specialists!)

We hope you find these helpful:

07-07-2012 13:00:00 PM

CMSYesterday CMS released its proposed 2013 rule. As before, CMS is favoring primary care providers with proposed increases.  In addition, for the first time, CMS proposes to pay for ......



07-02-2012 13:00:00 PM

ACAThanks to our friend Charles Auerbach for this excellent update on what SCOTUS's recent holding means from a financial planning point of view. What Does the Supreme Court Ruling on the ......



06-22-2012 13:00:00 PM

OptionsOne thing we can say for sure about the last few years...there's been lots of changes.  KLA joins many of our clients with nervousness as to what the future of healthcare reimbursement ......



06-17-2012 13:00:00 PM

NPPIf you use NPPs (non-physician practitioners) in your practice, learn the rules for appropriate billing; or face possible recoupment or even false claim charges!  Really, this is ......


06-11-2012 13:00:00 PM

TimeAll providers have at least one:  the inquisitive patient.  Within minutes of entering the room, you have performed a sufficient history and physical and made your medical ......

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Sharon Lusk, JD, CPA, CMC
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