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Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used... ~ William Shakespeare
Augusta Winery NewsletterOctober 2011 .  First Issue
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Private Wine Tastings
Wine Tasting Tips
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Wine Club

  Wine Rack 

Have you joined our Wine Club?
The Augusta Winery Wine Club offers the perfect set of benefits for our members. Now available in both quarterly and annual memberships.
Receive wines from our limited production line and new releases of our award winning wines before they are available to public. Impress your friends or family members with a gift membership, or it's Great as a wedding gift for the couple that already has everything!

Wine Club Members Only!
Purchase the wines you received in your September shipment:

Vignoles Icewine Highly concentrated flavors and bouquet of pineapple, tropical fruits, wild strawberries, and peaches. The finish is very long and rich.

Cuvee Prestige
A complicated blend of six estate grapes, reminiscent of a Southern Rhone wine with a bouquet of kirsch liqueur, licorice, blackberry, and lavender. Multi-layered, silky body with focused fruite and exotic spices. The finish is long with hints of cherries, spices, and vanilla bean.

Find out more details and join today!
Upcoming Wine Courses 

November 12: Port Class



Visit our sister winery:
Reserve a Sunset Dinner!

Online Reservations

Private Wine Tasting   

Ever feel like you just don't get enough time at the tasting bar on the weekend?
Wanna learn more and feel like a VIP?

We now do after hours Private Wine Tastings


Call to reserve your group of 10 at $10 per person. Must be scheduled after hours and no less than 10 people, up to 15.
Cheese, sausage and crackers will be provided.


Upgrade to a Premium Food and Wine Pairing at $20 per person, groups of 10.
Includes 6 wines and gourmet appetizer food pairings.


For more info or to make reservations call


or email


Make a Friday night of it!
Arrive in style with Presidential Limo for your private tasting and then head to Montelle, our sister winery, for dinner.
-Just an idea!-

Contact Presidential Limo for pricing & limo reservations at:

Reserve your Sunset Dinner at Montelle




 Augusta Winery

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That's like getting 4 bottles FREE!


Dear Friends,    

Fall is here and that means 'Hellooo beautiful weather!" This is our favorite time of year in Augusta because that beautiful weather brings all of your bright, shining faces out to see us and gosh darnit we like you! We are still in full swing of harvest as we move onto our reds for the next couple weeks. The grapes are looking swell! As you drive along picturesque Hwy 94 you can almost smell the fruit on the vines. You may also smell a couple farms along the way but that's not our doing.  


Speaking of smells, I hope you've been enjoying our wine tasting techniques series. In this issue we'll look into what's that smell and where to hold your nose. Read more below.

Now that the busy season is upon us we just want to remind you to come in during the week for the full sample list as on the weekends we'll be sampling only 6 from the list. We want to share our wines with as many people as we can and limiting the list to 6 helps us rotate the tasting bar a bit quicker. If you didn't see something on the weekend list that you wanted to try or if you're just thirsty for more, come see us Monday through Friday from 10am - 5.30pm, or book a private after hours tasting!
Find details on private tastings to the left.  


Don't Forget! Save the date of Saturday, October 29th for our Hallo-Wine Party! 
Costume contest, washers, Joe Fry the Guitar Guy and Candy Apple wine!
Well.. it's not actually bottled candied apples but it'll taste like it! We'll be pairing some Halloween candy favorites with a few of our wines to satisfy the sweet teeth. 
We'll be dressed up and we're anxious to see all your costume ideas!
But Please remember, family friendly costumes only!  


Come out this weekend to enjoy the weather, wine, and entertainment!  


Hope to see you soon! - The Augusta Winery staff 



Wine Tasting Techniques.. 

The Senses: SMELL - Part 2  

In the last series we discussed how to nose a wine, technique and the three states in which to sniff. Now we're moving on to where to hold your nose in reference to the glass and identifying the different smells one can pick up.


You may feel that where you put your nose in your glass in order to smell is second nature, but try these variations:

  1. Nostrils close to the lower rim of the glass (the side of the glass closest to you when holding it upright). Here, close to the surface of the liquid, you will smell the heavier, headier characteristics.
  2. Nostrils close to the upper rim of the glass, (the side furthest from you when holding upright) is better for the lighter, more delicate and subtle aspects.
  3. Alternate nostrils. This seems quite irrational, but it sometimes helps to encourage and pick up a subtle bouquet if you tilt nose and glass so as to favor one and then the other nostril.

There are numerous sources contributing the various smells in wine:

  1. A major source are the skin of the grape and just underneath it. From here come the characteristic "varietal aromas" that identify the best winemaking grape varieties: Chambourcin's cassis, plum and licorice characters, Seyval Blanc's sweet citrus hints, Vignoles' fresh strawberries and pineapple aromas, and Norton's blackcurrant character.
  2. Soil is said to affect the aromas in the grape skin, giving it the earthiness or mineral characters which you want to keep balanced with the aromas from the skin and fruit.
  3. Fermentation itself gives wine its specific "vinous" odor, and yeasts are also considered to influence aromas during fermentation, although analyzing just how is not easy. The most obvious characteristic given by fermentation or aging in new oak is that of vanilla.
  4. Finally there are the smells that develop with bottle age, the result of complex reactions between components in the wine in the absence of oxygen.

Describing smells is difficult and subjective at the best of times. Our vocabulary is limited, training, practice and consensus even more so. To say a wine smells of its grape variety (and many don't seem to) is a useful shorthand, but inadequate. A smell "suggested" is frequently a smell "found". When looking at the tasting notes that suggest hints of pineapple one can more often than not "find" the pineapple. When smelling/sampling wines, try first focusing on a group of smell categories to see if any fit instead of pinpointing specifics.

  1. Floral: most commonly rose, violet, lavender, jasmine, acacia.
  2. Fruity: blackcurrant, cherry, plum, peach, apricot, citrus, tropical.
  3. Spicy: pepper, clove, mint, truffle, licorice, nutmeg, cinnamon.
  4. Animal: game, gamey, meaty, musk, damp, wet wool. (Probably not desirable.)
  5. Vegetal: damp straw or hay, moss, tea, greenery.
  6. Mineral: chalky, earthy.
  7. Balsamic: anything resinous, pine, briar, and in the sweeter sense, vanilla.
  8. Chemical: fermentation odors, yeast, sulfur, ethyl acetate (nail varnish), mercaptan ("garlicy").
  9. Empyreumatic: fire and heat associated smells, burnt or roasted characteristics, tobacco, toasted, smokey, caramel.

Not even the specialists can agree on the groupings. Regard them as pointers to help you locate smells if you are stuck for words. Some are very useful in a general way: floral, fruity, spicy, and mineral.

Aspects to note when smelling:

  1. Cleanliness: free from unpleasant odors.
  2. Intensity: light, moderate, intense.
  3. Grape Variety: the key to a wine's character and as such wines should smell clearly of their grape.
  4. Non Grape smells: most commonly the oak, old or new wood in which the wine may have been aged.
  5.  Aroma and bouquet: aroma referring to the clear cut, fresh, vigorous fruit and spice characteristics. Young aromatic wines such as Seyval Blanc and Traminette have these qualities in very marked and distinct ways. Bouquet refers to the smells of mature wines, smells which develop as a result of aging such as vanilla in a Norton and tobacco in a Cabernet Franc. 

Sniff, swirl, sniff, sip... and enjoy!


October - Wine of the Month

2008 Chambourcin

Chambourcin is a unique grape that ripens to perfection in Missouri. This full bodied dry red wine has the bouquet of raspberries, licorice, and cigar box. The taste is berries, cassis, and jammy fruit. This wine is aged in oak barrels to increase the complexity and intensity of the fruit. Great with lamb or grilled steaks.
Use it in this pot roast recipe.  

Cellar Life: 7-10 Years
44% OFF a Full Case
That's just $5.62 per bottle!

$67.44 a case! 

*In-Store special only!

wine and beer garden
 Sit back and relax... 


Our Wine and Beer Garden is located just up the hill from the winery.

Now Serving:


 Fresh Baked Pizza

Italian Trio, Classic, Fromage


Fresh Baked Soft Pretzels  





Our Wine and Beer Garden offers all of the Augusta wines you love, and also features a rotation of imported and craft beers. Picnic baskets are welcome! ... but no outside drinks please.


October Beer Selections:

Boulevard Pilsner -

A crisp, light-bodied lager with a malty aroma, even balance and a mild hop bitterness.  

Boulevard Single-Wide IPA - 

A golden colored beer with a prominent flowery, grapefruit hop aroma, a moderate caramel malt flavor and a dominant hop bitterness and flavor.   

Schlafly Pale Ale -   

A smooth, balanced, copper-colored session beer with mildly spiced flavor and aroma from the East Kent Goldings hops. 
New! Schlafly Hefeweizen -

A light, unfiltered wheat beer, made with thirty percent American winter wheat, Hefeweizen is balanced with sweet golden malted barley and Tettnang hops from Oregon that evoke a hint of spice.

New! Schlafly Pumpkin Ale-

A bold, big pumpkin taste, flavored with Pumpkin squash, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. It has a mild character, with little bitterness and a malty backbone, allowing the flavor of the Pumpkin squash and spices to take the lead.
New! Schlafly Porter-

A dark ale with a mild roasted character and a distinct sweetness from caramel malt.  This medium-bodied porter has a velvety body with Pilgrim hops adding a subtle bitterness and East Kent Goldings hops adding aroma and flavor. 

Heineken Premium Light -

Heineken Premium Light is a pilsner with a mildly bitter taste, fresh, fruity aroma and bright color.


Upcoming Entertainment

Saturday, October 1st 1pm - 5pm

Dave Bennett

Dave Bennett  

Bennett is a singer/songwriter who has been performing since the 60's. His quality melodic songs have produced many radio favorites and a lot more obscure classics. Bennett founded the band Uncle J.E.D., which can still be heard in venues around St. Louis.                                                                                                                                                                  

Saturday, October 8th 1pm - 5pm

Dave Bennett

Dave Bennett 

Think you're seeing double?! Nope. That's right, Dave will be back this weekend since he's a favorite of yours and ours! If you enjoy the musical styles of: Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, C.C.R, Poco, Jimmy Buffet, Pure Prarie League, Counting Crows, The Band, Gordon Lightfoot, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Alison Krause, Dan Fogelberg, and many more..you will enjoy Dave's music.

Sunday, October 2nd 1pm - 5pm



This St. Louis native embodies her name, blending harmony and melody for a sound full of soul and funk.  Her impressive vocal skills showcase the voice itself as an instrument.  





* All entertainment at Augusta Winery/Wine and Beer Garden is weather permitting.  

Sunday, October 9th 1pm - 5pm 

Arvell & Dawn

arvell and dawn duo 


Arvell is a singer, percussionist, recording artist and entertainer.  He has been involved in the music industry for over 30 years and has opened for many acts including B. B. King Gladys Knight, and Frankie Avalon.   Dawn started singing professionally twenty years ago and has been going strong ever since.  With an experienced background in musical theater, her specialty and sure-fire crowd pleasers are show tunes and jazz standards, although she can easily transition from one musical genre to the next. 

With a  wide vocal range and song variety, Arvell and Dawn are two of the most versatile and sought after artists in the St. Louis area.  


"From wine what sudden friendship springs!" 

~ John Gay, Fables pt.II

Contact Info  888-MOR-WINE
5601 High Street
Augusta, MO 63332

Augusta Winery Manager
Jessica Cahill