Wine is bottled poetry... ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
Augusta Winery NewsletterSeptember 2011 .  Second Issue
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Have you joined our Wine Club?
The Augusta Winery Wine Club offers the perfect set of benefits for our members. Now available in both quarterly and annual memberships.
Receive wines from our limited production line and new releases of our award winning wines before they are available to public. Impress your friends or family members with a gift membership, or it's Great as a wedding gift for the couple that already has everything!

Wine Club Members Only!
September 15th Shipment:
Vignoles Icewine
Cuvee Prestige

Vignoles Icewine: This wine has the highly concentrated flavors and bouquet of pineapple, tropical fruits, wild strawberries, and peaches. The finish is very long and rich. Excellent with dessert or as a dessert itself.

Cuvee Prestige: A complicated blend of six estate grapes, reminiscent of a Southern Rhone with a bouquet of kirsch liqueur, blackberry, and lavender. The body is multi-layered and silky with focused fruit and exotic spices. The finish is long with hints of cherries, spices, and vanilla bean.

Find out more details and join today!
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Private Wine Tasting   

Ever feel like you just don't get enough time at the tasting bar on the weekend?
Wanna learn more and feel like a VIP?

We now do after hours Private Wine Tastings


Call to reserve your group of 10 at $10 per person. Must be scheduled after hours and no less than 10 people, up to 15.
Cheese, sausage and crackers will be provided.


Upgrade to a Premium Food and Wine Pairing at $20 per person, groups of 10.
Includes 6 wines and gourmet appetizer food pairings.


For more info or to make reservations call


or email 





 Augusta Winery

has excellent discounts on cases!  

 Purchase 6-11 bottles, get


Purchase 12 bottles or more, get 

 35% OFF!


That's like getting 4 bottles FREE!


Dear Friends,    

FALL is finally here! Though we know not officially until September 23rd, the weather and the changing leaves are convincing us otherwise. Augusta wine country is simply breathtaking this time of year! Head out on the weekends when we have entertainment or during the week to avoid the crowds. Although if you are a people watcher, we suggest the weekends. 


Just a reminder, if you can't make it out during the week before 5.30pm we do have private tastings available. Call us up and reserve a group of ten for a private after hours wine tasting. It's just $10 per person and that includes the tasting and cheese and sausage pairings.  


Here at Augusta Winery we're still harvesting and processing and this year is looking great so far!  Speaking of harvesting...
This weekend (9/16-9/17) is the town of Augusta's Harvest Festival! What a great time to come out and enjoy a kick-off to Fall! Check out all the festivities at


 If you've visited us this month you've probably heard about our "lost vintage". We discovered some '07 Chambourcin at the beginning of the month and have been sampling and selling the few remaining cases. We are now down to 12 from the 42 discovered just a couple weeks ago. That speaks volumes about the quality! The '07 Chambourcin is very berry forward and finishes long and smooth. If that sounds like something that would please your palate, HURRY! Get it before it's gone! If you can't make it in we do ship so you can call us at 888-MOR-WINE to place an order. Due to the limited quantities this one is not available online.


We are always looking for ways to peak interest and tantalize taste buds so look forward to a couple new releases coming soon! The Wine Club of course will have first exclusive access. Look to the left to see the details and descriptions of our newbies.


Last but not least, everybody loves a party! We wanted to give you plenty of notice to put our Hallo-Wine Party on your calendars. Fall into character and come out Saturday, October 29th for a costume contest, washers, Joe Fry the Guitar Guy and tasty seasonal drink specials. More details will follow but we wanted to give you a "save the date" notice. 


Enjoy this issue and join me in having a glass of Chambourcin while we read. 


Hope to see you soon! - The Augusta Winery staff 



Wine Tasting Techniques.. 

The Senses: SMELL - Part 1  

For the enjoyment of wine your sense of smell is a large portion of what we call "taste", a point that is easily demonstrated if you recall holding your nose when taking unpleasant medicine as a child. Our sense of smell is a sensitive instrument, you need only hold your nose while tasting to appreciate the difference.  


How to "nose" a wine: 

People vary as to which they find the most effective way to smell or "nose" a wine, and you may find a combination works best.    
1. Short, sharp sniffs; best for quick impression or confirming a fault like excess sulphur dioxide.    

Deep, prolonged sniffing; strongest impressions early on.   
Short, gentle sniffing; often reveals smells that are fleeting.
Prolonged, gentle sniffing; to pick up a more subtle bouquet.

When smelling a wine, the temptation is always to first swirl, then sniff. Resist the temptation! If you are only smelling after swirling you are likely to miss a lot of the lighter, finer aromas. The three states in which to smell a wine are:

 1. Still: before swirling, and after it has been at rest a while. In this state you will pick up some of the most delicate aromas, most fleeting, often displaying the "varietal character" of the grape most clearly, especially in a young wine.

2. After swirling: the aromas in this state are often more penetrating but less defined. In a wine with an interesting bouquet there is often a progression of wonderful, tantalizing scents which come and go for several seconds as the wine settles.

3. (After shaking): This is in brackets because it is only necessary if you feel the wine is "dumb" or "dull" and no specific aromas are immediately present or if you suspect there is something unpleasant. This is done by placing your hand over the top of the glass and agitating the wine in all directions. 


So sniff, swirl, sniff, sip... and enjoy!  

In the next newsletter look for more wine tasting techniques on where to hold your nose and "what's that smell?".                                                                                                                                                                         

September - Wine of the Month

2008 Chardonel

Chardonel is the newest of the rising stars in Missouri viticulture. It is a direct descendant of the famous Chardonnay grape and shares many of the same qualities. This dry white wine is now fermented in stainless steel giving the wine a bouquet of apple, pear and fig. The taste is crisp with citrus flavors followed by a rich, lingering finish. Pair this Chardonel with seafood, chicken, or veal. The 2010 Chardonel will be released later this year but is available to Wine Club members now. Included in the last Wine Club newsletter was a great chicken piccata to pair with either the 2008 or 2010 Chardonel. Email us for a copy!

Cellar Life: 2-3 Years
44% OFF a Full Case
That's just $5.62 per bottle!

$67.44 a case! 

*In-Store special only!


wine and beer garden

Sit back and relax... 


Our Wine and Beer Garden is located just up the hill from the winery.

Now Serving:


 Fresh Baked Pizza

Italian Trio, Classic, Fromage







Our Wine and Beer Garden offers all of the Augusta wines you love, and also features a rotation of imported and craft beers. Picnic baskets are welcome! ... but no outside drinks please.


September Beer Selections:

Boulevard Pilsner -

A crisp, light-bodied lager with a malty aroma, even balance and a mild hop bitterness.

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat

A lively, refreshing ale with a naturally citrusy flavor and distinctive cloudy appearance. This easy-drinking American-style wheat beer has become our most popular offering, and the best-selling craft beer in the Midwest.      

Boulevard Single-Wide IPA - 

A golden colored beer with a prominent flowery, grapefruit hop aroma, a moderate caramel malt flavor and a dominant hop bitterness and flavor. 

Schlafly Pale Ale -   

A smooth, balanced, copper-colored session beer with mildly spiced flavor and aroma from the East Kent Goldings hops. 

Charleville Tornado Alley -

American amber ale, with a rich red hue. Made with American variety hops used to produce a medium-high hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma. The hops help to balance the malty caramel character. With a medium-full body, this ale has subtle fruity aromas and flavors. 

Heineken Premium Light -

Heineken Premium Light is a pilsner with a mildly bitter taste, fresh, fruity aroma and bright color.


Upcoming Entertainment

Saturday, September 17th 1pm - 5pm

Mark Moebeck

mark moebeck  

Moebeck has been making his living as a musical artist for the past 30 years and has collaborated with many prominent fold musicians to write and record two albums. For his live show Moebeck provides a mix of his original songs, pop songs from the past 20 years and classic rock. 


Saturday, September 24th 1pm - 5pm

Joe Fry the Guitar Guy


From old rock n' roll and old country hits thru the decades up to today's alternative rock and new country tunes, we'd say the Joe Fry is at the very least.. versatile. He has been singing and playing since around 16 years old as his father was a guitarist and singer. So one could say that this talented guy just falls into what seems to come natural to him. 

Sunday, September 18th 1pm - 5pm

Terry Beck

Terry Beck 
Beck began his career playing with a bluegrass group called The Travelers in the 1970's and has opened for musicians including Jerry Reed & Tom, Harry Chapin, Jon Hartford, and Tammy Wynette. Beck now plays a variety of well-known favorites and offers a fun and laid-back experience for his audience. 





* All entertainment at Augusta Winery/Wine and Beer Garden is weather permitting.  

Sunday, September 25th 1pm - 5pm 

Lenny Frisch

lenny frisch2    

Feel the warm soothing beat of the STEEL DRUM as you listen to the ethereal blend of Calypso, Reggae, Bossa, Soca and Carribean music. Pass the suntan lotion and put on your dancing shoes.










"In water one sees one's own face. But in wine, one beholds the heart of another." 

~ Old French Proverb

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