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Just as I'm about to throw in the towel and give up on the life of the "struggling small business owner"--fate keeps me on track. YES!!!

The life of an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride, but as much as one complains from feeling pulled in every direction, every now and then the wheel will turn in your favor and you feel an invigorating sense of accomplishment-you get to shine in the limelight! The coals are stirred and the flames of passion soar again to brighten your horizon and spotlight your vision-oooookay suficiente! Sooooo why all the fuss? WELL yours truly, owner and founder of Chile Lindo is featured in today's, Thursday, March 8th,
San Francisco Chronicle, in the Datebook section: "Traditional Empanadas on the rise."
Upper right hand corner: a "Chile Lindo Empanada" shares the San Francisco Chronicle front page with news about the launching of the new iPad

Sebastian Tejeda giving his sister Paula a hand at Chile Lindo

San Francisco Chronicle Datebook Centerpiece

I partake in this article with my colleagues Manuel Godino of íVenga! Empanadas and Joseph (Joe) Ahearne of El Porte˝o Empanadas. We are the 3 main empanada businesses in San Francisco. When they first came in the scene (I am the pioneer) many asked how I felt about the competition. I replied: "the more the merrier for it will attract attention to empanadas and that will be a good thing for my business. I also said: "íVenga! íVenga! íVenga al Chile Lindo!!!"


Thank you Janny Hu for your great article on empanadas, and Russell Yip for the lovely photographs.


Paula Tejeda

Chile Lindo 

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