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chicksChick days  are upon us!  Find out when our sweet little peepers will arrive, how to care for them and what to feed them below!  
Please join us for our Chick Days Event on Saturday, April 7th!  We will have Easter Basket drawings all day and an Easter Egg Hunt from 12-1. Bring the entire family out to Eagle Hardware on April 7th for a fun day!

Ritchie logoLooking to upgrade or replace your water feeder? We now sell Ritchie Waterers.  Stop in and ask us about this great brand!


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Chicken Days begin March 17th!

Chicks are arriving on the 17th!  Visit our website for details on the types of chicks arriving. Need advice about feeding or caring for your chicks? Visit our website. It has several articles and videos there to help you with your little furry cuties. Ask us too! We're happy to help.


Layena Plus Omega 3

Don't forget to feed your entire flockPurina® Layena® Plus Omega-3. Made with flaxseed, Layena Plus Omega-3 supports a healthy flock and provides enhanced nutrients in their eggs. Check out the details on our website and come by to get this great feed for your flock!


Remember to register your new chicks at Purina. You'll receive timely tips and coupons as your chicks mature.



Chick n Coop Giveaway
2012 Chicken coop Contest Here's your chance to give your chickens a complete makeover! Enter here for a chance to win a years supply (28 bags) of Purina® Layena® Plus Omega-3-poultry feed provided by Purina and the "Elizabeth" chicken coop from GreenChickenCoop.com

Don't forget to stop by Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch for all your chicken feed and supplies!
Hen House and Hutch

hen house designChicks are coming to Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch this month. Did you know that the Purina Poultry website is a great resource for you and your flock?  One item on the website is a plan for a Hen House and Hutch Design.  Detailed instructions including materials and a diagram are there for you to get building.  Don't forget to come by Eagle Hardware for all of your project supplies!

Senior Horse Tales Contest
Rocky, 30 years young
If you have a senior horse, you still have time to send in your store! Senior horses and ponies often leave special stories and memories in the hearts of their owners. Share your story and you could win one ton of Purina Equine Senior horse feed!

Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch carries Purina Equine Senior and Equine Senior Healthy Active horse feeds! Stop by and pick yours up today!  
Spring Babies
foalYou work hard in the fall and winter to prepare for the new foals and calves arriving in the spring!  Do you know the importance of consistent visual observations of your animals?  Are you feeding your pregnant or lactating animals the right amount of feed and nutrients?  Find out in these articles. 

For your weaning calves, there are several steps you can take to ensure they are healthy and mature well.  A calf's diet and surroundings change dramatically at weaning and if you don't closely manage this life-stage, the value of your calves can be reduced. Calves can become sick and won't grow as they should.

Read here for four weaning management tips to ensure calves get a good, healthy start after they are weaned.

One recommendation for calf management is to control parasites. Want to learn about controlling flies?  Watch this short video!
Controlling Flies on Your Cattle
Controlling Flies on Your Cattle

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