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We had a great time at the annual Pink Fall Festival!  Many thanks to the folks who attended. Your support in the fight against breast cancer is greatly appreciated. 


Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch is pleased to offer a special on horse feeds this month. Read more below about our Buy 3 Get 1 FREE offer on Purina Strategy Healthy Edge and Purina Equine Senior Active Healthy Edge. Keep your horses happy and well fed while saving money!


Deer season opens this weekend, Saturday, November 5th. Don't forget to come by one of our locations and pick up your Quick Draw Deer Blocks! Good luck to our hunters.


Happy Thanksgiving! We have much to be thankful for at Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch Supply.  Wishing everyone a wonderful start to the holiday season!


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Holiday Hours
ThanksgivingEagle Hardware Farm and Ranch store will be closed on Thursday, November 24th in observance of Thanksgiving. We wish everyone a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.


Our store will open Friday, November 25th at 8:00 am.  

Buy 3, Get 1 FREE
Equine Senior HEHealthy EdgeBuy 3 bags of Purina Strategy Healthy Edge Horse Feed or Purina Equine Senior Active Healthy Edge Horse feed and receive the 4th bag FREE!


Purina Strategy Healthy Edge provides balanced nutrition for adult horses two years old or older, supporting their health and well-being.


Purina Equine Senior Active Healthy Edge provides complete nutrition for the special needs of an older, active horse.


Take advantage of this special offer at Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch, valid November 1 - December 1, 2011.
Keeping Senior Horses Athletic and Active
Keeping Senior Horses Athletic and Active

Wondering which Equine Senior Feed is right for your horse? Take the quiz and earn $10 off Purina Equine Senior or Equine Senior Active Healthy Edge.    

Senior Horse Nutrition

HorseYou love your horses and you want to provide them with the best nutrition and care possible. Did you know that the point at which your horse turns from mature to senior varies individually? There is no specific age that makes your horse a senior horse.  


Careful observation will tell you when your horses nutritional needs begin to change along with consistent care from your vet. You can help your vet by monitoring the condition of your horses as they age. Read here to learn what to look for.

Sustained Cattle Nutrition
cattleOver the years, many have come to place importance on a calf and heifers nutrition immediately following birth. While this is an important time to make sure your cattle have the maximum nutrition available, it is not the only time. Your entire herd will benefit from sustained nutrition throughout the current herds life and for future herds. Purina has developed feeds for just this purpose based on years of research.

Read more on our website!  Then come by the store and let us help you get your cattle on the path of sustained nutrition!
Plumbing Problems


Stop common plumbing problems from turning into plumbing emergencies!


Deal with plumbing problems immediately! You can take steps to prevent and repair clogged drains, frozen pipes, and other plumbing pitfalls.


  • Know how to shut off the water! Turning off the water at the main valve, you can avoid a burst pipe, overflowing tub or other emergency.
  • Avoid frozen pipes! We may not see a Freeze for a while, but frozen pipes can cause flooding and significant structural damage to your house. Make sure the temperature inside your house never drops below 55. Insulating the pipes in your crawl spaces and attic can also help prevent them from freezing.
  • Don't put grease or oil down the drain! Grease and oil can build up in pipes and cause backups in your home.
  • Stop hair from going down the drain. It can get stuck tangled and stuck together and act as a barrier, keeping water from traveling smoothly down the pipes.

 Need to repair a pipe or drain? Come see us at Eagle Hardware! We have the tools, supplies and advice you need to get the repair done right.

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November 5, 2011 

Deer Season Opens 


 November 24th


Happy Turkey Day

Cool Weather Tips


It's November in Texas and cooler temps are on their way!  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind.   


Be sure your water heaters are in good shape for the coming winter.

Encourage your animals to keep drinking water by limiting exposure to free choice salt in their diets as the temperatures start to cool off.

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Gardening Advice



November is the time to move trees and shrubs in your landscape! If they are not getting the proper amount of light or shade, transplant them now. No need to amend the soil, just use existing soil to fill in the planting hole.


It is also a great time to plant spinach and lettuce! Be sure to feed the vegetables you plant now along with your winter annuals. 


Watch out for interlopers! Check your potted plants for insects prior to moving them indoors. Caterpillars can also cause problems. Use a spray containing BT (bacteria that is an active ingredient in certain insecticides) to control them.