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                                                                                                               September, 2011 

Eagle LogoFall moves in this month, if we are lucky!  The heat may not break until late September and cooler temperatures will feel more like summer than fall.  Still, the signs of fall are all around us.

Need a new saddle?  Tired of that pile of bits in your tack room?  Come shop and swap at the Ft. Worth Coliseum on September 25th.  Read more below at the Mega Horse Owner's Workshop and Tack Swap.   

Don't miss out on your chance to win free PurinaŽ LayenaŽ Plus Omega-3 for a year, a Horizon Structures coop and a flock from P. Allen Smith! Click on the PurinaŽ Rule the Roost Sweepstakes banner at the bottom of this newsletter.  No purchase necessary. Sweepstakes ends Sept. 18.


We now have a Pet Photo Page on our website!  Send us a picture of your favorite animal or animals (we'll post as many pictures as we have room!).  Your animal's picture will be posted on our website and may even be featured in one of our newsletters!


Stay cool! 
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Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch
Purina Pink 50

Pink 50

The Purina Pink 50 bags are back!  Show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness when you purchase these bags.   


And  stay tuned to our Website and Facebook page for information on our PINK Celebration in October.   


Product Spotlight

Purina Accuration Starter Complete HL, WC & LW Feeds


AccurationThree new complete starters for weaning and receiving cattle weighing from 350 to over 600 lbs.  Proper nutrition is essential to help minimize metabolic disorders and support rumen health.  Fed as the sole ration, these coarse-textured feeds, which include roughage, utilize INTAKE MODIFYING TECHNOLOGY to help assure the targeted intake of 3% of body weight is achieved.  The new Accuration Starters were developed to replace Impact Starters.  These products deliver all of the Impact benefits you expect, but the improved formulations also include Zinpro Availa 4 trace minerals to provide more balanced nutrition.  Click here to read more.   


Check out this Benchmarking Reproductive Performance article for great information on caring for your cattle!


 Your Livestock and Drought

 cattleFarmers and ranchers everywhere are searching for ways to sustain their livestock and keep their herds healthy.  You'll find information on managing your livestock below.


Nitrate Poisoning in Cattle (article)

Due to the drought in Texas, hay is being shipped in from around the country.  A big concern is Nitrate poisoning from fescue hay that is making it's way into Texas. Fescue hay has toxicity problems, especially if the hay has seed heads.   


Feeding Programs for Drought Stressed Beef Cow Herds
This article provides  information necessary to create the right program for your herds.


Cattle Forage Quality View this informative video!

Feeding Horses for Weight Gain
You can determine if your horse needs to gain weight by making a few simple observations. 


Drought and its Impact on Your Pond  
This article outlines the complicated processes occuring in your pond during drought.   Click the link to read more.
small garden toolsTaking care of your tools is easier said than done, especially gardening tools.  Gardening tools get wet, get muddy and in general are pretty abused. 


You can extend the life of your gardening tools by giving them a bit of tender loving care!  Read here for all the details!


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Deer and Protein  

There is considerable controversy regarding the percentage of dietary protein that deer should have. Many people believe that deer cannot tolerate more than 16% dietary protein and that high-protein diets are wasteful or even toxic. This simply is not true.  Click the link to read more.  


Location of Deer Feeders  Listen to this video on where to locate your deer feeders.



Is Your Dog Fragrant?

Read here to learn about the many products we sell to help you change your dog's stinky aroma!



September 24, 2011 

North Texas Show Clinic


September 25, 2011 

Mega HOW & Tack Swap 

11 A.M.- 4 P.M.



  Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Purina Pink 50


November 5, 2011 

Deer Season Opens 

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Take the Challenge!  

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