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September, 2011


Our sincere thanks to everyone who attended The Purina Wildlife Series Expo!  It was a great night with tons of information on deer and fish!  A special thank you to the Midlothian FFA for serving dinner and to our wonderful sponsors.  Congratulations to all the prize winners!  We hope you enjoy your Quick Draw blocks, Mojo products and other goodies provided by our sponsor!


Fall moves in this month.  The heat  is not gone, but cool weather is coming.  That means it's time to start drought recovery.  Be sure to read below for articles on helping your animals get back into healthy condition. 


Hunting and Fishing licenses are available at the front counter. Dove Hunting Season opened September 1st so stop in and get your license and hunting supplies today!   

We received new pet photos to post on our website this month!  Thanks to Christen Harris, Jenica Wallace, and Judy Loro for your submissions.  Christen and her animal Houston are featured in this month's newsletter.  Check out their picture below or on our Pet Photo page.  Then, send us a picture of your animals.  They might be featured next month!


Don't miss out on your chance to win free PurinaŽ LayenaŽ Plus Omega-3 for a year, a Horizon Structures coop and a flock from P. Allen Smith! Click on the PurinaŽ Rule the Roost Sweepstakes banner at the bottom of this newsletter to enter.  No purchase necessary. Sweepstakes ends Sept. 18th.


It's time to think pink.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Purina Pink 50 is back. Read more about it below.   



Thank you for shopping at Ark Country Store!   

Candice Jones

Store Manager


Purina Pink 50 is Back!  
Pink 50 

It's time to show our support for the fight against Breast Cancer! 


Join us in the fight by purchasing select Purina products packaged in PINK bags.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook to hear about Purina Pink 50 specials and events coming to Ark Country Store throughout September and October.    

Hay Report
Due to the drought in Texas, hay is being shipped in from around the country.  A big concern is Nitrate poisoning.  


These articles and video have great advice to help you and your cattle navigate this record breaking drought.hay coastal roundbale



View this informative video!

Fescue Hay is making its way into Texas. Fescue hay has toxicity problems, especially if the hay has seed heads. Feeding Purina Wind & Rain Mineral with Aureo will help.

An alternative feeding program should help you get your cows re-bred, maintain pounds produced per cow, and minimize feed cost per pound of calf sold.  There are many options to consider, and this article gives you all the information you need to create the right program for your herds.


Product Spotlight-Cattle Feed 


AccurationPurina Accuration Starter Complete HL, WC & LW Feeds: Three new complete starters for weaning and receiving cattle weighing from 350 to over 600 lbs.  Proper nutrition is essential to help minimize metabolic disorders and support rumen health.  Fed as the sole ration, these coarse-textured feeds, which include roughage, utilize INTAKE MODIFYING TECHNOLOGY to help assure the targeted intake of 3% of body weight is achieved.  The new Accuration Starters were developed to replace Impact Starters. These products deliver all of the Impact benefits you expect, but the improved formulations also include Zinpro Availa 4 trace minerals to provide more balanced nutrition.  Read more


Benchmarking Reproductive Performance in Cattle

Discover how using benchmarks may have a profound effect on your herd's profit potential.

Take the Challenge & Share your Story!   

60 day challenge

Have you taken the Purina 60 Day Challenge and noticed a difference in your animals? Tell us about it!  


Click this link to share your story with us. We may just highlight it in our newsletter, along with a photo of you and your animal! 


Candice's Corner
News from the Master Gardener


vegetable seeds

After this 100+ degree heat, gardening may be the last thing on your mind.  We're here to tell you not to neglect your garden!  There are many varieties of vegetables you can plant now.  Plus, we've got a great article with landscape watering tips.  The heat will end eventually, so get that garden ready for fall!


Read this article on our website and get planting!


Preparing for Your Fall Vegetable Garden

If you think it's too hot for gardening, you need to read this article!


Noteworthy articles/videos on farm and ranch issues you need to know about! 


Drought and its impact on your pond-

by Bob Lusk, The Pond Boss

We need a new bumper sticker in Texas this year that says "Drought Happens".  This is Bob Lusk's catch phrase in this amazing article.  This drought is having a major impact on your pond and this article will help you understand the complicated processes occuring in your pond right now.  Change is the main theme in this article.  From the fish to the soil and aquatic plants in your pond, change occured when the water started evaporating and will happen again when the rain finally comes (which Bob assures us will happen). Click the link to read more.


Read here to learn about the many products we sell to help you manage your dog's unique aroma!

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