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June, 2011


June is here and so is the Texas heat!  Watering your animals and your land is essential this time of year.  Be sure to read our articles below for tips on how to keep your animals cool and manage your pastures through the drought season.

Our Purina Wildlife Expo is around the corner!  Don't miss out on this fun, family event coming in August!   Read more about it on our website and sign up now for this great event!     

Looking to save on your cattle mineral program?  Save on Purina Wind & Rain Minerals now through June 24th!  Read more about this below.   

We have a super promotion going on this month and next on Purina Horseman's Edge!  Buy 3 bags and get the 4th FREE!  Check it out below.   

Read about our new product, Purina Layena Plus Omega-3! 

Read Candice's Corner for expert advice on maintaining your gardens and landscapes during drought conditions. 

We are proud to be your feed and farm supply store!   

Candice Jones

Store Manager


Special Savings: Horseman's Edge 

Horseman's Edge

Purina understands you want a brand you can trust to deliver balanced nutrition at a good price. The PurinaŽ Horseman's EdgeŽ horse feed line includes several unique formulas, so you can choose the right feed to suit your horse's lifestyle and activity level. The quality vitamins and minerals support your horse's good health. They're good, solid horse feeds at a good price.


Click here to visit the Purina Horseman's EdgeŽ Feeds page on our website


Mineral Booking Special! 



Ark County Store is having a summer special on Cattle Mineral!  Purchase your order through June 24th and save!  


Product    Type                                                    Price   Sale Price
0040322    W&R TX AS 12 CP AU5600 ALT        $35       $32


0043151    W&R AS 4 TUB CP ZNCU ALT 125   $70        $65 


0038103    W&R AS 4 TUB CP ZNCU ALT 225   $120      $110


0040320    W&R TX AS 7.5 CP AU5600 ALT       $30.25   $28


Price good through June 24, 2011.  All product must be paid for to qualify for special pricing.  Payment with cash or check.  3% fee for credit card payments.   


Fun Facts:  

Want to know how much mineral to purchase? Check out these suggestions for loose mineral and tubs.  


Wind & Rain Loose Mineral

25 head x 4oz (head per day) x 90 days = 562lbs or 11 bags  


100 head x 4oz (head per day) x 90 days = 2250lbs or 45 bags


Wind & Rain Mineral Tub

25 head x 6oz (head per day) x 90 days = 884lbs or 4 tubs  


100 head x 6oz (head per day) x 90 days = 3375lbs or 15 tubs 

Drought Management


DRY, DRY, DRY! Our pastures have very little grass left and the need to supplement with hay is here. Get your money's worth when purchasing hay bails; be sure you check the weight of the bails at purchase. Purchase higher quality hay for the better protein content.


With the shortage of pasture grass, keeping your cattle supplemented with a mineral program is vital for their body condition score!  Talk to Ark Country Store about a mineral program today!   


Supplying Extra Nutrients for your Cattle 


Keeping Cattle Cool-check out these water management tips


Keeping Horses Cool-click here for tips to keep your horse as cool as a cucumber!


Purina Layena Plus Omega-3 Poultry Feed


Layena Plus Omega 3Purina Layena Plus Omega-3 poultry feed is truly unique. It's made with flaxseed, which not only supports a healthy flock, but also provides enhanced nutrients in their eggs. While a typical egg provides a mere 65mg of Omega-3 fatty acids, an egg produced by healthy poultry fed exclusively on Purina Layena Plus Omega-3 poultry feed contains 200mg of Omega-3.  


And like all Purina SunFresh Recipe poultry feeds, Layena Plus Omega-3 poultry feed contains no added hormones, antibiotics, animal fat or animal by-products. Just wholesome goodness for a delicious, homegrown egg.  Click here to read more.


Check out this new video on Purina Layena Plus Omega 3 with P. Allen Smith on his farm.

Candice's Corner
News from the Master Gardener


sprinkler head

It's June in Texas and the focus for everyone is drought managment.  Your garden and landscape areas need special attention right now.  You'll notice in the following articles (view the links) on our website that the works WATER and MULCH appear over and over.  


Our June Gardening Tips include advice on trimming trees and shrubs and detecting signs of stress in your plants.  Read more here.


Read Tips for Saving Lawns & Landscapes on our website, for information on the benefits of watering.  You'll also find advice on the best times and methods for watering and making the most of the water your using.  


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Purina Wildlife Series
August 11, 2011
Waxahachie Civic Center

Come join Ark Country Store for the 2nd annual Purina Wildlife Series! 

Hear from industry experts on how to manage a supplemental feeding program, how to grow larger deer, wildlife management and growing larger fish! 

Mingle with sponsors like Nikon, Primos, American Hunter and More! 

Win prizes and take advantage of product specials! 

Enjoy an evening out with Ark Country Store & Purina!  dinner is on us for the fun, free, family event! 

Register now!   


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