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                                                                                                               Summer, 2011 


eagle hardware sectionSummer is here and so is the Texas heat.  Watering your animals and your land is essential this time of year.  Be sure to read our articles below for tips on how to keep your animals cool and manage your pastures through the drought season.

The Loc
o CoyoteLoco Coyote Boutique is located inside Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch and has great items for the lady of the house or that special someone in your life.  See some of the new items below, and plan your next visit.  


Read about our new product, Purina Layena Plus Omega-3! Want to save money on this new product?  Check out the Purina "Rule the Roost" sweepstakes and enter to win.  Read more about the contest below.   

Stay cool! 
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Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch
Drought Management

It's dry, dry, dry.  Our pastures have very little grass left and the need to supplement with hay is here. Get your money's worth when purchasing hay bales; be sure you check the weight of the bales at purchase. Purchase higher quality hay for the better protein content.


cattleWith the shortage of pasture grass, keeping your cattle supplemented with a mineral program is vital for their body condition score!  Talk to Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch about how mineral programs can help.   


Supplying Extra Nutrients for your Cattle 

Listen to this short video on the value of nutrients for your cattle.    

Quick Tips to Help Improve Water Management  

A shortage of drinking water for your cattle can happen quickly during hot, dry summer months.  Assuring good quality water for your animals also can be a challenge in warm weather. 


Hardware Tips

toiletConserving water is vital, especially during drought conditions.  Now is a good time to check your home and replace items that can help conserve water.  Consider replacing a water-guzzling toilet with a high efficiency toilet.


Here are some ideas to consider around the house:   

  • Low-flow shower heads
  • Shower Timers
  • Kitchen and bath faucet aerators
  • Adjustable toilet flappers
  • Rain gauge 

Keeping your house up to date helps you and others!  Stop by Eagle Hardware today for many of these items.   

Purina Layena Plus Omega-3

Poultry Feed

Layena Plus Omega 3Purina Layena Plus Omega-3 poultry feed is truly unique. It's made with flaxseed, which not only supports a healthy flock, but also provides enhanced nutrients in their eggs. While a typical egg provides a mere 65mg of Omega-3 fatty acids, an egg produced by healthy poultry fed exclusively on Purina Layena Plus Omega-3 poultry feed contains 200mg of Omega-3.  


And, like all Purina Sun Fresh Recipe poultry feeds, Layena Plus Omega-3 poultry feed contains no added hormones, antibiotics, animal fat or animal by-products. Just wholesome goodness for a delicious, homegrown egg.  Click here to read more.


Check out this new video on Purina Layena Plus Omega 3 with P. Allen Smith on his farm.

Rule the Roost - Purina Poultry Giveaway 
Rule the roost  
Here's your chance to give your chickens a complete makeover. Enter the Purina Rule the Roost Sweepstakes today and you could have a chance to win these great prizes! Plus, you'll receive a $3.00 off coupon for Layena® Plus Omega-3 just for entering. 

 Grand Prize:

  • A Horizon Structures® coop for 12 birds
  • A year's supply of Purina® Layena® Plus Omega-3 provided by Purina (28 bags)
  • A flock of 10 hens and 2 roosters from P. Allen Smith
First Prize:
  • A signed book, P. Allen Smith's Seasonal Recipes from the Garden
  • FREE bag of Purina® Layena® Plus Omega-3
  Click here to enter to win some great prizes!


horse picture

Keeping Your Horse Cool in the Summer

Cool as a cucumber ... but what if you are a horse!  Summer heat and humidity can be a dangerous combination for active horses.  "Overheating, or hyperthermia in the horse is due to a disturbance in the heat regulating mechanism of the horse's body," says Mays. "In addition to summer heat and humidity, poor stable ventilation, prolonged exposure to sun, extreme exercise, transportation/trailering stress, as well as excess weight and poor conditioning may contribute to overheating."  Read more.


Hay Replacement Options for Horses
With hay in short supply across Texas, there are options for horse owners. Complete feeds contain adequate roughage for horses and can replace hay entirely or can help extend the hay that you are able to find.  Many horse owners are not comfortable reducing or taking hay out of a horse's diet, but complete feeds are truly a safe alternative to hay.  Click the link to read more.  


sprinkler headIt's summer in Texas and the focus for everyone is drought management.  Your garden and landscape areas need special attention right now.   


Our Gardening Tips include advice on trimming trees and shrubs and detecting signs of stress in your plants.  Read more here .


Read Tips for Saving Lawns & Landscapes, for information on the benefits of watering.  You'll also find advice on the best times and methods for watering and making the most of the water your using.

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These tips will aid in keeping your beloved companions happy and healthy throughout the summer months and help them "keep their cool" as the mercury rises.


Cool Pet Tips for the Dog Days of Summer



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